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Dental Insurance in India - What’s Covered, What’s Not

There is no denying that a visit to the dentist can prove to be an expensive one. A regular and minor procedure can burn a hole in the pocket. And many put off going to the dentist and keep living…

There is no denying that a visit to the dentist can prove to be an expensive one. A regular and minor procedure can burn a hole in the pocket. And many put off going to the dentist and keep living with the problem either because it is too expensive or because their health insurance does not cover dental insurance.

Despite the expected prevalence of periodontal diseases and other oral issues, not many health insurance companies offer dental insurance to their customers. Even though these people avoid going to a dentist, as most of them do not realize the dangers of dental problems and infection, they are worried about the cost of dental treatment.

Why Do I Need Dental Insurance Coverage?

Even in most comprehensive health plans, dental disorders are hardly covered, making it relatively unaffordable to go for dental treatment. There is no denying that dental treatments can burn a big hole in your pocket.

Due to such high treatment costs, people realize the importance of dental insurance plans. But because dental insurance falls under the cosmetic treatment category so it is not available as standalone insurance and there are many insurers that do not cover it. So you need to pick a plan that allows dental insurance coverage.  Certain health insurers are including dental insurance in their health plans but these are subject to terms and conditions. Some plans only cover dental treatments undertaken due to an accident. So, it is crucial to read the policy document to understand the terms and conditions associated with the dental insurance included in the plan as the benefits vary from insurer to insurer. But the inclusion of dental insurance in certain health insurance plans has helped a lot of people in dealing with the heavyweight of dental treatment.

Benefits of Dental Insurance: 

Sadly, most Indians do not realize the importance of dental hygiene. The concept of a dental insurance plan is still unknown to many. Dental treatments are one of the most common exclusions in health insurance plans. However, with dental insurance, it becomes easy to deal with the freight of dental treatment. Your dental insurance plan would be designed to cover the medical costs you incur on the dental treatments that you need to undergo.

If you are still contemplating the importance of having dental insurance coverage in your health plan, look at the benefits of having dental insurance:

  • Covers Medical Expenses: Most Indians, children and adults alike, suffer minor to severe dental issues. Many avoid going to the dentist just because of the expensive treatments. Having an appropriate health insurance plan would cover the expenses that you may have to incur on your and your family's dental treatment. The coverage does not cover cosmetic dentistry.
  • Preventive Benefits: When you get regular dental check-ups, there is a much higher chance of identification of serious issues. An unnoticed or untreated decay can lead to a significant problem and thus make a big hole in your pocket. Most plans cover preventive oral care, which can save you from a significant expense.
  • OPD Treatments: Most dental treatments are done in OPD, which is under the Daycare facility.  Depending on your plan option, you can get a cashless or a reimbursement claim on your expenses.
  • Network of Hospitals: Most well-established health insurance companies offer a massive network of hospitals for treatment. These network hospitals work with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and offer you the best available treatment.
  • Dental Health is Important for Overall Health: It is often said that when you have a toothache, even the sweetest things on earth will hurt. There is a strong relationship between dental health and overall health. An oral problem can lead to a lot of other medical conditions. Heart conditions and diabetes can get worsened with dental issues.

Dental Insurance Coverage:

Your plan may include general oral care treatments, preventive methods, and other required treatments. Depending on the dental insurance coverage offered by your insurance company, you can get a cover for:

  1. Routine examinations
  2. Tooth Fillings
  3. Tooth Extractions
  4. Oral Cyst and Infections
  5. Dental Injury
  6. Gum Diseases
  7. Root Canal Procedures
  8. Follow-Up Treatments
  9. Dental X-Rays

It is also possible that the primary health plan does not include dentures, alignment of the jaw, implants, or other cosmetic treatments unless required after an accidental injury.

Things to Remember when buying Dental Insurance:

Are you going to buy Dental Health Insurance? Before buying Dental Insurance, make sure you keep the following points in mind:

  • Look out for health plans that offer maximum coverage in dental treatment
  • Make sure that you compare the price and the benefits that different companies are offering
  • Go through all the covers offered by the company, make sure to go over the exclusions. In case of any query or concern, reach out to the customer care or your insurance agent
  • Health Insurance companies keep updating their network of hospitals, keep a check on such network hospitals that come in your vicinity

Keeping the points critical factors in mind will help you make an informed decision and choose an appropriate plan.


Over the past few years, there has been a massive change in the eating habits of Indians, especially the younger generations. Consumption of junk food, chocolates, candies, and tobacco products has further added to issues of dental disorders. While basic oral hygiene can go a long way, it is imperative that one also explores dental insurance in India. If you do not wish dental treatments to brush away your savings, invest in a health plan covering these expenses. Remember, better teeth, better health.


1. How can I buy dental insurance for myself?
In India, if you want dental insurance coverage, there is no standalone dental insurance plan. However, you can opt for Dental Insurance Coverage which is a part of your Health Insurance Plan. There are specific health plans that offer a cover for dental healthcare as well.

2. What are Preventive Health Plans?
In preventive health care plans, regular check-ups are taken care of. If your policy allows, a dentist's consultation, including an oral check-up, can be covered.

3. Does my regular health insurance plan cover dental insurance?
Most health insurance companies offer built-in coverage for dental insurance in health plans that have a high sum insured. If dental treatment is required after an accidental injury, your health plan would surely cover the cost of treatment. It is recommended that you contact your health insurance company and seek the required plan details.

4. Can you buy dental insurance in India?
Yes! Dental insurance in India can provide you with financial support if you need medical treatment for dental issues. It is a component of health insurance but does not constitute standard coverage.

5. What is stand-alone dental insurance?
It is a type of dental plan that is available through the marketplace but is not a part of a health plan. If the health insurance you select doesn't cover dental care or if you want a different dental plan, you need to buy stand-alone dental insurance.

6. What is the upper and lower age limit to avail of Dental Insurance?
Adults must be 18 - 65 years old to purchase dental insurance.

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