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Tata Aig Car Insurance

Motor Insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects you financially against losing your vehicle or any bodily damage resulting from a collision. The importance of motor insurance is so much that the Government of India has made it mandatory to have vehicle insurance for all vehicles registered in India. Today, we will talk about a company trusted by many people in India for its car insurance services. Tata AIG car insurance policy, among the most affordable and comprehensive motor insurance policies, allows you to drive confidently and securely in India.

The Tata AIG business began on January 22nd, 2001. It provides a wide range of general insurance products, including marine insurance policies, travel insurance policies, property insurance policies, travel insurance plans for bikes, and motor insurance policies. Let us take a keen look at the motor insurance business TATA AIG offers.

Tata AIG Car Insurance at a Glance

Let us look at the features of TATA AIG Car Insurance:

Particulars Specifications
Cashless Network Garages 7500+
Claim Settlement Ratio(As per company’s website)* 98%
Claim settlement 650 claim experts who provide rapid and straightforward claim settlement.
Premium Save 75% on car insurance premiums online

*The data has been sourced from the company's website.

Key Features & Benefits of Tata AIG Car Insurance

Tata motor insurance has a lot to offer for people looking to buy/ renew a car insurance plan. The company offers comprehensive car insurance coverage with additional add-ons to enhance the coverage.

  • Network Garages: with Tata AIG vehicle insurance, you will get more than 7500+ cashless network garages across India, making it convenient to file a claim. 
  • Repair Assistance: whenever you require repair assistance for your car, you can get it quickly with Tata AIG. The company has a vast network of qualified and experienced technicians to provide service. 
  • Discounted Premiums: With extensive online discounts, you may save even more money when you pick Tata AIG's comprehensive car insurance coverage.
  • Easy Claim Settlement: The company will settle your claim in a timely manner. Tata AIG insurance is a trusted brand in India and provides quick claim settlement.

Coverage Under Tata AIG Car Insurance 

Let us look at everything covered under Tata AIG motor insurance.

  • Theft/ Robbery: Tata AIG General Insurance will reimburse you for the insured declared value, commonly referred to as the vehicle's total market value, if your vehicle is stolen or sustains significant unintentional damage that cannot be restored without any hassle. 
  • Natural Disasters: You will be protected against losses brought on by natural catastrophes like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc., with our damage protection or comprehensive insurance for your four-wheeler.
  • Accidental Damage: Any damage to your private vehicle caused by accident will be covered under Tata AIG car insurance. 
  • Add-ons: Your comprehensive auto insurance coverage may include one of the add-ons from our list that are intended to safeguard your vehicle against specific perils. 
  • Third-Party Liability: Third-party liability insurance protects the authorised driver of a vehicle from being held liable for another party's claims for loss or damage to their property, as well as claims for bodily harm or death resulting from an accident that happens while you or another authorised driver is operating the vehicle. Tata AIG provides cover for the same. 

Exclusions Under Tata AIG Car Insurance 

There are usually a few things the vehicle insurance policy does not cover, according to every private auto insurance provider. Let's look at the exclusions of your Tata AIG auto insurance.

  • War: Tata AIG Motor Insurance does not offer coverage for damage, theft, or loss brought on by hostilities, invasions, the actions of an enemy nation, mutinies, insurrections, etc.
  • Invalid Driving License: In some cases, a motorist may be operating a vehicle while in possession of an expired licence. Tata vehicle insurance will not assist with any claims in that situation since it is seen as an illegal activity. 
  • Drugs/Alcohol: Tata general insurance will not help with any claims if a motorist is discovered to be operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Add-ons for Tata AIG Car Insurance

The add-ons that Tata AIG motor Insurance offers are as follows:

  • Tyre Coverage: The vehicle insurance policy's tyre protection benefit fills this gap by paying for damages to your car's tubes and tyres that aren't caused by accidents. The amount of tyre wear is a significant consideration when determining the claim's value under this add-on.
  • Engine Coverage: Unless it happens concurrently with the event, comprehensive auto insurance does not cover engine damage. We shall investigate the effects of this modification on the engine.
  • No-claim Bonus: When you renew your policy for a second year, the insurance provider will often offer you a reduction in the insurance rate. You can accrue a maximum 50% reduction on premiums if you do not file any claims for five straight years.
  • Roadside Assistance: The roadside auto assistance cover will facilitate receiving support services in the case of a vehicle breakdown. Tata AIG insurance has a vast network so it won’t be a problem if your vehicle gets damaged. 
  • Daily Allowance: If the insured vehicle is being repaired elsewhere. The insurance provider will pay the car owner's daily commute costs until the automobile is in the garage.

Claim Process Under Tata AIG Car Insurance 

The following describes the Tata AIG vehicle Insurance claim resolution process:

  • Make a call to the Tata AIG insurance company's customer service number.
  • The registered cellphone number of the insured will get a link for self-inspection.
  • Send photos of the damaged vehicle as proof.
  • For your repairs, pick between a cash advance and a network of cashless garages.

Renewal Process Under Tata AIG Car Insurance 

Let us look at the Renewal Process of Tata Car Insurance. 

Online Method 

  • Visit the official website of Tata AIG car Insurance Company.
  • Select the section under "Renewal."
  • You will be prompted to choose the vehicle and other details on the new tab.
  • Enter the information, including the registration and insurance numbers.

Offline Method 

If you are unable to renew your auto insurance online, you can do it offline. You need to provide the below-listed documents to complete the renewal process here.

Documents Required for Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal

You will need a few supporting documents when renewing your Tata AIG motor insurance policy to finish the process. Here is the list of documents:

  • Old car Insurance Policy
  • Govt. ID Proofs
  • Valid Driving License
  • RC
  • Updated Photograph
  • Credit/ Debit Card Details 

Tata AIG Car Insurance Contact Details

Here you can find the contact details that you can use to get in touch with Tata motor insurance.

Registered Address: Peninsula Business Park, Tower A, 15th Floor, G.K.Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013, Maharashtra, India.

Contact Number: 1800-266-7780