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How Do I Convince Someone To Become An Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent As A Career Opportunity: Overview Life insurance in India has come a long way in the last two decades. With the born of several general or life insurance companies, career…

Insurance Agent As A Career Opportunity: Overview

Life insurance in India has come a long way in the last two decades. With the born of several general or life insurance companies, career opportunities are on the rise more than ever. But people don’t wake up in the morning and decide to become a POSP advisor or an insurance agent. They do it after thorough research about the opportunities lying in the insurance industry. Undoubtedly, the job role of an insurance agent is challenging but rewarding and opens the path of unlimited opportunities for an individual. How?

Only a few people are aware of them. So, how can you convince someone to join the insurance industry and choose to become an insurance agent as a career? We, RenewBuy, are a D2C Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. who welcome a homemaker, fresher or someone looking for a part-time or full-time work from home opportunity. We are providing you with the authentic reasons why someone should choose to become an insurance agent or POSP advisor. You can use these reasons to convince someone to become an insurance agent. 

Reasons To Convince Someone to Become An Insurance Agent

Being an insurance agent is one of the best career opportunities for each and every. But not everyone is going to believe you on it. Here are some of the primary facts you can use when convincing someone to become an insurance agent next time.

An Opportunity For All

No matter whom you are going to convince to become an insurance agent, whether a homemaker, a retiree, a full-time working individual, or someone looking for part-time job opportunities, it is an ideal career fit for all. If they have a passion for networking and sales, the basic requirement is to be 18 years of age and have a secondary-level education (10th-grade) certificate to appear in training, qualify for the exam, and gain certification. You are all set to sell insurance.

The Whole New Way Around

If the person you are convincing considers an insurance agent a salesperson job only. Enlighten them about the vast career opportunities lying in the career. Tell them that gone are the days when insurance agents were merely salespersons who used to sell products and get a commission. Today, agents are going through different upliftment and development training to transition to a level that opens the path to different career opportunities for them as financial advisors or analysts. They can consider insurance agents a full-time career opportunity if they are passionate and driven agents. 

Job Security

People are only concerned about their job security. One of the strongest reasons you can give someone is that the insurance industry has job security compared to other industries, as the demand for various insurance products will remain high. As long as insurance remains, the need for an insurance agent will be in place. Hence, there will always be numerous opportunities for individuals to get employment. 

Potentially High Pay

The insurance industry offers a good pay scale to sustain a good lifestyle. Since the pay is commission-based, it depends on the capability of an individual to sell policies and earn a good exponential income. By the time you become good at cracking the deal, there are hefty chances that you will earn a significant income of around six figures. 


The job of an insurance agent offers greater flexibility in working and scheduling your meetings at your convenience. While an individual as a full-time insurance advisor has good chances to become successful and earn good profits, working part-time has its own benefits. You have flexible work hours to enjoy life, spend time with your family or plan an outing.

A Profession for Human

Apart from monetary benefits, the insurance agent or POSP advisor job will weave some real-life incidents and experience the joy of helping people and their families. The person you are convincing will be helping families, widows, and children in their challenging times. The policies an individual purchases build a strong financial backup that their family can utilise. Hence, a RenewBuy POSP advisor or insurance agent will contribute to families, society, and the country at large. 

Range of Products

Not everyone who is working loves their job. It is important that you become their strength when they enter the industry as an insurance agent or POSP advisor. Tell them that the product range is expanding more than ever, including life, term, whole-life, health, motor, ULIP, and others. Hence, according to their interest, they can choose one or many products to sell and offer something unique to help their clients cater to their financial needs. 

Adequate Training

Tell them that they are not going to be any random insurance agent but will go through training mandated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). So they need more confidence to sell an intangible product, a training program helps them to understand insurance products and a professional approach to selling insurance. This will help increase productivity and prove to them that they are in the best profession. 

Develop Broad Skills

While working in the insurance industry, they develop countless skills that help them in their careers to grow and excel. While working, they can work on their hard and soft skills like communication, problem-solving, analytical skills, research, and organizational skills. 

Be Your Own Boss

Point out to them that being an insurance agent can be the best step they can take ahead to be their own boss. No need to report or answer anyone, gain full flexibility and unlimited income potential to become financially independent. 

Zero Investment Career

Tell them that while they will run their business, the opportunity comes with zero investment. They just need time, effort, and a smartphone with internet connectivity to open unlimited earning potential. 

Help Them Become An Insurance Agent Today!

Explaining the perks of becoming an insurance agent or POSP advisor with a D2C Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. RenewBuy, you are helping them to open a whole new world of opportunities. Insurance agents are committed to protecting families against any unexpected events or critical illness observed. They now have a valid reason for choosing an insurance agent as a career. Congratulations to you! 

Want to know more about how you can become a POSP advisor and sell different insurance policies of general or life insurance company? Connect with RenewBuy and get started with your rewarding career. 



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