Book My HSRP Online: High Security Number Plate Application Process, Price, and Details

High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) for Vehicles: An Overview A few years back, vehicle owners were free to carry fancy vehicle numbers and customized number plates as per their color, font, and…

High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) for Vehicles: An Overview

A few years back, vehicle owners were free to carry fancy vehicle numbers and customized number plates as per their color, font, and language preferences. These different number plates were difficult to identify by the RTO officials and tough to track in case of any irregular activity. To enhance transparency and singularity in the number plate system, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) amended the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and introduced HSRP in 2005. After the amendment, having an HSRP number plate for old and new vehicles and a color coded sticker became mandatory from 1 April 2019. 

Vehicles sold after April 2019 will receive high security number plate (HSRP) from the dealer’s end. The key goal of these HSRP number plates is to identify any illegal activity related to vehicles. The government applies heavy penalties if you are caught driving a vehicle without a high security number plate. Reading this article will help you learn about HSRP meaning, significance, prices, status of HSRP, and every relevant detail. 

What is an HSRP Number Plate?

The HSRP meaning is high security registration plate. The HSRP number plates are made up of aluminium sheets with a laser identification system and laminated with the reflected sheet. The high security number plate is attached to the vehicle using at least two non-usable snap-on locks. To remove the HSRP number plate, one needs to break the lock, prohibiting the re-use of the plate. The only way to install the number plate is to issue a new one after removing the previous one. 

Key Elements of HSRP Number Plate

All the HSRP number plates issued by the different RTO offices have the same font size and dimension. Also, these high-security number plates are electronically linked to the vehicles, so re-use is impossible. The key elements of HSRP number plates are

  • A chromium-based hot-stamped Ashoka Chakra hologram in blue color to avoid forged incidents. This hologram measures 20 mm in length and 20 mm in width, located on the upper left corner of the plate. 
  • A unique 10-digit Permanent Identification Number (PIN) is engraved through the laser technology on the lower left corner of the HSRP plate. 
  • The first two alphabets of the registration number reflect the State code, the following two digits denote the district code DTO or the dedicated RTO and a unique alpha-numeric identification number (unique registration number of the vehicle) coated with a sheet written INDIA at 45-degree angle. 
  • The International Registration Identification Code “IND” is branded below the Ashok Chakra holo gram for national identity and standardisation. 

What are Color Coded Stickers?

In addition to the HSRP number plate, a color coded sticker is required on the windscreen of the vehicle. These color coded stickers identify the fuel type and Bharat stage of the vehicle. The nominal cost for buying a color coded sticker is Rs. 100, that can be purchased with the HSRP or separately anytime. The third registration plate color coded sticker contains the following information

  • Registration number
  • Registering authority
  • Date of first registration 
  • Laser-branded permanent identity number

The color coded stickers on the vehicles are defined as

Color Code

Bharat Stage Vehicle

Fuel Type

Light blue


Petrol and CNG vehicles 



Diesel vehicles



Other vehicles

Light blue with green strip


Petrol and CNG vehicles

Orange with green strip


Diesel vehicles

Grey with green strip


Other vehicles

Why is it Mandatory to Have an HSRP?

The rising vehicle-related crimes and theft made it difficult for the Indian government to recognize and track vehicles if the number plate was replaced or tampered with. Moreover, the old registration number plates were made of number stickers, which were easy to manipulate. The key objective of mandating a high security registration plate (HSRP) was to make it easy to track a stolen vehicle using the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology-enabled CCTV installed. Also, many vehicle owners were using customized/ fancy number plates, which were difficult to track in case of any mishap. 

After using high security number plate (HSRP), all the vehicle data is digitized and easily tracked by the Indian transport department or local RTO authorities, which helps the government to minimize the forges. The color coded stickers help the officers identify the vehicle fuel type and years of vehicle usage, easing the traffic police to identify which vehicle is old or outdated and can no longer be used on the road.

Who Needs to Install HSRP Number Plate? 

As per the regulation mandated by MoRTH, every old or new vehicle is required to have an HSRP number plate. The vehicle purchased after April 2019 already has the high security number plate HSRP installed. The vehicle owners can replace the old vehicle registration plate with the new high secured one to avoid any legal complications. So, the people who bought the vehicles before April 2019 need to replace their vehicle number plates with HSRP number plates. 

Benefits of HSRP

All vehicle owners need to understand the HSRP meaning and its significance to avoid any legal restrictions while driving in India. The brief discussion of HSRP benefits mentioned below will give you a better understanding of why the Indian government has made it mandatory to have HSRP number plate.

Standardization: The unique construction of the HSRP number plate helps maintain the uniformity of the vehicle number plates across the nation.

Minimise Vehicle-Related Crimes: The high security feature of the HSRP number plate restricts criminals from removing or duplicating the vehicle number plates and reduces the possibility of illegal or fake activities. The unique manufacturing of the HSRP plates makes it easier to identify the authorities of anything unusual.  

Easy Tracking: The HSRP can be easily tracked through the Laser Identification Recognition System. The HSRP contains a unique identification code that can be read by the ANPR enabled cameras installed on the roads, enhancing transparency and allowing the RTO authorities to track the vehicles easily and investigate the crimes. 

