Mumbai RTO: List of RTO Offices Mumbai, Address, Phone

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is one of the biggest and most important cities in India. It is also the capital of Maharashtra and the biggest financial hub in India. Being the most populous city…

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is one of the biggest and most important cities in India. It is also the capital of Maharashtra and the biggest financial hub in India. Being the most populous city of Maharashtra, 2nd most populous city in India, and the 7th most populous city in the world, it encounters a constant increase in migrants across the country and World. As there are many residents in the city, it has led to an increase in the density of vehicle owners.

For the convenience of the residents and to provide quick and hassle-free services the Mumbai RTO was established as per Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Through its various offices, Mumbai RTO offers major functions as mentioned under: 

Roles and Responsibilities of RTO Office Mumbai:

1. Services related to Driving License:-

The Mumbai RTO Office offers two types of driving license, Learner’s License and Permanent License. Anyone who wishes to have a permanent driving license has to apply for a Learner’s License initially. After clearing the driving test conducted by Mumbai RTO can obtain a permanent Driving License. Other services offered by RTO Office Mumbai related to Driving License are as under:

  • Renewal of the Driving License
  • Changes in the Driving License
  • Issuance and renewal of the Motor Driving School license
  • Issuance of the International Driving License
  • Addition of a class of vehicle to the Driving License Mumbai
  • Issue and renewal of the driving instructor’s license
  • Issue of a Driving License for the conductor

2. Registration Certificate and related work:

Issuance of Registration Certificate is one of the most important responsibilities of Mumbai RTO Office. The Mumbai RTO Office issues RC to both privately held vehicles as well as commercial vehicles. Apart from issuance of Registration Certificate to vehicles the following related service are also offered:

  • Transfer of ownership in the Registration Certificate 
  • Issuance of a duplicate Registration Certificate in case of loss, damage, or theft
  • Change of address in the Registration Certificate

3. No Objection Certificate Issuance:

No Objection Certificate is an important document when the vehicle owner is planning to shift their vehicle registered under Mumbai RTO to a different city or State or viz.

  • Trade Certificates: Issuance of Trade Certificates is needed for every car dealer for carrying out their business. The Mumbai RTO Office issues trade certificates to all the car dealers running their business under the jurisdiction of Mumbai City. Additionally, a duplicate trade certificate is issued in case of loss, damage, or theft of the existing trade certificate.
  • Hypothecation Related Work: Whenever a vehicle owner purchases a vehicle through a financial institution or bank then hypothecation of the vehicle is an important responsibility of Mumbai RTO. So, it is mandatory to hypothecate the vehicle in the name of the bank or financial institution until the full repayment of the loan is done. Mumbai RTO carries out the endorsement of hypothecation services.
  • Issuance of Permits: A permit is important for vehicles carrying out freight, transportation of goods, and passenger services. Mumbai RTO issues permit to the vehicles. Two types of permits are issued by Mumbai RTO namely – National Permit and Local Permit.

4. Other Services:

Other important services offered by Mumbai RTO Office are as under:

  • Collection of taxes namely Motor Vehicle Tax and Road Tax
  • Inspecting the vehicle's fitness and issuance of vehicle fitness certificate.
  • Testing and Issuance of Pollution Under Control Certificate

RTO Mumbai Contact Number and Address:

RTO Code RTO Address Contact Number E-mail Id E-mail Id
MH-01 Regional Transport Office Old bodyguard lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai ‐ 400 034 022‐23532337/ 23534600/ 23534601 rto.01‐mh@gov.in Morning 10.00 to Evening 5.00
MH-02 Regional Transport Officer,111‐D, Ambivali village, New Manish Nagar, Versova road, Mumbai‐ 400 053 022‐26366957/ 26362252/26319821/ 26323315 rto.02‐mh@gov.in Morning 10.00 to Evening 5.00
MH-03 Regional Transport Officer, B‐2,3rd floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala, Mumbai (East) 022‐24036479/ 24036221 rto.03‐mh@gov.in Morning 10.00 to Evening 5.00
MH-47 Dy. Regional Transport Office C/o: RTO Mumbai (W).111‐D, Ambivali village, New Manish Nagar, Versova road, Mumbai ‐ 400 053 022‐26366957/ 26362252/ 26319821/ 26323315 dyrto.47‐ mh@gov.in Morning 10.00 to Evening 5.00

