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Can Car Insurance be Purchased Without Driving Licence

A car insurance policy is a type of insurance plan that covers any damages to your car in case of an unfortunate event. Here, the car insurance company will lower your financial burden. Car insurance…

A car insurance policy is a type of insurance plan that covers any damages to your car in case of an unfortunate event. Here, the car insurance company will lower your financial burden. Car insurance has different types, but per the Government of India, it is mandatory to have third-party insurance to ride a vehicle on the road. But, the main question is, can you buy vehicle insurance without a permanent driving license? Usually, in the document section of the car insurance policy, it is mentioned that the policyholder must hold a permanent driving license to buy the plan. However, even if you do not have a driver's licence, you may still obtain the necessary coverage.

Reasons to Buy Car Insurance Without a Driver’s License

According to lawmakers, not having a driver’s license and driving on the road is a criminal act. But what if you do not own a driving license and have a car? You still need to buy vehicle insurance to avoid another offence. For example, you may require coverage for your vehicle if:

  • The driver is not the owner, and a professional driver or chauffeur is driving the vehicle.
  • The owner purchases a vehicle for a family member or friend who will be the primary driver.
  • The owner holds a learner's permit and plans to obtain a driver's licence shortly.
  • The vehicle is a vintage car. For this purpose, certain insurance companies provide specific classic motor insurance.

These are instances where motor insurance is required even if you are not driving. Without automobile insurance, you risk paying for damages or repairs involved with an accident out of pocket, including harm to others.

How to Get Car Insurance Without a Driver’s License?

Every vehicle must be insured, and every driver must have a driver's licence. However, under the conditions mentioned above, the owner may get motor insurance without submitting their driver's licence.

  • Find Another Driver: The easiest option is to name someone else as the primary or significant driver on the policy. That individual must possess a valid driver's licence or learner's permit to drive the vehicle on the road. By listing another driver, you are telling the motor insurance company that you are not violating the law.
  • Exclude yourself as a Driver: If the insurance company still refuses to cover you, even after you've nominated someone else as the principal driver, you have another option for obtaining cheap car insurance: You can request to be included on the insurance as an excluded driver. One thing to note is that if you select someone else as a primary driver, the driver's history must be clean to get the best car insurance for yourself.
  • Get a Parked Car Policy: A "parked car" or "storage" policy is another option for receiving car insurance without a driver's licence. This coverage protects your vehicle against damage that may occur while parked and assuming it is not operated. If you receive this coverage, a motor insurance company may be less worried if you don't have a driver's licence. It may also be cheaper; thus, you will get cheap car insurance online, including liability and collision coverage.

What if my License is Suspended?

You cannot drive on the road without a valid driving licence, but you can buy a car insurance plan. All you need to do is to reinstate the car insurance plan. The transportation department or authorities decide to revoke the suspension, and you must contact the appropriate Regional Transport Office (RTO) to discover how to have your suspended DL revoked.

Can I Claim Car Insurance Without a Driving License?

Now that you know how to buy the best car insurance without a driving license, are you eligible to apply for a claim without a valid driving license? Though a driver's licence is not necessary to get vehicle insurance, it is one of the most critical documents to file a claim, especially if you are doing so after an accident. It should be noted that it cannot be simply any driver's licence, and it must have belonged to the car's driver during the collision. If the claim is granted, the money covered is placed exclusively into the policyholder's account.

You will also need to send the RC to establish car ownership, a copy of the policy to see whether it is active and what it covers, the claim form and the date and reason for the vehicle's loss. In the event of an accident, extra information such as a first information report for injuries or death, as well as receipts and repair costs, will be requested.


Obtaining auto insurance without a driver's licence might be more difficult, but it is not impossible. When looking for car insurance online, be prepared to provide someone else's name as the primary driver. Compare car insurance online costs from several insurers.


Question: - Can you get motor insurance if your licence is suspended?

Answer: - If the transportation department or authorities decide to lift the suspension, you must contact the appropriate Regional Transport Office (RTO) to find out how to get your suspended DL reinstated.

Question: - Should I buy motor insurance online if I do not have a valid driving license?

Answer: - Yes, even if you don't have a valid driver's licence, you must insure any car you own that will be driven. In practically every state, this is a legal necessity, as per the government of India.

Question: - How to buy a car without a driving license?

Answer: - The most straightforward approach to acquiring a car without a licence is bringing a licenced driver. This way, you'll have someone to drive the vehicle away after you've purchased it. Be prepared to produce proof of legitimate auto insurance before the transaction, especially if you're buying from a dealership.

Question: - Can I claim Comprehensive car insurance coverage if I have a temporary RC?

Answer: - Yes, subject to the required documentation and conditions and by the insurance company.

Question: - Can I get a duplicate copy of my car insurance plan?

Answer: - You can get a duplicate copy of your 4-wheeler car insurance policy from the insurer’s website. You must log in with your details and fill in the required information.

Question: - Can I register my car without a driving license with the car insurance company?

Answer: - Yes, you may purchase, register, and insure a vehicle. However, the DL is required when filing a claim after an unfortunate event. The motor insurance company demands the driver's licence before reviewing and approving the claim.

Question: - Is there any penalty for driving on the road without a driving license?

Answer: - The Ministry of Transport has increased the penalty for driving a car without a licence from INR 5,000 in Delhi. This may differ between states, so double-check.

Question: - How can I check the status of my driving license?

Answer: - The government has created Parivahan, a platform that provides transportation-related services. The DL Status is one of them. You may check the status of your DL by visiting the Parivhan online portal and entering the license holder's DL number and date of birth.

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