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Regional Transport Office West Bengal (West Bengal RTO) West Bengal is famous for its rich diversity and robust transport and communication network. The Regional Transport Office West Bengal (RTO…

Regional Transport Office West Bengal (West Bengal RTO)

West Bengal is famous for its rich diversity and robust transport and communication network. The Regional Transport Office West Bengal (RTO West Bengal) was established under the jurisdiction of Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to manage busy transportation in the state. West Bengal Transportation Office (WB RTO) regulates transport services and performs transport-related activities within the state. The RTO West Bengal deals with the development of the transport department, maintains discipline within the state, provides necessary assistance, and issues all the necessary documents required to drive safely.

Around 80+ transport offices, including Kolkata RTO, work under the supervision of West Bengal RTO, ensuring the efficient implementation of traffic rules and regulations set by the government. The North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC) provides transport facilities in the districts of North Bengal. This article discusses all the vehicle-related services of RTO West Bengal, including motor vehicle registration, NOC issuance, tax collection, and much more.

Functions Performed by Regional Transport Office West Bengal (RTO West Bengal)

The RTO West Bengal is the supervisory body for maintaining the vehicle database and issuing registration and license-related documents to eligible candidates. The West Bengal RTO offices in different cities perform the same functions as listed under the Motor Vehicle Act. The major functions of West Bengal RTO are listed below.

Driving License-Related Services

RTO West Bengal issues the driver's license to the applicants, the mandatory document to drive within the state or across the nation. The applicant visits the RTO West Bengal to obtain a driving license and undergoes the driving test. WB RTO issues the license for the eligible candidates. West Bengal RTO performs the following license-related duties:

  • Conduct the necessary examinations to judge the expertise of the applicant. 
  • Issue a learning license for the applicant who is learning to drive and is 16 years of age.
  • Issue permanent driving licenses to the eligible candidates.
  • Assign the class of vehicle in the driving license
  • Issue conductor license

Vehicle Registration Certificate-Related Services

When a candidate buys a new vehicle within the state, the first thing necessary is to issue a vehicle registration certificate from the dedicated West Bengal RTO office. To issue a registration certificate, the Transport Department West Bengal collects and verifies all the vehicle and owner-related documents. The WB RTO officials inspect the vehicle for its mechanical fit and roadworthiness to ensure safe transportation activity on the road. One can reach West Bengal RTO to obtain the following vehicle registration-related services.

  • Issue temporary and permanent registration certificates
  • Issue trade certificates
  • Renewal of registration certificates
  • Issue a duplicate registration certificate
  • Update any information on RC
  • Hypothecation-related services
  • Issue a no objection certificate after verification 

Permit-Related Services

To operate a vehicle for goods and people carrying (commercial-related) activities within the state, the vehicle owner needs to obtain a permit from RTO West Bengal. The WB RTO issues permits for the following types of vehicles

  • Goods Carriage Vehicles 
  • Private Vehicle/ Commercial vehicles/ Luxury Cars permit
  • Permit for Contract Vehicle/ Special Vehicle
  • Permit issued to Maxi/ Taxi cab/ Rent-a-cab
  • Institute/ School buses permit
  • Issuance of National Permit / Local Permit 

Road Tax and Fee Collection

The vehicle owner needs to pay some charges to operate the vehicle within the state boundaries. The Government of India sets these charges, and the West Bengal RTO is responsible for collecting the taxes from every vehicle. The tax collected by the WB RTO is used for the further development of the road and transport system and to provide efficient facilities.

  • Border tax
  • Short-term/ quarterly tax
  • Collection of fees for offering different types of testing and issuance services
  • Model approval charges

Vehicle Inspection

The Transport Department West Bengal conducts the vehicle inspection to check the mechanical fitness and roadworthiness of the vehicle before issuing any certificate. WB RTO performs the following inspection-related duties to maintain environmental standards.

