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Top 5 Best Maternity Insurance Plans In India

Motherhood is a precious gift, God gives to a woman. The whole journey of pregnancy is so thrilling as it is filled with excitement of giving birth to a new life. But with lots of happiness and…

Motherhood is a precious gift, God gives to a woman. The whole journey of pregnancy is so thrilling as it is filled with excitement of giving birth to a new life. But with lots of happiness and excitement, Maternity also brings a big reason to worry as you are not only bringing a new life in this world but also it is a big responsibility for parents to give a good and healthy life to their newborn.

We all know that maternity is very important phase of one’s life, so preparing yourself for life’s biggest achievement is equally significant. The responsibility of giving a healthy life to your child does not start only after the birth, but from the day you conceive. It includes long hospital bills whether it’s just a doctor’s consultation fees or medical tests or medicines or hospital stay at the time of delivery or the baby’s vaccination. For everything, you need money and to build a balance between your expenditure and finances you need a financial backup. To fulfill this gap, you need a well-constructed maternity insurance plan. With a maternity insurance plan, you need not to worry about hospital bills, and this way you can enjoy the happiest moments of your life without thinking of hospital expenses.

If you ask, about the best maternity plan, there is no such solely maternity insurance plan available in the market. There are few insurance companies which provides add-on covers along with the standard health insurance that covers maternity. This maternity insurance plan includes, the expenses incurred on the medical bills right from the consultation fees of doctor to the stay in hospital at the time of delivery.

To give extra benefit to their employees, some companies offer this add-on cover in addition to standard corporate insurance policy which covers maternity expenses limits up to Rs. 50,000. Let’s explore which insurance companies provide maternity insurance plan.

Star Health Wedding Gift Maternity Insurance Plan:

This plan covers all the expenses for pre-natal and post-natal as well as child birth expenses maximum of two deliveries. With a waiting period of 3 years, this plan gives a coverage of maximum 10 lakhs which covers normal and cesarean both and even the complications during or after the birth if any.

Apollo Munich Easy Health Insurance:

There are three different categories under this plan- Standard which is a normal health insurance plan with some benefits whereas Exclusive and Premium plans cover maternity and expenses of a new born from 1 to 90 days. The waiting period for this plan ranges from 36 to 48 months. It can be reduced to 24 months with some additional premium.

Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater Plan:

This is the one which provides maternity and new born expenses both in its all three sub-plans: Gold, Silver and Platinum. It also covers vaccination of newborn baby up to one year. This plan also gives a benefit of covering two deliveries with the waiting period of two years.

Royal Sundaram Total Health Plus

This total health plus plan is a complete insurance package which covers maternity hospitalization and any complications arising before or after delivery with a waiting period of three years. In this plan, you can avail benefits up to Rs 30,000 to 50,000 as a pregnancy hospitalization cost.

Religare Joy Health Insurance Plan

With the entry age of 18 years, this plan has two sum insured options of three lakhs and five lakhs for maternity expenses.  This plan covers pre-hospitalization expenses up to 30 days before delivery and post- hospitalization up to 60 days. The waiting period ranges from 9 months to 24 months. Like other maternity plans, this plan also provides new born baby coverage up to 50,000, depending upon the sum assured which includes expenses like vaccination, pre and post- natal expenses and medical termination expenses.

Maternity insurance plan gives you a financial support at the time of pregnancy as well as delivery. So, it is very important to choose a maternity plan wisely which offers full coverage to you as well as to your new born baby.

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