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Car Insurance policy in India is a mandatory document to be kept with you in your vehicle. Almost all the Car insurance policies are valid for one year and every year purely based on the depreciation on your car the premium of car policy reduces. The tariff of car insurance policy is regulated by IRDA (Insurance regulatory & development authority of India) but each insurer have the discretionary power to control the discount range of new policy. Basis the experience with different Cars and cities each insurer offers different discounts on different Car make model and city. Most of the trusted insurers of this sector is having the same set of a product, but they always have different terms and conditions according to their financial policies.

Car insurance premium calculator calculates and subsequently tells you the components and insight matter of policy of your particular car premium

1. OD Premium (Own Damage Premium) – This type of premium being charged by insurers for insuring your vehicle against damages to your vehicle due to an accident or a total loss of vehicle due to the sudden havoc fire, theft, etc. The premiums are counted by applying a discount to the Tariff premiums published by the governing body of Tariff Advisory Committee, a regulated body of government. The car insurance calculator assists you with the calculation and concept of the exact OD Premium

2. IDV (Insured Declared Value) –This is the final value of the car on which the policies will frame. Normally this determined value comes into play only in a particular case of the Total Loss of the Vehicle determined by the keen evaluation of the car. The car insurance calculator India also provides the additional benefit to check your IDV and also change it as per your convenience within the option provided by that insurer.

3. TP (Third party) amount – This is a sort of the liability premium to insurer an individual against any other claims from the side of the third party. This type of premium is often prescribed by the IRDA (insurance regulatory and department authority) on per year basis.

4. Zero Dep Premium – This is a kind of premium charged under the scheme for Zero Dep and another applicable add-ons are chosen by you. The car insurance calculator allows you to calculate the exact premium charged under the policy.

5. Taxes – In last it allows you to make a check-list of all the taxes which are applicable. Car Insurance Calculator provides you an easy access to know each and every component of your destined premium and helps you to make a most prominent decision of which car insurance product you should buy or from which insures. Knowing all the aspects of the component of your car insurance policy which give a free handle in bargaining a right deal and gives you the good ins and outs so that no tout can cheat you with a wrong insurance policy.

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