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Bike Insurance is “The answer” for sky-rocketing costs that may arise because of damages caused to the motorcycle. It incorporates all types of two wheelers: motorcycle, moped and includes all users: personal, commercial or mixed and cover against any damages that may occur to a motorcycle and injuries to one or more individuals due to an unanticipated occurrence like an accident, theft or natural disaster.

With the advance of the internet, Smartphone and demonetization, mostly people like to conclude their tasks online. Nowadays, renewing bike insurance online is a child’s play. In some cases there is no vehicular inspection conducted, in the case of an expired policy even, a two wheeler insurance online can be done. Online two-wheeler insurance has an extremely trouble-free quote with clear, comprehensible options. The additional options are well laid out and explained thoroughly on the website.

Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Periods

- The time beginning from policy created date and hour and ending on the policy end date and hour as mentioned.

Personal Accident Cover in 2Wheeler Insurance

- The driver of the vehicle while mounting or dismounting and travelling from the two-wheeler is covered for. 

-  Optional personal accident coverage is also available for co-passengers.

The Insurance policy should cover

- Loss or damage to vehicle against natural calamities: Rockslide, landslide, fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, flood, earthquake, frost, hailstorm, storm, typhoon, hurricane, tempest, cyclone, deluge

-Loss or damage to vehicle against man-made calamities: Accident by outside means, terrorist activity, burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, any damage done during transit -road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.

Motorcycle insurance doesn’t cover:

- Normal wear tear, general ageing of the vehicle

- Depreciation or any momentous loss

- Mechanical/electrical failure

- Loss/damage owing to mutiny, war or nuclear hazard

Liability to the Third Parties in case of 2Wheeler Insurance

As laid down in the Schedule

a. Bodily injury or death of any person including the occupant of the insured vehicle (given such person are not on hire or for reward) but apart from it, there is a necessity to meet the requirements of Motor Vehicles Act.

b. Property damage, excepting that the property belongs to the insured party or in the custody or control of the insured or held in trust.

It is a smart bet to get an insurance done for your vehicle be it on-line or off-line because if God forbid anything unforeseen happens you will have something to fall back on.






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