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Family Health Insurance Plans For Expecting Parents

Health insurance offers many benefits. However, when it comes to maternity expenses, many health plans fail to deliver. This is mainly because people wait too long to buy a maternity cover. The maternity expenses are commonly covered after a pre-defined waiting period. This waiting period may be for a few months or a few years, depending on the plan you purchase. If you plan to start a family in a few years’ time, it would be wise for you to know how to choose the best family health insurance plans for expecting parents in India with maternity coverage

Benefits of family health insurance plans for expecting parents

Many family health insurance plans offer the medical covers, albeit after a waiting period and mostly upto 2 deliveries. Some of the benefits you get under these plans include:

  • Childbirth expenses: Whether you have a caesarean section operation or a normal delivery, your childbirth expenses will be covered under the family health insurance plan for expecting parents upto certain pre-defined limits. You can use the claim money to clear the hospital bills. This will make it possible for you to afford the best hospital to have your child in.

  • New-born expenses: A maternity plan usually has provisions for the medical expenses of the new-born child. The nursery charges, initial medicine and vaccination charges all are covered under the plan. In other words, all the healthcare your baby receives in the hospital right after birth is covered under such a health insurance plan.

  • Extended new-born expenses: Some of the maternity health insurance plans also cover all the health expenses of the new-born baby till the age of three months. So, the vaccination charges are covered, as well as any emergency medical expenses that may occur in that period of time are included. Also, some plans offer coverage in the unfortunate event that the baby is diagnosed with birth defects like Down’s syndrome or Cerebral Palsy.

  • Pre and post-natal care: As an expectant mother, you will need to make many trips to the hospital. The maternity health insurance plans cover these expenses. The medical bills that you run up as a new mother post-delivery are also paid off if you have a good maternity insurance cover.

These are some of the advantages that you get when you decide to buy a maternity plan. Look for a maternity cover under your family health insurance plan if you want to expand your family in the near future or look for a standalone maternity cover.

Most Useful Features of the Best Family Health Insurance Plans for Expecting Parents in India

Now that you know exactly how beneficial these plans are, let us quickly glance over a few of their useful features:

  • Coverage up to a high age: Most plans offer maternity benefits upto the age of 45 years.. So, keep an eye on the maximum permissible age when buying the plan. Equate it with your own plans and then make an appropriate choice. Not every plan has the same age clause, so check this carefully before you make a purchase.
  • Waiting period: Like mentioned above, every maternity cover has a waiting period. In most cases, you will find a waiting period of about two or three years. Some plans, however, do offer a waiting period of just about nine months. Ideally, though you must buy your maternity plan in advance and have your maternity expenses covered sufficiently.
  • Legal termination of pregnancy: If for some unfortunate reason you have to terminate your pregnancy, you will be offered a financial compensation by the maternity plan insurance provider. The termination, however, must be legal and allowed by your doctor.

These are some very handy features of the family health insurance plans that offer a maternity cover, as well as the separate maternity policies.

In conclusion

Most people dream of starting a family someday. If you too looking forward to welcoming your own bundle of joy and want the very best for him/her as well as for yourself, invest in a good maternity insurance cover. Think ahead when you buy your family health insurance plan as someday you will definitely need the cover. You can offer the best healthcare to yourself as well as to your child by choosing the best family health insurance plans for expecting parents in India. Be healthy in your thinking and pave the way for a healthy and happy arrival of your child.

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