MP RTO, Madhya Pradesh Regional Transport Office Details

Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 established the regional transport office, Madhya Pradesh. The goal of the office is to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the act and those of…

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Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 established the regional transport office, Madhya Pradesh. The goal of the office is to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the act and those of the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1924. The latter was amended in 1993. Transport Commissioner presides the office. There are also deputy commissioners to assist him in fulfilling his responsibilities.

Role and Responsibilities of Madhya Pradesh RTO:

Madhya Pradesh RTO does the following for the general public:

1) Vehicles Registration:

  • Issues registration certificates
  • Issues duplicate registration certificates
  • Takes care of change of address in registration certificates
  • Helps vehicle owners in transferring ownership
  • Terminates purchase agreements when required
  • Endorses hire purchase agreements

2) Appoints and issues Driving Licenses:

  • Provides new driving licenses
  • Grants learner’s license
  • Issues permanent driving licenses
  • Grants duplicate licenses
  • Fixes appointments for applications for driving licenses
  • Takes care of the backlog of paper licenses

3) Grants permits for Vehicles:

  • Grants permit to public and commercial vehicles
  • Issues permits for goods and carriage vehicles
  • Authorizes taxies
  • Grants special permits
  • Issues duplicate permits
  • Grants educational permits
  • Cancels permits if required

4) Takes care of the online tax mechanism and handles dealer-point enrollments:

  • Collects road taxes and taxes for new vehicles

5) Issues online NOC-fitness certificates:

  • MPRTO issues duplicate fitness certificates
  • Renews fitness certificates

Locating your Regional Transport Office:

As you know, all vehicles on Indian roads are registered. And your license plate gives you information on from where it received RC. As per the new licensing guidelines, the first two letters on a number plate indicate the State it belongs to. The next two numbers point to your local transport office.

For example; People who are residing in Telangana, the newly formed State, and the newly registered vehicle will have TS as their initial letters. And the older ones will have AP as in Andhra Pradesh. Given below is a list of the MPRTO locations.

