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DL Status: Check Driving Licence Status Online

Driving without a valid driving license in India is a legal offence. A valid driving licence is needed for any non-geared two-wheeler vehicle, geared two-wheelers, automatic and geared four-wheelers, all transport vehicles, and all commercial vehicles. Anyone who has attained the age of 18 is eligible to get a licence after clearing the oral/written tests. The procedure to apply for the same is not difficult.


However, once the driving licence has been applied for, everyone wants to know the driving licence status. It can be a time-consuming process to get a copy of the licence, and thus, a driving license sense needs to be check. The applicant can visit the RTO or the Regional Transport Office to check the status. To do the same, the token number needs to be shown at the enquiry window. You can also check your driving license status enquiry Online. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ website "Sarathi" also has updates on the driving licence status. Doing an Indian driving licence check online is not challenging.

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How to check your Driving License Status Enquiry Online?

Till the driving licence hard copy does not reach the registered address, the applicant does not know if the application for the same has been rejected or accepted. Following are the steps to do an Indian driving licence check online.

Steps to do a Driving License Online Check:-

Everyone who applies for a new driving licence or applies for the renewal wants to know the status. The authorities take about a month to process the application, post the licence, and deliver it to the registered address. If you cannot visit the RTO, then the question is how to check your driving licence status enquiry online. Let us look at the steps that need to be followed to do a driving license online check.

  • Visit the website, https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/applViewStatus.do
  • On the Home Page, select the state where the driving licence has been applied from
  • Once the state has been selected, the page is redirected to another page where there are many options
  • On the left side of this page, there is the option “Driving Licence”. You can expand the options under that and click on the tab which says “apply online”
  • From the options, choose “Application status”
  • After this, you will need to fill in the application number and date of birth 
  • Once this information is submitted, the driving licence status will be available on the screen

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Other Options to check DL status online:

If you want to know some other ways to check your driving licence status enquiry online read on. Apart from applying for a new licence, a driving licence status enquiry also needs to be done to clearing permanent driving licence test, application of a duplicate driving licence, application of renewal of driving licence, and application for application international driving licence.

  • Each state of the country has its transport department, and thus, the official website of the same is different. 
  • Once the right website of your state has been opened, click on the link, “Check the status of your driving licence”.
  • Enter the DL number, date of birth to get the details
  • You can also visit the Sarathi website, and under “National Register DL Queries”, there is an option of “Status of Licence”
  • The DL number and name of state needs to be entered here, and once this is submitted, the status is available online

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • You need to be patient as it takes up to a month to get a driving licence
  • Rules are being implemented regularly to expedite, and thus, doing a driving licence status enquiry helps. A learner’s licence is a must to apply for a driving licence. Without the former, no application for a DL is accepted
  • The date of expiry for the licence must be remembered, and an application for renewal must be submitted before that. Thus, it is necessary to keep a driving licence check.
  • A duplicate DL can be applied for if the licence is lost, damaged or torn

The driving licence status enquiry can be made after two weeks of applying for a driving licence. The website is easy to use, and with the internet, there is no hassle of visiting the office physically again and again to know the status. There is no problem to check the status as you now know how to check your driving licence status enquiry online.


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