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5 Interesting Facts About Google's Self-Driving Car | RenewBuy

Since 2009 Google has been working on its self-driving car project. It can be said that today, Google’s self-driving cars are arguably the best in the market. Here are some interesting facts about these self-driving cars launched by Google.

Battery powered and running on electricity

These cars run on electricity and are battery powered. Being 100 percent electric, it ensures that it is not polluting the environment. This fact makes it greener than any other car on the road. The small size of the car will further help in its green front. Moreover, the fact that it is electric ensures a very smooth ride, which is a classic feature of any electric car. Some are of the view that the aerodynamics of the car could have been much better, but it is supposed that such improvement will be on their way.

The cars are overly cautious

Being aware of the surroundings is a must for every driver. These cars are extremely careful, and they never accelerate all of a sudden as we usually tend to do. It is powered by sensors that can detect all kinds of objects. It is even capable of predicting the next move of these objects. For instance, when the car signal turns green, and the car is just about to go forward, it can sense an ambulance coming from the left and stop at once to allow the ambulance to drive through. One can say that it is a smart car. These cars also use a foam bumper and an adjustable windscreen. If the car bumps into something; minimum damage will be done as it can absorb shock energy. This means that if a person is hit inside or outside, they won’t be crushed. Another fact is that the car waits for 105 seconds after the light turns green as that is when maximum accidents happen.

Advanced navigation system

The navigation system used in the car is a class apart. It is not just your ordinary GPS and navigation system used. It has a LIDAR system that is mounted on the top of the car which takes a detailed 3D map of the surrounding. This system costs about $70,000. For its navigation system, the car uses a unit of radar, lasers, and cameras. This ensures your safety on the road and helps to avoid any accidents. The car can differentiate between a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a car, a traffic light, a sign, and even road construction.

Drive at 25kmph

Not having to pay attention to the road comes with the price of being driven at 25kmph. This speed limit will also mean that you will have to avoid some roads, but if this car is to be commercially produced, then certain changes will inevitably be made about its speed limitations and roads traversed.

Smiley face

One look at the car will make you think that it has a face that is smiling at you. This appearance has been given to make it look cute and also spiritually disarm other drivers.

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