Digitization of Data: All the HSRP number plates are electronically designed and contain vehicle information. These databases allow the RTO to access the vehicle information such as chassis and engine number, owner information, and other vital information.

Authorized Installation: The authorized vehicle dealers and vendors only have the authority to allot the HSRP vehicle number plate. To distribute the HSRP number plate, the vehicle dealer needs to provide vehicle details like chassis number, vehicle number, registration number, PUC certificate, etc.

Readable Font and Unique Style: Before HSRP, vehicle owners used to tamper with the number plates using their choice of colour, font, and stylish names, making it difficult to read the registration number and identify the vehicles. The HSRP contains the same font and style, making it easy for the RTO personnel to read and identify the vehicle.

List of States Where You Can Apply for the Online HSRP Application Process

Not every state has the online facility of ‘Book My HSRP’ to avail of the high security number plate. For different states, different portals work where you can apply for HSRP booking online.


Website to Visit


Book My HSRP


Link Utsav


Maharashtra Transport Department


Karnataka Transport Department


Link Auto Tech


Book My HSRP

HSRP Booking Process Online

The online application services for HSRP are available at Book My HSRP portal, where you can apply for an HSRP number plate. However, vehicle owners in other states where the online application is unavailable must visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) or reach an authorised vehicle dealer where HSRP number plates are provided. 

To book the HSRP online in India, you can follow these steps

Step 1: Official Website: Browse the official website of ‘Book My HSRP’.

Step 2: Booking Details: Provide the required vehicle booking details like vehicle registration state, registration number, chassis number, and engine number. Enter the captcha to submit the information.

Step 3: Book Appointment Slot: Choose the nearest number plate installation centre around you and book your appointment at a suitable date and time.

Step 4: Verify Details & Payment: You get the booking summary of the “Book My HSRP” regarding the HSRP of your vehicle. Verify all the details and make the required payment. 

Step 5: Download the Receipt: Upon the successful payment, you get the payment receipt in PDF format. Once the high security number plate (HSRP) is ready, you will get a notification on your registered contact details. 

Home installation of HSRP is now possible at your current location. You can check whether the home installation facility is available at your location using the official Book My HSRP portal. The authorities deliver your HSRP to your home, or you can reach the preferred installation location to get it installed. In case, any emergency occurs, you can reschedule or cancel your HSRP appointment using the Book My HSRP website. 

Apply for Color Coded Stickers

In case you already have HSRP installed onto your vehicle and only require color coded sticker, you can visit the authorised portal ‘Book My HSRP’. Once you open the website, follow the below mentioned process.

  • Visit ‘Book My HSRP’ portal and click on the ‘Only Color Sticker’ available on the homepage. 
  • Provide the details of the state where the vehicle is registered, registration number, chassis number, engine number, front laser code, and rear laser code. 
  • Verify the captcha code and tap on ‘click here’.
  • Next, select the preferred location for the color coded sticker installment and convenient appointment location.
  • Confirm the booking summary and pay the required amount. Download the payment receipt for future reference. 

HSRP Number Plate Price

The price of HSRP number plates differs across the Indian states. The government has yet to fix a universal price for all the states. The HSRP price may vary depending on the vehicle type and category. The average HSRP price for two-wheeler is approximately Rs. 400, while it may reach or cross Rs. 1,100 for four-wheelers. One needs to pay an additional Rs. 100 for a color-coded sticker. 

Differences Between HSRP and Normal Number Plates

The old number plates used earlier were made of simple metal, and the registration number was printed on it, which tended to be damaged easily or tampered with. The main cause making it difficult to track the vehicles, which gave birth to a maximum number of vehicle-related crimes. In 2019, when the government mandated using HSRP number plates, the vehicle data was digitized and standardized, and tracking became easy. 

Beyond this, the major differences between DSRP and normal number plate are mentioned below

  • HSRP is made up of aluminium and contains two tamper-proof snap-on security locks. Hence, it prohibits the reuse of number plates once removed. Whereas in the case of the normal number plate, the removal and reuse were easy.
  • The design and font style are identical for all vehicles, emphasising standardization, transparency and easy readability. Whereas the old number plates were easy to customise, making it difficult to read or track the vehicle.
  • The chromium-based Ashok Chakra hologram in blue is a new and unique identifier. The old number plates didn’t have any, and vehicle owners used to add their personalised names, designations, or font styles to stand out in the crowd.
  • The new HSRP number plates have color coded stickers which distinguish the different vehicle types and classes. The color coded sticker was absent on the old number plates. 
  • The PIN is laser encoded, making it easy to identify and track using the ANPR enabled cameras installed. 

Process to Check the Status of HSRP Application

After you apply for the HSRP number plate on ‘Book My HSRP’, your application may take some time to process. During this period, you can check the Status of HSRP to remain in the loop regarding your application. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to check the status of HSRP.

  • Visit the official website of Book My HSRP.
  • On the homepage, click on the ‘Track Your Order’ present at the top.
  • Enter the required information, including the order number and vehicle registration number. Click on ‘Search’ after verifying the captcha. 
  • The status of HSRP is reflected on the screen. 

