Before we proceed to understand the insurance policies, it is always important to know who these Insurers are. An insurer is a person or a company that contracts to indemnify another in the event of loss or damage.

Insurers carry out a number of tasks; several are vital for the society. And while there are many in the market, we have listed a few for your usage, all on one platform, so that you can pick and choose the best one all on the click of a button.

The major task of insurers of motor insurance companies is to assist the policyholders to have a foresight, for you to deal with risks which might arise in the future proficiently. They do so by educating you about the right insurance products and aiding you to get your claims covered by the policies if need be.

The top 10 motor insurance companies in India are determined on the basis of some standard parameters that make them the most preferred ones in this industry.

Below mentioned factors are the criteria for their rankings that will help you understand why they are considered so,

  • Purchase/Renewal of Policy
  • How easily the client can get the claims
  • Payment options
  • The number of garages and servicing centre they have a tie-up with
  • Customer satisfaction

While the above-mentioned parameters are extremely important in choosing, the other things you need to keep in mind before taking a motor insurance is the type you choose. Motor vehicle insurance policies are of two types-

i.)  Third Party Insurance (Mandatory to have)

ii.) Comprehensive policy

While it is obligatory to get insurance for your vehicle, it is always advisable to do a methodical groundwork before getting or renewing your policy from any of the noted vehicle insurance companies.

You can reach out to us, and our experts at RenewBuy and we will make it a lot easier for you to make decisions. We help you to compare the best vehicle insurance companies in India.

The best part, it is hassle-free and you get to know about different plans and the benefits they offer all on one platform.

 So if you are looking at buying an insurance policy, we suggest you do the following

-    Compare and buy new or renew a policy right away

-    Find the lowest premium rate

-    Choose the finest plan from the top vehicle insurance companies

And if chosen wisely, you can get these following benefits from various motor insurance companies

- Personal accident coverage

- Coverage for damage or loss of the insured vehicle

- Coverage against monetary, legal responsibility caused due to death or injury of the third part and/or property damage.

- Coverage for damage or loss of the insured vehicle due to theft, accident, self- ignition, explosion, lightning, fire, strikes, an act of terrorism, riots and natural calamities.

Now that you are aware of all the details for buying an insurance, go ahead and pick the best one for you. Stay insured and ride safe!

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