Types of vehicle registration at RTO Mumbai:

  • Temporary Registration: Temporary registration is offered at the time of purchase of a new vehicle. Temporary registration is offered for one month wherein the vehicle owner can drive the vehicle for one month without a permanent registration. However, the vehicle owner must apply for a permanent registration before the expiry of one month.
  • Permanent Registration: Permanent registration is obtained for a new vehicle. It is obtained after the vehicle owner applies for it. All vehicle owners must register their vehicle under permanent registration because they can only drive or ride their vehicle in the city jurisdiction. Driving a vehicle without permanent registration is considered illegal.  

Get Vehicle Insurance in Mumbai:

Today, with a rise in the use of vehicles across the country, safety has become one of the primary necessities for every vehicle owner. A motor insurance policy is one such instrument that helps safeguard the vehicle owner in times of distress like an accident. In India, vehicle insurance is mandatory, as driving without a valid vehicle insurance policy is considered an offence and an act of negligence. All the residents of Mumbai who wish to drive or ride their vehicle on Mumbai roads are only allowed to drive or ride if they have proper insurance coverage.

A motor vehicle insurance policy is a legal requirement for all vehicle owners driving vehicles on Indian Roads. A vehicle insurance policy is mandatory as per sections 146 and 147 of Chapter XI of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. A vehicle insurance policy offers protection to the vehicle owner from any emergencies on the road. The following are the types of coverages you can get under a motor vehicle insurance policy:

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy:
    Under this coverage, the insurance policy covers the risk or damages caused to both third-party and vehicle owners. All injuries caused to the vehicle owner or third party are covered under this policy. As this insurance policy offers 360-degree coverage, it is costly and has to be renewed annually.
  2. As the name suggests, under this coverage, the insurance policy covers the risk or damages caused to the third party vehicle and injuries caused to the third party. No damages or injuries caused to the vehicle or vehicle owner are covered under this insurance policy. The premium of this insurance policy is less as compared to the comprehensive car insurance policy. For two-wheelers, the policy can be available for a lifetime, while the policy has to be renewed annually for other vehicles.

You can widen the scope of your motor vehicle insurance policy by adding add-on covers to the base plan. By opting for the add-on cover you can boost your insurance policy and avail extra insurance and financial coverage. The following are a few of the most beneficial add-on covers that can be added to the motor vehicle insurance policy: Zero Depreciation Cover, NCB Protection Cover, Key Replacement Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover.

Buying a motor vehicle insurance policy is mandatory; however, it is advised to purchase the insurance cover after doing in-depth research. 


1) What happens if I drive my vehicle in Mumbai without registering the vehicle with Mumbai RTO?  

In India, permanent registration of your vehicle is mandatory. Driving your vehicle in Mumbai without registering it with Mumbai RTO is considered an offence. You shall be charged with considerable consequences that include a heavy penalty. Not carrying valid RC while driving also attracts penalty and in the event of mishappening, your motor vehicle insurance provider will also not cover. Therefore, registering your vehicle with RTO Office Mumbai is mandatory.

2) How long can I drive my vehicle under temporary registration?

Mumbai RTO allows the vehicle owner to drive or ride their vehicle under temporary registration for initial 7 days. However, this limit can be extended up to one month. However, before completing one month, it is mandatory for the vehicle owner to apply and avail of permanent registration for his/her vehicle.

3) I am holding an old permanent driving license. Can I apply for the new Smart Card Permanent License?

Yes, you can apply for a new smart card permanent license either directly on the Mumbai RTO Website or through an agent. All the services related to driving license online in Mumbai are available at a click of the button.

4) How can I get a duplicate RC in case I have lost it?

Mumbai RTO Online offers the service through its website to apply to get a duplicate RC. While applying through the Mumbai RTO Website, the following documents are required, namely:

  • A police report stating the loss.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy.
  • Address Proof.
  • No Objection Certificate (from financer).
  • The applicable fees.  

5) How many RTO offices are there in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a huge city, and so is the population. Numerous vehicles are daily running on the roads of Mumbai, and daily many are purchased. So, for the convenience of the people of Mumbai and to provide top-notch services, Mumbai has 4 RTO offices divided into RTO Mumbai East, RTO Mumbai West, and Mumbai Central RTO.

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