RTO Code

RTO Name

RTO Address


Bhopal RTO

Mprtc, Behind Mansarovar Complex,7 No Stop, RTO Office, Bhopal


Hoshangabad RTO

Mpsrtc, Bus Stand, Near Satrasta RTO Office, Hoshangabad


Morena RTO

Beh. Police, Control Room, Barrier chauraha, A.B. Road, RTO Office, Morena


Gwalior RTO

Under Railway Over Bridge, Behind Kalaviethika, Padaw RTO, Office, Gwalior


Addl. RTO Guna RTO

Mpsrtc Bus Stand, Jai Stambh Chauraha, RTO Office, Guna


Indore RTO

Keshar Baag Road, Near Naidunia Press., RTO Office, Indore


Addl. RTO Khargone RTO

Mpsrtc Depot Sanawat Road, RTO Office, Khargone


Addl. RTO, Dhar RTO

Ratlam Road RTO Office, Dhar


Addl. RTO Khandwa

Anand Nagar Road RTO Office, Khandwa


RTO, Ujjain RTO

Dewas Road, Bharatpuri, RTO Office, Ujjain


Addl. RTO

Mandsaur RTO

Mhow - Neemuch, Road Beh.Y.D.Nagar, Police station, RTO Office, Mandsaur


Sagar RTO

Mpsrtc Depot, Tilli Road, RTO Office, Sagar


Addl. RTO,

Chattarpur RTO

Mahoba Road, RTO Office, Chattarpur



Mpsrtc Depot, NH - 7, Allahabad Road, Rathara, RTO Office, Rewa


RTO Shahdol

Near Head, Post Office In Front of Nagar Palika, RTO Office, Shahdol


Addl. RTO Satna

Old Collectorate Building, Civil Line, RTO Office, Satna


Jabalpur RTO

Govind Bhawan South, Civil Line, RTO Office, Jabalpur


AddL. RTO, Katni RTO

M.I.G. 61,62, Housing Board, Colony, RTO Office, Katni


Addl. RTO Seoni RTO

Nagpur - Jabalpur Road, Nagjhar, Post - Vijhabara, RTO Office, Seoni


AddL. RTO   Chhindwara RTO

Behind Mulla Ji Petrol Pump, Noniakarwal, Parasiya Road, RTO Office, Chhindwara


DTO Bhind

C/Odheer Singh Tomar's Building, Gwalior Road, Bhind RTO


DTO Sheopur

Near Raj Hotel, Salapura Pali Road, RTO Office, Sheopur



Nera Mangal Dhaba, Opp: Jyoti Nagar Colony, Gwalior - Jhansi Rd, RTO Office, Datia


DTO Shivpuri

Mpsrtc Depot, Bus Stand, RTO Office, Shivpuri



Killai Naka, Near Khanduja, Stone Cresher, RTO Office, Damoh



Satna Naka RTO Office, Panna


DTO, Tikamgarh

Collectorate Campus, RTO Office, Tikamgarh, Tikamgarh


DTO, Sehore

Mpsrtc Depot, Near New, District Court, RTO Office, Sehore



Near Hanumaan Mandir, Sagar Road, RTO Office, Raisen


DTO, Rajgarh

Near P.G College Stadium Campus, RTO Office, Rajgarh


DTO, Vidisha

Mpsrtc Depot Mukharji Nagar, RTO Office, Vidisha


DTO, Dewas

Mpsrtc Bus Depot, Ujjain, Rod RTO, Office, Dewas


DTO, Shajapur

Mpsrtc Depot, Near Bus Stand, RTO Office, Shajapur


DTO, Ratlam

Near Pahalwan Baba Dargah, Jaora Road, RTO Office, Ratlam


Neemuch, DTO

Mhow Road, Near Hingoriya, RTO Office, Neemuch

Why Everyone Need to Register your Vehicle?

As per the guidelines of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, no unregistered vehicle is allowed on Indian roads. Negligence here will drain your budget in the form of huge fines as a penalty.

Types of Vehicle Registration in MP RTO:

You can register your vehicle either temporarily or permanently. MPRTO allows temporary registration of a vehicle in the following two situations:

  • It will take time to build the outer body of the vehicle from the chassis
  • If a non-transportation vehicle has to be taken to another place from where it was bought

Know that temporary registration is valid only for 30 days in Madhya Pradesh. Following are the documents required for the purpose:

  • Address proof: Ration card, PAN card, electricity bill or Aadhar card
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Copy of design approval if the vehicle is a trailer
  • Customs clearance certificate if the vehicle is imported
  • Sales certificate
  • Roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer
  • Original sales certificate if it is an ex-army vehicle
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Tax to pay as per the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act

The amount to be paid for temporary registration and its extension is INR 50 as per the MV Act 1988.

Permanent Vehicles Registration:

Permanent registration of vehicles works almost in the same way as a temporary registration. The vehicle owner should apply for registration in Form 20. And it should happen within one week of the delivery of the vehicle. Submit your application along with all the documents listed above and the fee required by the MV Act 1988.

Registering Non-Transport Vehicles:

Your dealer will give you the registration number for your vehicle at the time of purchase. The person will apply for the same through an online dealer point mechanism. The dealer himself will pay the registration fee and all other charges online. You only need to submit the documents required for the purpose. And you receive the number without any delay.

Know that the validity of registration is 15 years for private vehicles and two years for transport vehicles. After that, you will renew your fitness and registration certificates every year.

Allotment of Registration Number

Upon approval of your application, the registration authority allots a registration number for your vehicle. This is done based on Rule 80. And the number will follow the serial order of the previous one assigned to your vehicle.

