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Features And Benefits Of Electric Bikes | RenewBuy

What is an Electric Bike?

You wake up from your sleep and go out for a walk to pump yourself up for the day. You step out of your house, and as you take in the fresh morning air, all you inhale is the dust and fume emitted from the vehicles on the road. Familiar, isn't it? The myriad automobiles that ply on the road do much harm to our nature as they release harmful gases, quite unapologetically in the air. Pollution check is a collective effort. To reduce the pollution levels, a new two-wheeler came in the market- An electric bike. These are the new generation plug-in electrical vehicles and are a cheap and convenient mode of travelling.

Features of an Electric Bike:

Not all bikes available in the market share similar features. Features like range, speed and cost vary from one brand to the other. Brands like Hero, Indus Yo Bikes, Honda and Avon provide the best electric bikes to the customers in India. In this article, we bring you the features of the four best electric bikes in India.

  1. Hero Electric Zion

  • Cost: Rs 37990 onwards

  • Top Speed: 25km/ hour

  • Battery Charging Time: 8 hours

  • Range: 45km/ charge

  • Wheel diameter: 16 inch x 3 inch 

  1. Yo xplor

  • Cost: Rs 38978 onwards

  • Speed: 45 km/ hour

  • Range: 60km/ charge 

  1. BSA Fusion

  • Charging Time: six to eight hours

  • Range: 60km/ charge

  • Top speed: 25km/ hour 

  1. TVS Tube

  • Top speed: 40 km/ hour

  • Range: 70 km/ charge

Advantages Of An Electric Bike:

They are rechargeable

Electric bikes and motorcycles are powered by either lithium ion or nickel-metal hydride batteries. Charging the batteries is easy as you can plug-in at any wall outlets. On an average, they take eight hours to recharge completely.

Very Little Maintenance

Electric bikes require less maintenance in comparison to the standard bikes. While standard bikes need a regular check on lubricating and adjusting; an electric bike saves you from all the fuss. However, you still have to be aware of the brake pads, tyres and the fluid flush.

Low Fuel Cost

Electric bikes also enjoy the advantage of a low fuel cost. Around 250 watts of power is used for 20 minutes of driving. The cost of electricity per unit is Rs 5 which makes electric bikes quite affordable.

Does not add to the Noise

Indian roads are perennially noisy. With the unnecessary honks and endless squabble of people, the roads are always in a state of pandemonium. Electric bikes breeze through the streets with surprising silence. Some bikes have now come up with an artificial noise device so as to warm the commuters of the approaching vehicle.

With the steep rise in the price of petrol, a larger milieu is slowly turning to pocket-friendly buys. With low-cost maintenance and low fuel prices, electric bikes are now an affordable commodity which now quite a few household possess.

The increase in the use of such automobiles instead of the ones which work on diesel and petrol will definitely keep a check on air pollution. So, let’s start using more of such commodities and encourage others to do the same.