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Avoiding Keyless Car Theft - Steps That Need to Be Taken

Avoiding Keyless Car Theft – Steps That Need to be Taken

Keyless car theft is a type of crime that is immensely growing these days. It is a theft where the thieves use some sort of devices to amplify the key signal and then take away your car. So, some necessary steps need to be taken to prevent this kind of car theft. Here are some steps that you need to take:

Lock Your Car Properly

You should properly lock the car like its doors and trunk to avoid this car theft. If the doors are not properly locked, then the thieves can use it to open the car.

Park Your car at a safer place

The car should be parked at a safer place to avoid this theft. It should be placed in a garage which can help to prevent this kind of theft.

Using a suitable signal blocking case

This is one of the most effective methods to prevent keyless car theft. You should have a suitable signal blocking case that blocks the signal from the key and so thieves cannot unlock your car.

Installing a CCTV camera

You can place a camera in the place where your car is being parked. This will help you keep your car safe. This technique is enough to prevent thieves from taking the car.

 Having a motor car insurance

This is one of the most important things that you should do before buying a car. It ensures the overall safety and prevents from any mishap.

In case of theft the vehicle is considered as total loss and insurer pays full IDV. So, this way the cars are more secure.

The car insurance is car protecting insurance policy. As there is so much rise in car theft numbers so insurance is necessary. The car insurance is also of different types. There are many cars found using this keyless technique. This theft takes only a few seconds. So, protecting the car against this theft is very important.

Advanced Techniques to Avoid Keyless Car Theft Turning the key off

This advanced technology helps to prevent thieves from amplifying the key's signal. You can switch off your car key when a car is not in use and switch it on again. This is an effective method to protect your car.

Having a car alarm

This is needed for extra protection, but it can be costly too. There are different types of alarm so if you have it installed it can help to prevent this kind of theft.

Using a GPS tracking

This is the most common method used today. If your car has been stolen, then you can detect your car location using this software. Some cars are fitted with this kind of tracking device.

Problems with keyless technology

This technology is not much used in the car market. Because all criminals try to find a keyless car and they use various programming methods to take it.

Types of keyless car theft

It is a type of theft in which the signal amplification is done on the key to unlock its doors. In this the wireless transmitters are being used.

Signal jamming

It jams the signal that locks the car. In this, if the owners press the lock button then the car is prevented from locking.  

Key programming

In this, the hacking software is being used by the thieves to unlock the doors and start the engine.

Keeping your car safely at home

It is very important to keep your keys safely. You should either keep it at a safer location in your home or in a tin container so as to block signals from the key.

Some of the many other things that you can do is checking for software updates so that the software can help you in protecting your car. There are so many technologies coming on that can help to prevent this keyless car theft.

So, you can see that how much technology is growing on so protecting your car is very important, you need to follow all the precautions to safeguard your car. The new technologies are coming to protect your car from these all thefts. The use of CCTV camera is very important and also new software is coming up to help to prevent these types of thefts. This means that you should be protective of your car from keyless car theft.

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