Self Inspection Terms and Conditions

The person doing the Self-Inspection hereby:

1. Understands that it is with sole discretion of the QC of Insurer/RenewBuy to accept or reject the self-inspection report of a vehicle. RenewBuy guarantees neither acceptance of your inspection proposal, nor confirms issuing an insurance policy for the vehicle.

2. Agrees that RenewBuy shall take no responsibility for any malfunctioning, improper functioning that may be developed as a result of the internet or any other error in the phone. 

3. Understands that the self-inspection feature is developed and owned by RenewBuy and no ownership/legal rights will be given to or acquired by any other person. Only a limited license to use the same as an add-on benefit is allowed. 

4. Agrees and acknowledges that the software application is provided by RenewBuy. RenewBuy assumes no legal or claims risk in the use of this application.

5. Agrees that in no event will RenewBuy be liable to you or to any third parties for any direct or indirect damages or loss of profit resulting from any use or misuse of this application.