Once you know the status of HSRP, you can estimate the time when the HSRP number plate is prepared, and you can get it installed in time. 

Duplicate HSRP Number Plate Online

The vehicle owners need to get a duplicate HSRP number plate in case of theft or damage of the front, rear, or both HSRP plates. The online process has made it simple to avail of a duplicate HSRP using the ‘Book My HSRP’ portal. However, online facilities are available in very few states, and in other states, vehicle owners must visit their nearest RTO or authorized centres to get a duplicate HSRP number plate.

Follow the given process to issue a duplicate HSRP number plate.

  • Visit the official Book My HSRP website.
  • On the homepage, click on the ‘Replacement Booking’ tab.
  • Enter the required details like vehicle registration state, registration number, chassis number, and engine number. 
  • Verify the captcha and submit the application by hitting ‘click here’.
  • Choose the preferred location to make an appointment and book your slot. 
  • You get a booking summary and payment options. Review all the details and proceed to make a payment. 
  • Once the payment is done, you get the receipt. Save it for future reference. 

Process to Cancel HSRP and Apply for a Refund

Emergencies can occur anytime. In case you are stuck and cannot reach the authorised centre at the appointed time and date, you can reschedule your HSRP booking. Or, if you do not want to continue with the HSRP process, cancel the HSRP booking. You can do it by visiting the ‘Book My HSRP’ website. Once you open the ‘Book My HSRP’ portal, click on the ‘Cancel HSRP’ tab available on the homepage. You must enter the required details, like vehicle registration and order numbers. Confirm the captcha code and click on the ‘Search’ tab. Once done, you can cancel your online HSRP booking, and a refund will be initiated.

Secure Your Vehicle with HSRP and Motor Insurance

Where HSRP helps track your vehicle and brings transparency to the transport system, vehicle insurance safeguards you and your vehicle against any damages. Valid vehicle insurance, like third-party insurance, stand-alone, and comprehensive insurance policies, has customizable features and financially protects you and third-party vehicle owners. 

You can contact different vehicle insurance companies or D2C Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. to buy car or bike insurance online. Connect with RenewBuy POSP advisor and get expert assistance to buy or renew vehicle insurance.

Final Words

The introduction of HSRP has brought transparency into the vehicle tracking system and eased up the process for the RTO authority. The HSRP emphasized the standardization of vehicles across the nation and enhanced safety. The tamper-proof design prohibits the reuse of the HSRP number plate, reducing vehicle crimes. 

All vehicles purchased before April 2019 must apply for HSRP number plate booking and color coded sticker. You can apply for HSRP by reaching your nearest RTO or an authorized vehicle dealer. 


Question: What is the meaning of HSRP?
Answer: The HSRP means a high security registration plate made of aluminium and fixed using two tamper-proof snap-on locks. The HSRP has a unique identification number, a chromium-based Ashok Chakra hologram on the top left corner, laser-branded 10-digit permanent identity number on the bottom right corner. Moreover, the HSRP contains the alpha-numeric registration number hot-stamped film applied over them with IND acronyms. 

Question: How can I get high security number plate in Haryana?
Answer: The Book My HSRP or online HSRP facility is available only in a few states, including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Delhi, Daman and Diu, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you live in any other state, visit your dedicated RTO office. 

Question: If I am caught without HSRP on the vehicle, how much of a fine do I need to pay?
Answer: If the vehicle owner doesn’t have an HSRP attached to the vehicle, then a fine of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 is charged for not having an HSRP installed. 

Question: What is the benefit of high security number plate (HSRP)?
Answer: A HSRP has a laser identification feature that helps track the vehicle more effectively and prevent any vehicle-related theft. Also, HSRP encourages the standardization of vehicle number plates.

Question: How do I replace my vehicle's HSRP plate?
Answer: If the front, rear, or both HSRP plates are damaged or lost, you need to apply for the replacement of the HSRP plate. To the replaced HSRP plate, you can reach the authorised dealer. 

Question: Can I apply for HSRP number plate from a location other than the one where my car was registered?
Answer: You can apply for an HSRP number in the state where your vehicle is registered. If you move to another state, register your vehicle to the new RTO and then apply for HSRP number plate. 

Question: Where can I apply for HSRP installation and color coded stickers in Haryana?
Answer: The Haryana Transport Department has the entire authority to issue and install the HSRP and color coded sticker on the applicant’s vehicles. Also, you can visit government government-authorised portal https://hsrphr.com/ to apply for the HSRP number plate. 

Question: What is the warranty period of the HSRP number plate?
Answer: The warranty period of the HSRP number plate is 5 years in case of any manufacturer dislocation. However, the warranty claim is not entertained in the following cases

  • Rubbed/ scratched/ wiped with detergents, alkaline solutions, disinfectants, etc.
  • Damage during fitment by the dealer
  • Accidental breakage or partial damage
  • Any additional screw or drill made to the number plates
  • Bent or warp number plates

Question: Do I need an HSRP number plate for my electric vehicle?
Answer: Like any other vehicle running on Indian territory, electric vehicles also need HSRPs.

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