Meerut RTO: List of RTO Office Meerut & RTO Number

Meerut is in the western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is famous for manufacturing sports goods and musical instruments. It is also an education hub in the city of UP. With rapid…

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Meerut is in the western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is famous for manufacturing sports goods and musical instruments. It is also an education hub in the city of UP. With rapid industrialization and development, road transport in the city is also increasing. There is a need to develop and maintain the infrastructure on the road and make the people follow all the rules and regulations while they are driving on the road.

RTO Uttar Pradesh supervises Meerut RTO. The RTO Office Meerut implements and follows the rules and regulations under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Along with the issue and renewal of licenses, the RTO Meerut has several responsibilities that are important to manage the road transport in the city.

Roles and responsibilities of Meerut RTO:

1) Issue Driving License:

  • Taking a driving test to issue a driving license to the applicants
  • Issuance of the  learner’s license and the permanent driving license
  • Driving license renewal
  • International Driving license Issuance
  • Issuing  and renewing  the Motor Driving school license
  • Addition of a  class of the vehicle to applicant’s DL
  • Issuing and renewing the driving instructor’s license
  • Conductor’s driving license issuance
  • Solving application-related questions of the applicants of the Driving License

2) Vehicle Registration Certificate and Related Work:

  • Temporary and Permanent Registration Certificate issuance
  • Duplicate RC in case of loss or damage of the RC
  • Registration of transfer of ownership on the RC
  • Update f the changes like address change on the RC
  • Loan or entry hypothecation in the Registration Certificate
  • Issuance of NOC needed for the transfer of a vehicle from one state to another
  • Renewing the trade certificate
  • Taking a fitness test of the vehicle and issuance of a fitness certificate against it
  • Issuance of permits like stage permit, carriage permit, etc

3) Collection of Taxes:

  • Departmental Action cases
  • Road Tax/Motor Vehicle tax
  • Collection of fees for IMV

4) Ensuring Pollution Control:

  • LPG/CNG conversion of the vehicles
  • PUC testing

5) Ensuring Road Safety:

  • Meerut RTO is responsible for the maintenance of road safety for the general public and to check whether the public is following all the rules and regulations while driving on the roads

RTO Meerut contact number and details:

RTO Name Details
RTO Meerut code UP-15
Meerut RTO Number 0121-2708886
RTO Meerut address Sector 12, Shastri Nagar, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250003

Types of vehicle Registration at Meerut RTO:

  • Temporary registration: When you purchase a new vehicle, a temporary number is given to you so that you can drive your vehicle on the road. But the temporary registration is valid for a period of one month. Within this period you have to apply for a permanent registration at the nearest RTO office in your city.
  • Permanent registration: Having a permanent registration is mandatory for any vehicle plying on the roads in India. As soon as you purchase a vehicle you should apply for permanent registration. This will ensure that you do not face any legal obligations in the future. You need to apply for a registration certificate at the RTO office Meerut along with your documents and the charges that are applicable.

Getting vehicle insurance in Meerut:

Because of the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, there has been an increase in the number of accidents on the road. In India, it is mandatory to get Motor Insurance online for your vehicle before you drive it on the roads. Without a proper insurance policy, you can face punishment and fines as well.  

Vehicle insurance provides you protection from any claims that arise out of any damage or bodily injury caused to the third party. There are two types of insurance that you can buy:

  1. The third-party liability: This is the mandatory insurance you should have to drive your vehicle on the road. Under this insurance coverage is provided for any damage or bodily injury caused to the third party in case of an accident. 
  2. Comprehensive Car insurance: This is comprehensive protection, and it provides coverage for third-party damages and injury and damages caused to your own vehicle. 

There are many riders/add-on covers that you can purchase to make your vehicle insurance full-proof. These include zero depreciation cover, key replacement cover, engine cover, etc and you can purchase these at an extra premium.

Before you buy an insurance policy, make sure that you read all the terms and conditions properly so that there is no ambiguity. You also need to understand various other factors like claim settlement ratio, premium amount, coverage amount, etc before you buy the motor vehicle insurance policy.

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1) Can I get a carriage permit from RTO Meerut?

Yes, you can get a carriage permit from the Meerut RTO. To apply for the carriage permit, you need to submit the relevant documents and also specify the requirements of the permit. 

2) Can I renew my policy at the RTO Office Meerut?

The RTO Office Meerut does not play any role in the renewal of your insurance policy. You have to contact your insurance company to renew your policy. 

3) I lost my RC. What can I do in this case?

If you have lost your RC then you can apply for a duplicate RC at the RTO Meerut with the documents and the applicable fees.

4) What are the timings of RTO office Meerut?

The RTO office Meerut operates from 10 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday.

5) I wish to transfer my vehicle from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka. Where do I get the NOC from?

You can apply for a NOC at the RTO Meerut. For the NOC, you have to submit the documents and the applicable fees.