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Read Before Approaching to The Cashless Network Hospital In India

Read Before Approaching To The Cashless Network Hospital In India Cashless health insurance come as a relief to the people during stressful situations when arranging a huge sum of money within a…

Read Before Approaching To The Cashless Network Hospital In India

Cashless health insurance come as a relief to the people during stressful situations when arranging a huge sum of money within a brief period of time, seems potentially impossible. During an unfortunate accident or a medical emergency, the health of the patient becomes the primary concern. However, for most of us, the exaggerated hospital bills and unaffordable medicinal receipts often become a reason of stress. In such situations, cashless mediclaim can turn out to be the best resort. If a person avails cashless mediclaim policy, the hospital settles the bills and the expense of the treatment directly with the insurer in case the policyholder is in requirement of any kind of medical assistance. Even if it is a minor injury, the patient can easily claim the policy benefits from the insuring company without any hassle. However, cashless insurance can provide relaxation only up to the amount assured to the policyholder. Also, the policyholder can only seek treatment from the cashless hospitals or nursing homes listed in the network hospital list of the insurer.

Different Types of Cashless Health Insurance

The benefits of cashless mediclaim depend on the type of policy availed. There are various types of cashless medical insurances available online, which are provided by different policy insurers.

  • Cashless Mediclaim For the Aged: Senior citizens or aged individuals mostly suffer from a number of diseases after a certain age. Policies for such individuals are also not approved by many companies because of the higher frequency and probability of treatment required and the lesser profit earned by them.  However, several reputed policy companies offer lucrative deals which suit the needs of the aged although the premium for such plans are usually on the higher side.
  • Cashless Health Insurance for The Family: It is quite impractical to think that only the policyholder will require an emergency treatment or medical help. In most cases, the policyholders prefer securing the health and life of their families. Hence, there are several cashless health insurance plans offered by insurers which secure the medical benefits for the family members of the policyholder.
  • Cashless Mediclaim For the Policyholder: Mediclaims for individuals are very common and easily available. Such cashless insurances provide complete relaxation in the hospital bills of the policyholder only and not the members of the family.

Benefits of Cashless Mediclaim Policy

Due to the list of benefits offered by a cashless medical insurance in general, policyholders often prefer choosing it over regular health insurance policies. However, the facilities provided by the insurance policy hugely differ from company to company. Besides, the terms and conditions are also subject to change and modification as per the company rules.

  • Cashless health insurance plans can be exercised in any of the listed hospitals or nursing homes all across the country. No matter how far you are from home, you can easily avail treatment and medical benefits without paying anything to the hospital directly. All you need to do is produce the ID card and the medical card for quick verification and authentication.
  • The amount required for paying the hospital bills is directly settled by the insurance company during the time of treatment. This means the patient can pay complete attention to his/her health without stressing over the finances.
  • The policyholder can submit the documents related to the treatment, medicine receipts, hospital bills, residential charges, etc., for reimbursement purposes. The amount, post-verification, is transferred by the insurer to the bank account of the policyholder.
  • A cashless mediclaim policy comes with a No Claim Bonus or NCB facility. This means if the policyholder does not claim the policy benefits within the term of insurance, he/she will get a certain amount of additional sum insured as a bonus during the renewal of the existing policy. The percentage of increase depends on the terms of the policy.
  • Besides major diseases like cancer, congenital heart diseases, etc., the cashless mediclaim insurance can be also be claimed for minor injuries, fractures, other acute treatments etc.
  • The cashless health insurance covers all the expenses from ambulance charges to regular tests. This means, the policyholder can also avail annual tests or check-up without worrying about paying the bills.


Cashless health insurance provides some of the most hassle-free modes of treatment which are primarily beneficial to the people at large. The patient does not need to worry about the finances and the documents during emergencies. Cashless mediclaim offer post-treatment care as well. However, the expense shall only be covered until the assured sum is exhausted.

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