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Health Insurance Protection Against Risks Related to Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the world's most significant health risks today, especially in India. According to a Lancet report, air pollution was a factor in 12.5% of deaths in India, a number that…

Air pollution is one of the world's most significant health risks today, especially in India. According to a Lancet report, air pollution was a factor in 12.5% of deaths in India, a number that cannot be ignored. It has been reported that around 63 Indian cities have poor air quality in the 100 most polluted places on Earth.

A medical emergency could occur anytime in this situation, where numerous health risks surround us. Also, medical costs are rising in the country at the speed of light. So, it is essential to have a health policy that covers it.

Air Pollution Statistics

The fact that will blow your mind is that air pollution is India's second largest health threat after malnutrition. Children exposed to poor air quality are more likely to develop chronic diseases later in life and have impaired brain development and cognitive abilities. In addition, if the healthcare system is expensive, who will bear the burden of health risks in the lives of our citizens? A comprehensive health plan is key to this issue.

Health Hazards Due to Air Pollution

High levels of air pollution can have several adverse health effects. Lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory infections are all at increased risk because of it. Air pollution exposure, both short-term and long-term, has been linked to adverse health effects. People who are already ill are subject to more severe effects. The elderly, children and those in poverty are more vulnerable.

Importance of Health Insurance

Having a health plan is a must. Given below are some reasons to buy health insurance plans in India:

  • Lifestyle Changes: A health insurance plan not only aids in the early diagnosis of these conditions but also assists in securing financial security for the associated medical expenses.
  • Security: a family member in distress is not a good thing to see. A health policy that covers family members is important, and it eliminates the hassle of purchasing separate health insurance policies for each person.
  • Secured Savings: Health insurance prevents your savings from depleting due to medical expenses. Because medical emergencies can happen at any time, quality control can be costly, given the rising cost of healthcare.
  • Quality Treatment: Most medical insurance plans offer cashless services, allowing you to avoid paying for hospital bills out of pocket. The insurance company pays the hospital directly for the services rendered.
  • Cashless Treatment: you can also get cashless treatment at any of the network hospitals of your choice. The service is exquisite and allows you to avail of medical treatment without any hiatus.

What can People do to Protect Themselves?

Fighting against air pollution is an uphill task, and it is a challenge. However, you can opt for health coverage with several features to protect you in case you get diseases due to air pollution. And buying health insurance plans is easier than ever. You can search the internet and select the best health insurance plan that is perfect for you. Your health insurance plan should only be based on your needs and offer you the broadest possible coverage. Your ability to benefit from a medical insurance policy depends on how carefully you pick your plan.



Q. How can I buy a comprehensive health plan?

A. You can visit the official website or RenewBuy to get your preferred medical plan. Buying online is the easiest and hassle-free process.

Q. Are pollution-related diseases covered in health insurance?

A. You will have to check the coverage of your health plan. Different plans have different coverage options, so checking your health policy documents is wise.

Q. I live in a polluted city; should I buy health insurance?

A. If you live in a polluted city, you need to buy a comprehensive health plan because the chances of getting caught by diseases are very high.

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