Noida RTO: Get Details of RTO Office Noida & RTO Code

Noida is in the northern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is undergoing rapid development to attract economic activities. With the increased industrialization, the population of the city…

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Noida is in the northern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is undergoing rapid development to attract economic activities. With the increased industrialization, the population of the city is also increasing. This has led to a higher number of vehicles on the roads in the city. So, road transport needs to be developed and managed properly to ensure smooth movement on the roads.

The Noida RTO is established under the jurisdiction of Section 213(1) under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Its main objective is to ensure that all the rules and regulations under the Motor Act are being followed. The main roles and responsibilities of the RTO Office Noida include driving license-related services, RC-related services, permits for vehicles, and ensure growth and development of road transport. 

Roles and Responsibilities of RTO Office Noida:

The RTO Office Noida is equipped to offer services related to vehicles (both personal as well as commercial). The following are the main functions performed by RTO Noida:

Issuance of Registration Certificate (RC):

One of the most important services performed by RTO Noida is to issue RCs to new vehicles that are both privately owned or commercial. The RCs are issued for any vehicle running within the jurisdiction of the RTO. The RTO is also responsible for renewal of expired RC, or renewal in case of any alteration to an existing RC, and also issues a duplicate RC in case of loss or damage.

Transfer of Ownership:

The transfer of ownership of a vehicle from the name of the original owner to the name of the buyer of the vehicle is performed by the RTO Noida.

No Objection Certificate:

No Objection Certificate is required if you move your vehicle to a new city. The NOC for the purpose can be obtained from the RTO Noida easily after you submit all the documents.

Trade Certificates:

Trade certificates are also issued by the Noida RTO after you submit all the relevant documents. 

Vehicle Fitness Certificate:

RTO Noida issues fitness certificates to commercial and private vehicles after they pass the fitness test that is conducted by the RTO office.

Hypothecation Services:

When you buy a vehicle on the lease or hire purchase or through a bank loan then in such cases the endorsement of hypothecation of such vehicles in the name of the financial institution is done by RTO Noida.

Granting of Permits:

RTO Office Noida is responsible for granting relevant permits to the vehicles. Both types of permits i.e., National Permit or Local Permit are issued.

Road Tax Collection:

The RTO Office Noida collects the road taxes on behalf of the government. It also collects the IMV fees. 

Conducting Driving Tests:

The RTO Noida conducts driving tests for people who apply for a driving license. It also solves any queries that applicants have regarding the process of application of DL. 

Issuance of Learner’s Licence and/or Driving Licence:

The issuance of DL is done by the RTO Noida for both the learner’s license as well as a Noida RTO driving license.

Noida RTO Number and Address:

RTO Details
Noida RTO Code UP-16
RTO Address Sector 32, Opposite NTPC, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301
Contact Number 120-2505556
E-mail Id NA
Timings 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Buy a Vehicle Insurance in Noida:

With the proliferation of road transport vehicles like bikes and cars, the need for vehicle insurance plans has also increased. It is mandated by the GOI to purchase motor vehicle insurance for any vehicle plying on the roads in the country. So, to drive your vehicle in Noida, you need to have a valid insurance policy otherwise you can be strictly punished.  The insurance plans that you can get in India include:

  • Third-Party Only Insurance Plans: This the insurance that is compulsory if you wish to drive your vehicle on the roads. The plan covers any claims that arise out of damages and bodily injury that you cause to a third party in case there is an accident.
    However, any damages that are caused to your own vehicle are not covered under this policy. It only provides coverage for third-party damages.
  • Comprehensive motor insurance plans: This plan provides third-party coverage as well as own damage coverage that is caused due to an accident on the roads.
  • Add-ons: You can also buy additional coverage in the form of riders zero depreciation coverage, no claim protection, return to invoice, key replacement cover, roadside assistance, etc at an additional cost. However, the additional benefits vary from provider to provider.

Due to an increased number of vehicles on the road, the chances of accidents have also increased. Buying a motor insurance policy will safeguard you from any financial burden that arises due to accidents. Before you buy a policy, read the terms and conditions clearly so that there are no problems at the time of filing a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • I have lost my RC. Can I get a duplicate RC from RTO Noida?

Yes, you can apply for a duplicate RC at the RTO Office Noida with the relevant documents and the applicable fees.

  • Can I change my address in the RC of my vehicle from the RTO Office Noida?

Yes, you can get your address changed from the RTO Noida office by applying for an address change. You need to submit some forms along with the relevant documents and the relevant fees. 

  • Can I get a NOC from RTO Office Noida?

In case you are transferring your vehicle from UP to another state in India, you can get a NOC from RTO Noida. You have to submit the application with the required documents like RC, insurance certificate, PUC, etc.

  • Can I get an international driving license from RTO Noida?

Yes, you can easily apply for an international driving license from RTO Noida Office. All you need to do is submit the documents and the fee that is required. 

  • How do I renew my driving license in Noida?

You can renew your DL by visiting the RTO Office Noida and submitting the relevant documents along with the fees. If you have any queries you can also visit the online website of the RTO Noida.