  • Various pollution control measures and testing
  • Issue Pollution Under Control certificate 
  • Conduct a mechanical fitness check
  • Inspect the control of air as well as noise pollution
  • Issue and renew a pollution certificate

Aware General Public

The RTO West Bengal is responsible for awaring the general public about the safety measures and traffic regulations to avoid legal constraints. To do the same, the West Bengal RTO organizes different campaigns and activities timely. 

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List of Regional Transport Offices West Bengal (RTO West Bengal)

In order to provide services with convenience, the state is equipped with Regional Transport offices at 26 locations. Listed below are the RTOs in West Bengal, along with their codes.


WB RTO Location

WB RTO Codes (Transport Cate.)

RTO WB CODES (Non-transport Cate.)

RTO Kolkata

WB-03, WB-04, WB-05

WB-01, WB-02, WB-06, WB-07, WB-08

RTO Howrah



RTO Uluberia 



RTO Hooghly

WB-15, WB-17

WB-16, WB-18

RTO Alipore



RTO Barrackpore



RTO Barasat



RTO Tamluk



RTO Contai 



RTO Midnapore


WB-34, WB-36

RTO Asansol


WB-38, WB-44

RTO Durgapur



RTO Burdwan



RTO Kalna



RTO Bolpur



RTO Nadia



RTO Birbhum



RTO Purulia



RTO Murshidabad



RTO Raigunj



RTO Balurghat



RTO Coochbehar



RTO Malda



RTO Bankura



RTO Alipurduar



RTO Jalpaiguri



RTO Siliguri



RTO Darjeeling



RTO Kalimpong



RTO Raghunathpur



RTO Mathabhanga



RTO Kalyani 



RTO Islampur



RTO Jahangirpur

WB-93, WB-94


RTO Baruipur



RTO Diamond Harbour 



RTO Jaynagar



Types of Vehicle Registration in Transport Department West Bengal (RTO West Bengal)

A registration certificate is a mandatory document to carry to drive vehicles in India. The registration certificate contains all the necessary information about the vehicle and the vehicle owner. There are two types of vehicle registration issued by West Bengal RTO

Temporary Registration: The car dealer issues the temporary registration certificate when an individual purchases a vehicle. The vehicle owner needs to submit the required documents with applicable fees and taxes to the dealer. Thereafter, the vehicle dealer forwards the documents to the RTO West Bengal. The officials verify the documents and issue a temporary registration certificate valid for 7 days or one month.

Permanent Registration: The vehicle owner must apply for a permanent registration certificate at RTO West Bengal within the specified period to drive a vehicle legally on the road. The permanent registration certificate is valid for 15 years and, after that, requires renewal after every 5 years. 


RTO West Bengal Vehicle Registration Process 

To register your vehicle at RTO West Bengal office, one needs to follow the given steps

1. Visit RTO WB: Locate and visit the nearest West Bengal RTO office and collect the vehicle registration form. 

2. Submit Documents: Duly fill the Form 20 and submit it with the required documents.

3. Physical Inspection: The WB RTO officials conduct a physical inspection of the vehicle to ensure it meets every safety standard. 

4. Pay the Fees: The vehicle owner then needs to pay the required registration fee, road tax, and any other applicable charges.      

5. Issuance of Registration Certificate: The RTO authorities then verify the submitted documents and vehicle registration report. After the successful verification, the RTO West Bengal officials issue the registration certificate to the vehicle. 

Online Process for Vehicle Registration at West Bengal RTO

An individual can apply for the registration certificate online by following the steps on the West Bengal RTO website at https://transport.wb.gov.in/.

  • Fill up the web-based application form online and submit the application. 
  • Upload the attested copies of supporting documents along with your passport-size photo and the signature of the owner. 
  • Make payment for the same and take out copies of the form filled and fee receipt. 
  • Submit these documents to the RTO West Bengal (WB RTO) and wait for the physical inspection. 
  • Once the verification process is completed, the RTO West Bengal approves and issues the RC.

Documents Required to Submit for Vehicle Registration at WB RTO

The vehicle owner needs to submit the following documents at West Bengal RTO to apply for the vehicle registration.

