Car Insurance

Car insurance policy helps you cover losses that you might incur during accidents or during man-made or natural calamities. The government of India has made it mandatory to insure your car under the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. It gives you legal, financial and physical protection for your vehicle. The third party insurance in the policy covers the loss that you might cause to another person or property.


Following are the benefits of getting your car a comprehensive insurance plan: 

  1. It covers the loss or damage to your vehicle in case of accidents, theft or natural calamities.
  2. It covers the damage or loss that you might cause to a third party in terms of life or property.
  3. Some policies also cover you for personal accident.


Before deciding on which policy to buy, it will be good if you compare car insurance policies online. Many companies are selling online policies and making big claims. Online car insurance searches give you a fair idea of the different policies and deals on offer. Therefore, compare policies online and buy the best cover for yourself. RenewBuy can help you find the best car insurance online at the ease of just a few clicks.  We would suggest you keep in mind these features before buying four wheeler insurance.

  1. Zero depreciation and no. of claims admissible
  2. Road Side Assistance cover
  3. Need of Engine Protection cover
  4. Need of Key Protection cover
  5. Consumables Cover

While most of you might think getting your car insured can be a tedious task, one would be happy to know that it is too easy and quick with our modern day technology.  Buying a 4 wheeler insurance online is as easy as buying your favourite watch online.

 For your knowledge, the things not covered in policy are: 

  1. Ageing of the vehicle and wear and tear which happen gradually
  2. Any damage occurred after the policy has expired
  3. Damage caused by a person driving the vehicle without a valid license
  4. Damage caused when the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  5. Damage caused by not following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  6. Damage due to oil leakage or water ingression


As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is important for every car owner to have a valid car insurance policy associated with the vehicle. Not doing so not only leaves you vulnerable to hefty fines, but also removes the safety net you would have had in case your vehicle met with an unfortunate accident.


To prevent financial setback in car repairs and costly hospital bills to treat injury, it is a smart move to opt for four wheeler insurance and stay protected at all times. In today’s times, with increasing vehicle density, the chances of road accidents have shot up substantially. As such, a valid four wheeler insurance will keep you safe from monetary hassles and get your car and the third party car repaired without burning a hole in your pocket.


With sites like RenewBuy, the car insurance buying formality can be completed in a matter of minutes with a detailed view of car insurance plans. You can use the site to renew car insurance policy, or even compare car insurance online.


Eligibility/Documentation Required for Car Insurance

You need not follow a very lengthy checklist in case of documents required for car insurance. All you will need is the Registration Certificate (RC book) and previous insurance copy to fill up online proposal form..   


Steps/Process to buy Car Insurance Policy Online

RenewBuy’s easy to use website lets you:

1 – Compare different plans for car insurance online

2 – Access expert advice to facilitate your four wheeler insurance buying process

3 – Get lowest quotes on online car insurance premiums


Our site can be accessed from any place at any time and without any issues. You will be presented with a list of providers operating in your city. You can see the IDV quoted and the premium applicable on it for a yearly insurance coverage for your specific car model. A few steps as below and you can complete the entire insurance purchase process easily.

1 – Enter your city, car model, year of manufacture, fuel type, and registration period

2– Select whether you are going for a renewal or purchasing a new insurance

3– Now fill in the personal and contact details to allow insurance companies to view quotes

4 – Now you can begin the comparison process by filling in the above fields. You will be shown a list of different insurance companies along with the premium applicable, IDV, add-ons, and discounts (if any)


It is recommended to keep your car insurance documents ready so that you have the necessary information when filling up details online.

So what are you waiting for? Buy car insurance online and enjoy a hassle free drive always.


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