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Getting your vehicle insured in India is mandatory. It is an offence in our country to ride without valid insurance. A last minute dash is best avoided by doing a Car Insurance Renewal on time and every time. Moreover, the more time you take to renew your expired policy harder it gets to get it done. The best thing is to Renew Car Insurance online 15 - 20 days prior to the date of expiration.

However, before you pick a policy, keep the following things in mind.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

After the lapse of your policy, if 3 months or 90 days have passed without renewal, you are not entitled to the twelve-monthly cumulative NO CLAIM BONUS (NCB) discount. If you have not claimed your NCB for over 4 years, it could well amount to 45-50%. Would you like to lose that? The wisest thing is to do timely Renewal of your Car Insurance.

Comparing insurance policies on Online Car Insurance Renewal sites

While renewing your Car insurance Policy, it is important to do a comparison of different policies available online because if done manually, it can be a time consuming and tedious task. A thorough preliminary groundwork can save up to 50-60% if one renews car insurance online.

Then why are we depriving ourselves of these benefits? To make it easy for you, RenewBuy helps you compare various policies all at one place at the same time. Within just a few clicks you will have the best-suited policy for your car issued instantly. All you need to do is choose wisely and enjoy possibilities of getting extra benefits on your policy at RenewBuy.

To renew the policy and get the best deal one needs to do few simple things:

Maintain Good driving profile and low claim ratio

Always renew your policy in Time

Prompt Car Insurance Renewal Online

The policy when renewed from the same insurer may give you some added benefits. They may offer you the best deal available in the market and in the case of lapsed insurance they are the good Samaritans to count on.


Car Policy covers the following:

Third Party Liability

Own Damage protection: covers financial loss due to car’s accident or theft


The main reasons to Renew Car Insurance

- Protection against financial loss due to Theft or accident involving your car

- Protection against the financial loss due to third party liability which can be huge in case of injury or loss of life

-Legally required: without a valid insurance policy you cannot bring the car on road


RenewBuy provides one stop solution to all these concerns. So go ahead and pick your policy right away. 


Ajay Oak saved 51% on Toyota Fortuner "Apart from getting me a fabulous discount of over 50%, made the process so easy to renew my policy." Rajesh Relan saved 50% on Mercedes E280 "Had an excellent customer experience with the best quote as compared to other aggregator sites. I was delivered the policy well within the promised timeline." Muralidhara Kadaba "Great experience. Quick. Easy. Hassle free." Rajat Bahadursaved 50% on Volkswagen Vento "I had to renew the insurance for my wife's car on the last day of expiry. Even though it was a complex case of transfer from a lease business company, team RenewBuy delivered a swift and seamless experience via their website and brought about savings of more than 50% on the premium from last year. The entire process took only 30 minutes from the comfort of my office!!" Amit Sinha saved 33% on Maruti Alto "Had an excellent customer experience with the best quote as compared to other aggregator sites. I was delivered the policy well within the promised timeline."

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