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Motor Vehicles Act 1988 created the regional transport office, Tripura. Its main objective is to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the Act. MVAct is a law that applies to the entire…

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Motor Vehicles Act 1988 created the regional transport office, Tripura. Its main objective is to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the Act. MVAct is a law that applies to the entire country.

Regional Transport Office, Tripura functions under the supervision of the Transport commissioner. And it offers numerous services to the general public. Registering vehicles, granting permits, issuing driving licenses; the list is endless.

Functions performed by Regional Transport Office, Tripura:

Regional Transport Office, Tripura does the following for the State:

  • Registers vehicles

  • Issues licenses

  • Grants permits

  • Issues fitness certificates

  • Keeps a list of approved vehicles

  • Imposes fines and penalties; levies them


To be able to function smoothly, regional transport office works from different locations. Given below is detailed information in this regard:


RTO Code

Agartala, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura - 799001


Kailashahar, Kailashahar, North Tripura, Tripura - 799277


Udaipura, Udaipur, South Tripura, Tripura - 799013


Udaipura, Udaipur, South Tripura, Tripura - 799013


Dharmanagar, Dharmanagar, North Tripura, Tripura - 799250


Ambassa, Ambassa, Tripura - 799289


Why you need to register your vehicle?

As you know, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, requires that every vehicle on the Indian road is registered. Ignoring or disregarding the same will attract huge fines and penalties.

Registering your vehicle in Tripura

In Tripura, vehicle owners are allowed two options; temporary and permanent registration of vehicles.

Temporary registration

You may need to temporarily register your vehicle with the State in the following scenarios:

  • It will take time to build the body of the vehicle from the chassis

  • A non-transport vehicle has to be taken from an RTO to the place where it was bought.

Know that temporary registration of a vehicle is valid only for 30 days. You may request for an extension. But long delays in permanent registration may bring up unpleasant surprises.

Follow the steps given below to register your vehicle temporarily with your RTO:

  • Contact your nearest office

  • Submit an application in Form 10A. You can either get it from the office or download it online.

  • Make sure that your application contains a sale certificate and the certificates of fitness, PUC and certification on safety from the dealer.

  • Submit the application along with the required documents to the concerned authority.

  • Pay the stipulated fees in the counter.

  • If the application is accurate, the office will start the process of registration.

Documents required:

  • Form 10A duly filled

  • Sales certificate from the dealer

  • Certification from dealer in road safety compliance and fitness

  • Pollution Under Control certificate

  • Address proof: EPIC, ration card, phone bill or electricity bill

  • Valid certificate of insurance

  • Copy of PAN card if required

You need to pay INR360 for three days for temporary registration. The first week till the end will cost you another INR360. The same is applicable for the next week. The fee required to extend your registration depends on your RTO.

Permanent registration follows almost the similar procedure. If you don’t plan to apply for temporary registration, register your vehicle within seven days of delivery. You may apply for registration online on Tripura RTO’s official website.

Process of registering vehicles brought from outside Tripura:

If you decide to settle down in Tripura from another State, you will have to register your vehicle here. However, it is not a must if it is registered with another State and you don’t plan to stay here for more than one year.

Submit the following documents when registering your vehicle that was brought from outside Tripura:

  • Original certificate of registration

  • No objection certificate if required

  • Form 27, filled up in detail

  • Attested copy of address proof

  • Valid insurance certificate

  • Pollution under control certificate

  • Tax as required by the Act

  • Fee required for the purpose

  • PAN card

Understand that re-registration of your vehicle brought from another State will depend on clearance certificate from the National Crime Record Bureau.

Transferring vehicle ownership:

If you decide to sell your vehicle to another person, you need to change its registration accordingly. Given below is a list of documents required for the purpose:

  • Original registration certificate of the vehicle

  • Form 29 (duplicate; properly filled up)

  • Two copies of Form 30

  • Attested copies of the address proof of the applicant

  • Attested copy of a valid insurance certificate

  • Copy of PAN card

  • Attested copy of Pollution Under Control certificate

Upon verification of the documents, the office lets you transfer your vehicle to the person of your choice. The process remains almost the same when re-registering your vehicle upon the death of its owner.

Applying for a no-objection certificate in Tripura:

It is a document vehicle owner generally ignore. Most of the States you approach may not require you to have it. But having NOC is a must if you plan to settle down in Tripura for long. You also need it when filing for an insurance claim. The company may reject your claim if you are unable to submit NOC on time.

  1. Contact your nearest RTO

  2. Submit Form 28 duly filled

  3. Pay the required fees in the counter

Upon verification of the application, the official starts the process of transferring the registration.

Documents required

  • Form 28 (Triplicate)

  • Attested copies of the registration certificate and the insurance document

  • PUC certificate

  • Tax clearance

  • Receipt of payment of fees

  • Pencil-print of the chassis and engine number

  • Aadhar card

  • Identification of signature of the owner

You can also apply for NOC from Tripura’s RTO official portal.

Getting a fancy registration number for your vehicle

A two-wheeler for most of its owners represents who they are. Quite naturally, you would want a fancy registration number for your bike. Follow the guide given below to apply for the same:

  • Visit your nearest RTO.

  • Explore the list of numbers available for VIP registration.

  • Since your vehicle is a personal one, choose the one that belong to the non-transport category.

  • Get Form 28 from the office and prepare a demand draft in its favor.

  • If there are others applying for the same number, you will have to bid for it.

  • Submit the duly filled application form along with the demand draft.

  • If there are others who want the same number, the office will invite you for an auction.

  • Make sure that you are available for the process.

  • If there are no other applicant for the number you choose, you will receive a receipt. The office may even return your demand draft.

  • You may also complete the entire process online.

Make sure that you make the purchase within one month of reserving the number.