  • Duly filled Form 20
  • Form 21: Sale Certificate issued by the vehicle dealer
  • Form 22: Road-worthiness certificate issued by the manufacturer
  • Attested copy of Valid Insurance Certificate/policy
  • Temporary Registration, if any
  • Attested copy of Proof of Address
  • Copy of PAN Card or form 60/61, as may be applicable
  • Documents for proof of citizenship
  • Customs clearance certificate (in the case of imported vehicle)
  • Proof of legal presence in India in addition to proof of residence in case of foreigners
  • Design approval of the vehicle obtained from the State Transport Commissioner (in case of trailer or semi-trailer vehicles)
  • Tax invoice issued by dealer showing the cost of the vehicle.
  • Road tax and the required application fee as set by the Bhubaneswar RTO

Duplicate Registration Certificate at RTO West Bengal

In case your original registration certificate is destroyed, stolen or misplaced, the vehicle owner needs to apply for a duplicate registration certificate. Reach West Bengal RTO and follow the instructions to apply for a duplicate registration certificate.

  • Collect and fill out Form 26.
  • Prepare the required documents, police FIR copy, vehicle insurance certificate, PUC certificate, NOC from the financer, identity proof, and address proof of the owner.
  • Submit the applicable fee for the duplication of the registration certificate.
  • Next, the West Bengal RTO officials physically inspect your vehicle. Once the documents are inspected and verified, the duplicate RC is issued to you.

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Renew a Registration Certificate at RTO Bhubaneswar

The validity of a permanent registration certificate is for 15 years and then requires renewal after every 5 years. The renewal of an RC is only possible if the vehicle passes the physical inspection. Follow the given steps to renew the registration certificate at RTO West Bengal.

  • Fill out Form 25, which you can download online from the West Bengal RTO website or collect from the RTO West Bengal.
  • Submit the form with the required documents, including the original Registration Certificate, PUC, valid insurance certificate, and address proof of the vehicle owner.
  • Pay the applicable renewal fee to the WB RTO authorities.
  • The RTO West Bengal officials conduct a physical inspection to check the mechanical fitness and emission standards set by the government. 
  • You will receive the renewed registration certificate if the vehicle qualifies for the inspection.

Process to Update the Address in RC at West Bengal RTO

The vehicle owner needs to update the new address on the registration certificate in case of an address change. Follow the given steps. 

  • Reach the nearest RTO West Bengal office where you have shifted to (as per the new address).
  • Inform the RTO officials about the address change and collect form 33. 
  • Fill out the new registration form and submit the previous RC book with Form 33, valid address proof, insurance certificate, PUC, NOC from the traffic police, proof of tax paid, fitness certificate for a commercial vehicle, NOC from the financier in case of loan. 
  • The RTO officials conduct the inspection, and after verifying the documents, the updated RC book is issued to you.  

Transfer of Ownership in Registration Certificate at RTO West Bengal

In case you bought the vehicle from another state or sold your vehicle to another state, the registration certificate needs to be updated with the new ownership. In such cases, the new vehicle owner can reach the RTO West Bengal and apply for the transfer of ownership in RC within 30 days. Follow the given steps to transfer ownership in the RC.

Visit one of the RTO West Bengal offices. 

Submit the application in Form 29 with the required documents and applicable fee.

The RTO WB officials inspect the vehicle for safety and emission standards. 

After the successful verification and inspection, the new updated RC is issued to you.

Documents Required for Transfer of Ownership in Registration Certificate

The vehicle owner needs to submit the following documents at West Bengal RTO to transfer the ownership.

