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Compare Bike Insurance


Studies show that two-wheelers usually are more prone to accidents than cars. So it is important and necessary that you get your two-wheeler insured. Like with cars, the government of India has made it mandatory to get your two-wheeler insured too. Therefore, getting insurance for your bike will not only provide protection against damages and loss incurred in case of accidents but also in cases of thefts, man-made or natural disaster and third party liability. Insurance is the best solution to meet the expenses that you may have to incur in case of loss or damage to your bike.

Before buying any insurance, it is important to first do a two wheeler insurance comparison. The online market is full of different companies offering policies of all kinds. Because of new companies coming in the market, bike insurance has gone through a dramatic change. Hence, we always recommend one to compare two wheeler insurance before opting for one. Compare two wheeler insurance online and choose a policy that meets your requirements. What does the policy cover?

  • Loss or damage against man-made or natural disasters
  • Loss or damage due to accidents
  • Third party liability protection


Why compare bike insurance?

Well here are the most important reasons why one should compare bike insurance online. Have a look!

  • Compare premiums of different companies offering the same or similar services and choose a policy that best meets your requirements.
  • Look out for discounts and deductibles. Deductibles are where you agree to pay a certain amount in exchange for lowering your premium.
  • Look out for a company that offers the best customer service. A good customer service is what you want.
  • Look out for an insurer that provides the best claim settlement ratio.

At RenewBuy you can make your two wheeler insurance comparison easily. It will help you in finding the right option and the best coverage. Here you will get lowest quotes from the top companies. We assist you with bike insurance comparison and then let you choose the best plan effortlessly. Insurance is an investment that will secure the safety and security of your vehicle.

Ajay Oak saved 51% on Toyota Fortuner "Apart from getting me a fabulous discount of over 50%, made the process so easy to renew my policy." Rajesh Revan saved 50% on Mercedes E280 "Had an excellent customer experience with the best quote as compared to other aggregator sites. I was delivered the policy well within the promised timeline." Muralidhara Kadaba "Great experience. Quick. Easy. Hassle free." Rajat Bahadursaved 50% on Volkswagen Vento "I had to renew the insurance for my wife's car on the last day of expiry. Even though it was a complex case of transfer from a leasing company, team RenewBuy delivered a swift and seamless experience via their website and brought about savings of more than 50% on the premium from last year. The entire process took only 30 minutes from the comfort of my office!!" Amit Singh saved 33% on Maruti Alto "Had an excellent customer experience with the best quote as compared to other aggregator sites. I was delivered the policy well within the promised timeline."

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