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When you own a car, every turn of the wheel brings a new adventure. This is why the need for reliable car insurance cannot be overstated. Whether you're a seasoned driver or just starting out on the road, you cannot undermine the importance of having a trusted insurance provider by your side. With many options available in the market, finding a reputable insurer may feel challenging. However, amidst this sea of choices, one name stands out for its simplicity, transparency, and efficiency - ACKO.

For many individuals, the quest for the perfect insurance provider begins with a simple desire - to find an insurer they can trust. In a world where clarity and transparency are often elusive, the search for clear-cut information about insurance policies, procedures, and premiums becomes paramount. Let us help you better understand ACKO car insurance here.

About ACKO Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd.

ACKO Technology and Services Private Limited, commonly known as Acko, serves as the parent company of ACKO General Insurance. Established in 2016, Acko has rapidly become a well-known name in the insurance industry, distinguished by its digital-first, direct-to-consumer approach.

At its core, Acko is a technology-driven company committed to revolutionizing the insurance landscape through innovative insurance products. The company's foundation represents dedication to delivering unparalleled customer experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Acko aims to redefine traditional insurance models, offering customers superior value propositions and more engaging interactions.

Key Features of ACKO Car Insurance

ACKO car insurance stands out for its customer-centric features. Here's a closer look at what sets this insurer apart:


Competitive Premiums

ACKO's digital-first model allows it to offer incredibly low premiums. The company ensures customers get the best value for their money without compromising on coverage by cutting out intermediaries and streamlining processes.


Paperless Experience

With ACKO, you need not go through cumbersome paperwork. It is quite easy to purchase insurance and renew policies, which ultimately saves time and effort.


Effortless Claims Process

They follow a stress-free claims process to ensure you can navigate claims seamlessly, with minimal hassle*.


Swift Claim Settlement

Whether it's minor damages or major accidents, ACKO aims for prompt claim settlement. Their commitment to quick and fair resolution means you can rely on ACKO to handle your claims efficiently.


Round-the-Clock Support

With accidents being unpredictable, ACKO provides 24x7 support to assist customers in times of need. Whether it's a question about coverage or guidance during an emergency, their support team is readily available to help.

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Types of ACKO Car Insurance Policies

Pertaining to car insurance, one size doesn't fit all. That's why there are four different types of ACKO car insurance policies available to choose from:


Third Party Car Insurance

This type of car insurance is mandated by law. It provides financial protection against liabilities incurred when you damage third-property or cause injuries/death to a third party accidentally. However, this policy does not cover damages to your vehicle.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance plan offers all the coverage benefits of the third party policy and more. In addition to covering liabilities towards third parties, this policy also covers damages to your vehicle caused by accidents, natural calamities, fire, theft, and other unexpected events. Moreover, you have the option to opt for add-on covers to further enhance the coverage of your policy, providing you with comprehensive protection against multiple risks.


Zero Depreciation Policy - Super Saver

This type of ACKO car insurance policy provides all the coverage benefits offered by the comprehensive plan and 100% coverage of the cost of car parts replaced during repairs. In other words, this plan covers the depreciation cost incurred by car parts, ensuring that you receive the maximum claim amount in the event of a repair.


Stand Alone Own Damage Policy

ACKO’s Stand Alone Own Damage Cover policy offers comprehensive coverage for damages resulting from accidents, natural disasters, fire, or theft. This standalone policy protects your vehicle against a wide range of risks, providing you with financial security.

**The availability of policies, features, and add-ons may vary and are subject to specific policy wordings. For more detailed information about each policy type and its coverage, refer to the respective policy documents.

What’s Covered in ACKO Car Insurance?

Here's a breakdown of the coverage provided under ACKO car insurance:

  • Coverage for Third-Party Losses

    If your vehicle causes damage to third-party property or life, ACKO Comprehensive Car Insurance policy covers such losses. This coverage ensures you're financially protected in case of any liabilities arising from accidents involving your vehicle.

  • Accidents Protection

    ACKO car insurance also covers damages to your car resulting from accidents or collisions. Whether it's a minor fender-bender or a major collision, you can rest assured knowing the policy will take care of the expenses related to repairing accidental damages.

  • Fire Damage Coverage

    Accidental damages caused to your car due to fire, vandalism, self-ignition, and other related incidents are covered by ACKO’s Comprehensive plan.

  • Theft Protection

    Car theft is a common concern in India, and the financial loss can be significant. ACKO’s Comprehensive policy includes coverage for theft and ensures you're financially protected in case your vehicle is stolen.

  • Calamities Coverage

    Whether it's natural disasters like floods and earthquakes or man-made calamities such as riots and terrorist activities, damages resulting from both types of calamities are covered under ACKO car insurance.

  • Rat Bite Damage Protection

    Damage to your vehicle caused by rat bites can lead to significant repair costs. Fortunately, such damages are covered under ACKO car insurance policy, ensuring you're covered against such unexpected incidents.

What’s Not Covered in ACKO Car Insurance?

While ACKO car insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage, you need to keep in mind the following exclusions:


Pre-Existing Damages

Any damage your car has suffered before purchasing ACKO car insurance will not be covered. You need to ensure your vehicle is in good condition before obtaining insurance coverage.


