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L &T General Insurance

L & T General Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Larsen and Limited. L & T Motor Insurance is a customer- centric policy and caters the highest standard of quality. Here we have mentioned various details one should be aware of while opting for L & T insurance.


Benefits of L & T car insurance:


  1. Quickest claim settlement
  2.  Lowest turnaround time with least paper work
  3. Easy and quick application process for policy purchase and renewal
  4. Comprehensive car insurance plan that includes third party legal liability coverage and self-car damage
  5. Cashless claim settlement in over 1000 network garages
  6. 20 to 50% no claim bonus payment when money isn't claimed for many years
  7. Free and timely reminders to customers for paying the premium
  8. Add-on covers that can be chosen to enhance the coverage


Coverage provided by L&T motor insurance:

  1. Loss or damage to the car because of man-made disasters like riots, strike, burglary, theft, etc.
  2. Loss or damage because of natural disasters like fire, lightning, flood, typhoon, etc.
  3. The personal accident cover includes the owner as well as the registered driver.
  4. Covers damage incurred when the car is in transit by rail, road, etc.
  5. Third party legal liability cover.
  6. Protects you from legal claims in case of injury or death of the third party.
  7. Music system and AC can also be insured with a little extra premium.


L&T two-wheeler insurance benefits:


  1. Covers loss due to damage in case of accidents, fire, theft, etc.
  2. Provides protection against third party liability in the case of death or damage to property
  3. Discounts on installing anti-theft device
  4. L&T bike insurance policy can be bought or renewed online
  5. The premium can be paid in cash or through cheque
  6. Claim settlement  is done within 30 days





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