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Two Wheeler Insurance: Compare, Buy & Renew Bike Insurance Online

Compare two-wheeler insurance

As per research, two-wheelers are usually more prone to accidents than cars. Prevailing conditions of Indian roads are not up to the mark and needs a lot of improvement. Not only the roads that need to be appropriately mended but driving behaviour also need to be taken care. The changes that were amended recently in the Motor Vehicle Act, 2019, raising hefty fines has made the drivers on the road more disciplined, and they have started obeying the traffic rules. It is necessary always to carry your two-wheeler documents i.e. a valid insurance policy, Driving License, Registration Certificate and Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate. Having comprehensive insurance for your Two-Wheeler will protect against damages and loss incurred in case of accidents and cases of thefts, human-made or natural disasters to vehicle, driver or third-party. 

While there are a lot of options available in insurance space these days, but the more significant challenge is to get the best insurance policy. For that, it is essential to compare two-wheeler insurance policies available with various insurance companies. It starts with comparing the features, checking on the add-ons available and then decide that which is best suited for your needs. 

All motor insurance companies offer almost same kind of coverages. The only difference is that the premium varies* from companies to companies. To get two-wheeler insurance, approaching web-aggregator company gives ease to compare multiple quotes available with insurance companies rather than going to one specific company and not comparing with other.

Below are some of the most important parameters which one should take care of while comparing and choosing two-wheeler insurance online:

Features: The available add-ons and the features which one company is providing is an important factor to consider. 

These days a lot of companies are providing additional features like Zero Depreciation, Emergency assistance cover are some to name but do check as it varies from insurer to insurer.

Customer Service: Look out for a company that offers the best customer service. This can be checked by doing some online research over some review websites. It is the most critical thing as it will be needed the most in case of any mishap.

Premium Cost: Basis on the offerings, insurance premiums differs from insurer to insurer. Basis of the premium cost, you can choose the best suitable policy as per your requirements. But, do consider the features as well with the cost.

How to Compare two-wheeler Insurance Online?

The riskiest vehicle to ride is a Two-Wheeler, and if you own a two-wheeler, you need adequate protection to safeguard your financial and physical health. 

Comparing two-wheeler insurance is a quick and easy task. One has to visit RenewBuy ( to compare insurance and make the right decision.  

Here is how you can go and compare the two-wheeler insurance quotes: 

  • Visit

  • Enter your bike make and model 

  • Enter manufacturing year

  • Click on the ‘Instant Quote’ button

  • Know the quotes given by various companies 

  • Compare the features of multiple quotes  

  • Select the add-ons if required

  • Select the Insurer and pay online

  • Get the policy instantly on your mail id 

To get the best out of various options available, performing comparison is the most sought way. RenewBuy helps you to compare bike insurance plans available with multiple insurance companies. It helps you in finding the right option and the best coverage in just a few clicks. Here you will get the lowest quotes and instant policy from the top companies. We assist you with bike insurance comparison and then let you choose the best plan effortlessly. Always remember that insurance is an investment that will secure the safety and security of your vehicle. Therefore, before you buy any plan, it is advisable first to compare the features and then move further. 

*depending on the coverages opted. 

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