Normal Wear and Tear

The policy does not cover repairs or replacements for car parts that undergo damage over time due to regular use, also known as normal wear and tear. This exclusion applies to parts that naturally degrade with use.


Mechanical and Electrical Damage

Any manufacturing defects or damages to the car's components of a mechanical or electrical nature are not covered under ACKO car insurance. This exclusion pertains to issues arising from the inherent functioning of the vehicle's systems.


Driving Without Required Documents

You must have the necessary documents while driving, including an active driving license and vehicle RC. Damages to your car while driving without these documents are not covered under the car insurance policy.


Illegal Driving

Engaging in illegal activities such as illegal races, driving under the influence, etc. while driving are considered illegal driving. Damages to your car resulting from such instances are not covered under the ACKO car insurance plan.


Loss Outside Geographical Limits

The policy does not cover any damage to the car that occurs while driving outside the geographical limits of India. You must check the coverage limitations when traveling beyond the country's borders.

For detailed information about inclusions and exclusions, refer to the policy wordings.

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ACKO Car Insurance Add-ons to Choose From

ACKO offers multiple car insurance add-ons you can choose from and add to your base policy. These include:


Roadside assistance cover

With this add-on, you gain access to 24x7 emergency roadside assistance, including towing services. Whether you're stranded due to a breakdown or need assistance on the road, you can call the insurer, and their team will be there to help you get back on track.


No Claim Bonus (NCB) protection

You can keep your NCB intact even after making a claim with this add-on. Over the period, this add-on can help you enjoy up to a 50% discount on car insurance renewals while still being able to raise a claim.


Engine protection cover

This add-on covers repair or replacement costs incurred due to aggravated damages to the internal parts of the engine, gearbox, and differential assembly.


Consumables cover

This ACKO car insurance add-on covers the costs of consumables such as engine oil, lubricants, nuts, bolts, and more during claim settlement. This way, you can ensure comprehensive coverage for your vehicle's repair expenses under a comprehensive car policy.


Compulsory personal accident (owner-driver)

This purchase is mandatory by law along with third-party Insurance and provides coverage for both permanent disability and death of the owner-driver while driving the insured car.


Personal accident cover for passengers

You can also insure the passengers in your car against permanent disability or death in the event of an accident with this add-on. Each passenger can be insured for up to Rs. 1 lakh.


Paid driver protection

This ACKO car insurance add-on provides coverage to your paid driver against accidental injury or death while driving the insured car. This add-on offers a sum insured of up to Rs. 1 lakh.

Factors Affecting ACKO Car Insurance Premium

  1. Car's engine capacity

    The Cubic Capacity (cc) of your car's engine plays a crucial role in determining the premium for your ACKO car insurance. Generally, vehicles with higher engine capacity incur higher premiums.

  2. Insurance coverage

    The type of coverage you choose impacts the car insurance premium. Opting for a third-party car insurance policy usually results in a lower premium than a comprehensive car insurance plan.

  3. Insured Declared Value (IDV)

    The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car, which represents its approximate market value, is a key factor in calculating the premium. Higher IDV leads to higher ACKO car insurance premiums.

  4. Add-ons premium

    Adding extra protection to your comprehensive ACKO car insurance policy through add-ons will increase the premium. While add-ons offer additional coverage, they come with an additional cost.

  5. Age of your car

    The age of your vehicle also affects the premium. Newer cars typically have higher premiums due to higher replacement costs, while older vehicles may have lower premiums as their value depreciates.

  6. Claim history

    Your claims history significantly influences the premium. A history of frequent claims or accidents may result in a higher premium, as it indicates a higher risk to the insurer.

  7. Deductibles

    Deductibles, the amount you pay while settling a claim, also impact the premium. Opting for higher deductibles can lower your car insurance premium.

  8. Geographical location

    Your geographical location plays a role in determining ACKO car insurance premiums. Areas with lower traffic and accident rates may have lower premiums, while densely populated urban areas may have higher premiums.

How to Calculate ACKO Car Premium?

Given below is a three-step process to calculate your car insurance premium:


Step 1: Determine the IDV of Your Car

Compute your car’s IDV using this formula:

IDV = [Car Manufacturer Price - Depreciation] + [Cost of Vehicle Accessories Not Included in the Manufacturer Price - Depreciation of Accessories]


Step 2: Compute Own Damage Insurance Premium

Calculate the OD car insurance premium using the formula:

OD Premium = [IDV x Premium Tariff decided by the Insurer] + Add-ons - [Discounts (NCB)]


Step 3: Use the ACKO Premium Calculator

Utilize the ACKO online premium calculator to determine your car insurance premium. Simply input the required details and select your desired policy coverage with or without add-ons to receive instant car insurance quotes.

Steps to File ACKO Car Insurance Claim

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO user profile using the registered mobile number.

Step 2: Access your car insurance policy and locate the option to register a claim.

Step 3: Fill in the required details for the claim and upload all necessary claim-related documents as instructed.

Steps to Download ACKO Car Insurance Policy Copy

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO user account using the registered mobile number.

Step 2: Access your car insurance policy and locate the option of the policy document.

Step 3: Download the policy copy or get it via email or WhatsApp.