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Odisha is a state located in the north-eastern part of India. This State is geographically bounded within the State of Jharkhand, West-Bengal (to north and northeast respectively), the Bay of Bengal…

Odisha is a state located in the north-eastern part of India. This State is geographically bounded within the State of Jharkhand, West-Bengal (to north and northeast respectively), the Bay of Bengal to the east, and Andhra Pradesh's states, Telangana, and Chhattisgarh (to the south and west respectively). Bhubaneswar is the biggest city and capital of Odisha. The city is also the biggest commercial centre in the State. Bhubaneswar is famous for its historical monuments, temples, and rich heritage. The city is also called the 'City of Temples' as it showcases the rich cultural heritage and is referred to as the 'Smart City of India' due to incredible economic progress and fast-paced industrialization. Due to all rapid development, the city has seen an upsurge in road development, and road transport has led to establishing a Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Bhubaneswar.

The Regional Transport Office of Bhubaneswar is established under the jurisdiction of Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. All the local RTO offices in Bhubaneswar offer services related to granting of Driving License (DL) that includes both Learner's License (LL) and an International Driving Permit (IDP) for both private vehicles and commercial vehicles registered within the city's jurisdiction.

Roles and Responsibilities of RTO Bhubaneswar Office:

The Regional Transport Office of Bhubaneswar is equipped to offer holistic services related to vehicles, both private and commercial. The following are the main functions carried out by RTO Office in Bhubaneswar:

  • Issuance of Registration Certificate (RC):
    One of the most important roles of RTO Bhubaneswar is to issue Registration Certificates to new vehicles, both privately owned or commercial vehicles. The RCs can be issued for vehicles that shall be running within the jurisdiction of the city. The RTO not only issues RCs for new vehicles but is also responsible for the renewal of expired RC or renewal in case of any alteration to an existing RC.
  • Transfer of Ownership:
    In case of transfer of vehicle ownership, the Bhubaneswar RTO is responsible for facilitating this service. Under this process, the Bhubaneswar RTO transfers the vehicle ownership from the existing owner to the new vehicle owner's name.
  • Issuance of Duplicate Registration Certificate:
    In case of loss or damage to the existing Registration Certificate, you can visit the nearest Bhubaneswar RTO to obtain a duplicate Registration Certificate.
  • Alteration services:
    If you need to change or update your existing RC address, you can avail of this service from RTO Bhubaneswar by paying the required fees and documents.
  • No Objection Certificate:
    No Objection Certificate is required when you plan to move from Bhubaneswar and reside in a different city. In such cases, you need to avail No Objection Certificate from the Bhubaneswar RTO so that you can easily register your vehicle under the new city RTO.
  • Trade Certificates:
    Trade Certificates are mandatory for car dealers. The Bhubaneswar RTO issues Trade Certificates to car dealers for new unsold vehicles. Similarly, in case of loss or damage of trade certificate, the RTO Bhubaneswar facilitates the issuance of duplicate trade certificate to the car dealer.
  • Vehicle Fitness Certificate:
    Vehicle Fitness Certificate shows the road-worthiness of any private or commercial vehicle. Bhubaneswar RTO issues as well as renew Vehicle Fitness Certificate on your demand.
  • Hypothecation Services:
    When a vehicle is purchased on the lease or hire purchase or is purchased out of a bank loan, then in such cases, the endorsement of hypothecation of such vehicles in the name of the bank is done by Bhubaneswar RTO.
  • Granting of Permits:
    Permits are required by commercial vehicles engaging in the transportation of goods and passenger services. Bhubaneswar RTO is responsible for granting relevant permits to the vehicles. The RTO of Bhubaneswar issues both types of permits, i.e., National Permit or Local Permit.
  • Road Tax Collection:
    Every vehicle running in the jurisdiction of RTO has to pay road tax. Payment of road tax is mandatory if you want to drive a car or ride a two-wheeler on a public road. Therefore, one of the key responsibilities of RTO Bhubaneswar is to collect road tax.
  • Conducting Driving Tests:
    To avail Learner's License or permanent Driving License, it is mandatory to clear a preliminary driving test. Once you pass the driving test conducted by the Bhubaneswar RTO, the motor vehicle inspector in-charge of granting the license shall issue a Driving Licence in your name.
  • Issuance of Learner’s Licence and/or Driving Licence:
    Learner's Licence and Driving License is a mandatory document required while driving or riding a vehicle in India. However, to obtain it, you have to approach the designated RTO and apply for it. The process to avail of a Driving Licence at Bhubaneswar RTO is to first apply for Learner's License, obtain Learner's License, clear the driving exam conducted by Bhubaneswar RTO Office and then obtain a permanent Driving License.

