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Health Insurance for a Newborn Baby

A child in the house marks new beginnings for every parent. The moment you hold them in your arms is a feeling of ecstasy and joy. However, the first thing that comes to mind is to hold them safely.…

A child in the house marks new beginnings for every parent. The moment you hold them in your arms is a feeling of ecstasy and joy. However, the first thing that comes to mind is to hold them safely. So, taking care of them starts from the very first moment. But, taking care is not only limited to the physical aspect; it is also important to ensure the financial aspect related to it.

Health insurance should be your top concern when considering the infant's well-being. This is due to the unpredictability of medical emergencies, which can deplete your finances and leave you in debt. Investing in a comprehensive health insurance plan is the best course of action if you want to ensure your newborn child's health and that he or she is protected during any medical emergency.

Why is Health Insurance for Newborns Important?

Let us take a look at why newborn health insurance is so important.

  • Newborns get Sick a Lot: Children are more susceptible to illnesses than adults because they have a weaker immune system than them. Additionally, they have weak infection-fighting abilities. So, buying health insurance is quite essential.
  • Need for Medical Attention: Newborns get sick a lot, and with climate change, they are exposed to various diseases. So, buying comprehensive health insurance is a must to cover your children.
  • Standard Healthcare: With an adequate health plan, you can get quality healthcare facilities without worrying about the payment. You can also get cashless health insurance claims and proper medical care for your children at these network hospitals.

Best Newborn Health Insurance Plans

Rising medical costs in India have led to the country's popularity of newborn health insurance plans. Health insurance covers many services, such as hospitalisation for illness or injury, child vaccination, and clinical checkups.

Even though parenthood and the responsibilities that come with it can be overwhelming at times, having a comprehensive health insurance plan that has your back will make the journey much easier and smoother for you and your newborn baby.

Need for Newborn Health Insurance

For good health, newborns require extra care and attention, especially in the first few months. This additional care includes regular medical check-ups, medical treatments, and vaccinations.

Medical emergencies can occur anytime, and a newborn baby's immune system is weak, making them susceptible to illness. Thus, it is prudent to have health insurance coverage for a newborn baby to obtain the necessary medical treatment in times of need. A newborn baby health insurance plan ensures timely medical treatment and keeps the parents financially strong during difficult times.

Important Points to be Noted

  • Maternity insurance is useful for covering the newborn after birth, and it covers the necessary medical treatments and vaccinations.
  • Some insurance companies provide coverage for newborn children as an extension of family health insurance coverage at no cost, whereas others may charge a fee.
  • Newborns are covered by either a maternity health insurance plan or a family floater insurance plan.
  • Individual health insurance policies designed to cover a single person do not cover newborns.


The arrival of a newborn baby brings joy and happiness to your family, and it also increases the responsibility of the parents of the newborn. When you buy health insurance for a newborn baby, you opt for better medical facilities, hassle-free medical treatments, and a stable financial condition. Maternity health insurance is a good option for every parent and must be bought without delay.


Q. How to buy the best newborn child insurance?

A. You can go to the insurance company's official website, or you can visit RenewBuy to get suitable newborn insurance for your child.

Q. Does parents' health insurance cover newborns?

A. Not all health insurance policies cover newborns from the start. Furthermore, dependents are not covered under the Individual Health Insurance Plan. You must select either the Family Floater Plan or the Maternity Health Insurance Plan for newborn baby coverage.

Q. How to add a newborn’s name to a health insurance plan?

A. Contact the insurer to add a newborn baby's name to your existing health insurance policy.

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