Getting a VIP or Fancy Registration Number in MP RTO: You cannot get a fancy registration number for your vehicle through the regular mechanism. The system blocks special numbers. You will have to go for the e-auction system the State Government has introduced for the purpose. Visit the Madhya Pradesh RTO official portal. Choose your nearest office. Check the list of numbers seen there. Sign up for the auction and bid the highest to get the one you desire. You can contact the MP RTO customer care team using the following information:

Phone: 9425609083, 9425609086

Email: helpdesk@mpts.com

You can also contact the support team if you don’t receive confirmation for your payment at 0755-4019400 – 06 or via email at support@mponline.gov. 

Registering Vehicles from Outside of Madhya Pradesh:

Registration of vehicles from outside Madhya Pradesh happens in two general scenarios:

  • If the vehicle is sold to someone living in another State
  • If the vehicle owner decides to settle in a new State

Whatever is the situation, remember the points given below when applying for the same:

  • The first thing you need when registering vehicle from outside Madhya Pradesh is a no-objection certificate. You can check with your nearest RTO for more information in this regard.
  • With NOC at your disposal, you are free to approach the RTO in your area. You can check the official portal of RTO for the location and contact details of your local authority. You may even download the application form from there. You can also get it from the RTO in your area.
  • Complete the application and submit it along with the documents required to your local authority.
  • Upon paying the stipulated fee, the officials start pencil-tracing your chassis number.
  • The authorities then will inspect your vehicle. If your application is approved, you get a receipt to use until you get the registration number. You will receive it within 30 days of applying for it.

Documents Required:

  • No objection certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • An application in Form 27
  • Certificate from the police attesting that the vehicle is not stolen.
  • Registration certificate
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • PAN card if the vehicle is a 4-wheeler
  • Two photographs; they should clearly indicate the vehicle number
  • Pencil-traced chassis number
  • Proof of your address: Anyone among the proofs listed above
  • Passport size photograph
  • NOC from the lender if the vehicle has any hire purchase agreement on it
  • Tax clearance certificate

A vehicle receives a registration number after 30 days of applying. The certificate of registration is valid for 15 years for non-transport vehicles. And for heavy-duty vehicles, RC is valid as long as your certificate of fitness is valid.

Know that you need to apply for renewal of your registration certification when there are sixty days for it to expire. The process remains the same as mentioned above. And for a duplicate certificate, you have to apply along with the documents as per the guidelines of the authority in question.

Getting a NOC (No-Objection Certificate) From Madhya Pradesh RTO:

NOC (No Objection Certificate) is a legal document vehicle owners require when registering vehicles in a new State. This is something almost all vehicle owners ignore. You may not need it if you don’t plan to stay in a state for long. But it is a must to register your vehicle if you want to settle down in a new State. Most of the States may not require you to have it when registering your vehicle. Still, applying for the same will eliminate unpleasant surprises when filing for insurance claims. Do the following to apply for a NOC with your local transport office:

  • Visit the RTO in person and submit your application.
  • Done this, fill the CMV38 form and submit it along with all the documents the office requires.
  • Pay INR100 as a fee for the process.
  • The office will get a report from the police certifying that the vehicle is not involved in any criminal activities.
  • If your vehicle is cleared, the authority will check if you have any tax dues.
  • If there are no dues or your vehicle is cleared of all illegal activities, the office gives you a NOC along with a receipt of clearance.

It will take up to three working days for you to receive your no-objection certificate. Following are the documents you require to acquire a NOC for your vehicle:

  • Registration certificate
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Fitness certificate and the required permits if the vehicle is for commercial use
  • A pencil print of your vehicle’s chassis number
  • Address and identity proofs

Transferring Vehicle Ownership:

  • Vehicle owners wanting to transfer ownership are advised to approach their nearest RTO. Keep the following documents at hand during the process:
  • Original Form 38
  • Certificate of registration
  • Copy of Form 29
  • Copy of Form 30
  • Attested copy of a valid insurance certificate
  • Attested copy of the identity proof of the one who buys the vehicle
  • Certified copy of PUC certificate
  • Prescribed fee for the process

Finally, don’t forget third-party liability insurance. It is a legal requirement in India and a guarantee for peace of mind.