Bhubaneswar RTO Office Contact Number and Address:

RTO Code & Name Details
RTO Code OD - 02
RTO Address Regional Transport Office (RTO) Bhubaneswar, Odisha – 751022
Contact Number +91-674-2540904
Timings 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM


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Types of vehicle registration at RTO office Bhubaneswar:

The Bhubaneswar RTO offers vehicle registration services of the following types of vehicles:

  • Temporary Registration: As the name suggests, temporary registration is available for one month and is provided when buying a new vehicle.
  • Permanent Registration: Before the expiry of temporary registration, the vehicle owner must apply for permanent registration as it is mandatory.

With the rise of cars and bikes in Odisha, the need for vehicle insurance plans has also grown manifolds. It is mandatory to have a valid vehicle insurance policy in India to ply the vehicle on Indian roads. If you wish to drive your car or ride your bike in Odisha, you need to have a valid car or a bike insurance policy for the same.

A motor insurance plan is a complete protection for the vehicle from all aspects arising from any accidents on the road. There are primarily two types of vehicle insurance plans in India, namely:

1) Third Party Only Insurance Plans:
The Government mandates this type of vehicle insurance plan. If you damage a third party property, vehicle, or person, your legal liabilities would be covered by this insurance plan.
However, this type of plan does not cover any damages to your vehicle. It covers third-party damages only. You need to opt for a minimum of 3 or 5 years of third-party coverage for a new car or bike. This has been made mandatory by the Government of India for the purchase of new vehicles.

2) Comprehensive motor insurance plans:
This type of plan offers third-party coverage and own damage coverage for any damages to your car or bike.

3) Personal Accident coverage:
You can choose to opt for an additional personal accident cover for owner-driver and driver along with third-party motor insurance plans or comprehensive car or bike insurance plans.

4) Add-ons:
You can also choose to pay an additional premium for enhanced coverage for add-on coverage benefits like zero depreciation coverage, no claim protection, return to invoice, key replacement cover, roadside assistance, etc. However, the additional benefits vary from plan to plan.

So, when you choose a motor insurance plan, you need to weigh the pros and cons of all the policies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Check the optimal coverage, add-on benefits, cashless garage options, claim settlement process, etc., and then choose after careful comparison and consideration.


1) At what age can I apply for a RTO Bhubaneswar driving license?

In India, applying for a permanent driving license is mandatory to first apply for a learner's license. For applying for a learner's license, you must have completed 16 years of age (last birthday). After obtaining a learner's license the vehicle owner has to clear the driving test conducted by Bhubaneswar RTO. On clearing the driving test, a permanent Driving License shall be issued after completing 18 years of age.

2) Can I apply for RTO Bhubaneswar Driving License through an Online web portal?

Yes, Bhubaneswar RTO allows vehicle owners to apply for Learner's License and Driving License through an online web portal. The entire process is easy and hassle-free. 

3) How can I get my address changed in my RC book in Bhubaneswar?

Yes, you can get your address changed in your existing RC book by approaching RTO Bhubaneswar. For getting your address changed or updated, you are required to submit the relevant required documents along with prescribed fees.

4) I lost my Vehicle Registration Certificate can I get a duplicate RC?

Yes, you can apply for duplicate RC to Bhubaneswar RTO by paying required fees and by submitting relevant documents like Policy Report stating the loss of original RC, PUC, insurance document, Address Proof, No Objection Certificate issued by the financer.   

5) Can I get my vehicle re-registered in Bhubaneswar RTO?

Re-registration in Bhubaneswar RTO is possible in case if you have relocated to Bhubaneswar. In such a scenario, approach RTO Office Bhubaneswar and all the required relevant documents and submit them along with the relevant form plus prescribed fees.  By completing all the required formalities like payment of Odisha State Road Tax, NOC from the previous State, etc., you shall receive a vehicle re-registration certificate from the Bhubaneswar RTO.

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