  • Original registration certificate
  • Duly filled forms 29 and 30
  • Attested vehicle insurance copy, 
  • Address proof of both seller and buyer
  • Valid ID of both seller and buyer
  • PUC
  • PAN Card details of both seller and buyer
  • Attested copies of fitness certificate
  • Proof of payment of road tax
  • Necessary fees and other charges

In case the first owner of the vehicle is dead, the second vehicle owner needs to submit additional documents to change the ownership in RC

  • Death certificate
  • Succession proof
  • Duly filled Form 31

Obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from West Bengal RTO

To obtain NOC from WB RTO, the vehicle owner needs to follow the given process

  • Visit one of the RTO West Bengal offices and duly fill out the application form for NOC Form 28 (in triplicates). The form can be downloaded online from the official RTO West Bengal website or collect from the WB RTO.
  • Submit the form with the required documents, including registration certificate, insurance certificate, up-to-date tax payment proof, PUC, police verification certificate, address proof, identity proof, fitness certificate, and applicable fees.
  • The RTO officials verify the documents and check for any due taxes in the name of the vehicle.
  • In case everything is clear, the RTO West Bengal issues the no objection certificate. 

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Get a Driving License from RTO West Bengal

One can apply for a driving license online by following the given steps.

  • Visit the online portal of MoRTH at https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/
  • Go to the online service section and select “Driving-related services”.
  • Select the state name and click on the apply for learner license/ driving license.
  • Fill out the form and upload the scanned copies of the required documents.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Book a slot and attend the exam on the given date and time.
  • After passing the test, the license is issued to you.

Documents Required to Submit to Obtain DL

The applicant needs to submit the following documents at RTO West Bengal to obtain a driving license.

  • Passport-size photos
  • Proof of Age: SSLC, PAN, Voters, Aadhaar, and more
  • Proof of Address: Ration card, lease agreement, utility bill, etc
  • Proof of Identity: Photo with signature, PAN, Aadhaar, or Passport
  • License application form

Service charges of RTO West Bengal  

To facilitate quick and efficient services related to vehicles and other documents, the vehicle owner must pay the service charges or fees at the West Bengal RTO.

Type of Charges


Vehicle Registration 

Rs. 600/-

Issuance of Learning License

Rs. 200/-

Issuance of Driving License

Rs. 300/-

Issuance of International License

Rs. 1,000/-

Hypothecation Charges 

Rs. 1,500/-

Renewal of Driving License

Rs. 100/-

Get Vehicle Insurance in West Bengal

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West Bengal RTO Helpline Number

You can contact RTO West Bengal at the following address and contact number

Address: Public Vehicles Department 38, Beltala Road, West Bengal-700020

Phone: 033-24751621/24751622

Toll-Free Number: 1800-345-5192, 

Fax Number: 033-2486022

Final Words 

The Transport Department West Bengal deals with developing and maintaining discipline in the sector by providing assistance and issuing all the necessary documents to drive the vehicle safely. West Bengal RTO ensures the implementation of all the vehicle-related rules and regulations as laid down by the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. To regulate all traffic-related services efficiently, the West Bengal RTO has around 80+ RTO offices spread across the state. West Bengal RTO has enabled online and offline modes to make the process easier for the applicants. The RTO Department West Bengal also conducts various workshops to enhance and educate people about traffic rules to ensure their safety.


What is the RTO code of West Bengal?

  1. The RTO code of West Bengal starts with the acronym WB, followed by the two digits which determine the district code where the vehicle is registered in West Bengal.

How do I check my RC status in WB?

  1. Follow the given process to check the vehicle RC status online in WB RTO.
  • Visit the Parivahan portal at https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.
  • Go to the “Online Services” tab on the top menu bar. 
  • Select the “Vehicle Related Services” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “West Bengal” as your preferred state.
  • On the next page, select West Bengal as your state and preferred WB RTO from the options available and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Next, select the “Know Your Application Status” option.
  • Enter your "application number" in the space provided.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to view the current status of your registration certificate.

Which district is WB 84 RTO?

  1. The WB 84 RTO identifies the vehicles registered under the Chanchal City. 

Which district is WB 50?

  1. The vehicles registered under Ghatal RTO have the vehicle registration number starting from WB 50 in West Bengal.

How can I pay my road tax in West Bengal RTO?

  1. The vehicle owner can pay the road tax through the official website of the transport department https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.

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