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Which Is better? CNG Vs Diesel Car

Let’s Check out How CNG Vs Diesel Car Perform on Different Parameters

With so many cars storming the market with its salient features, the dilemma remains the same: Should we go for a CNG or Diesel car? Let’s check out how these two variants perform on different parameters –


The mileage of diesel car is more as compared to the CNG. A diesel engine requires a spark plug and thus offers higher compression. It makes the diesel car more fuel efficient as compared to the CNG version. A diesel car is a winner in this consideration. For a predominantly price sensitive India market, this can be a vital buying factor.

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Service and Maintenance

Both CNG and diesel variants have their benefits and disadvantages here. While a diesel car has a major advantage of low fuel cost and better mileage, it’s expensive than CNG in terms of service and maintenance.

Hence it is important to buy a car with caution. Having a great mileage and cheaper fuel price is not sufficient, it is important to have a look at the overall running cost of the vehicle. If you want to run a car for the commercial purpose- diesel car can be the most preferred choice. A good rule of thumb is that if you are clocking over 400km a month, then a diesel car will be preferable.

Luggage Space

The hatchback oriented India market has to cope with the CNG kit installed in the boot space. This leaves very little room for putting luggage here.

Environment Friendly

CNG cars tend to be more environment-friendly than the diesel variant. The low exhaust emission of CNG might just be the solution we need to live in the pollution riddled urban cities of India. So, if you want to lower down your carbon footprint, we recommend you to go for a CNG version.


A CNG engine has a better lifespan as compared to the diesel variant. It can run smoothly up to 9-12 years without any hiccup. On the other hand, the diesel variant has a life span of 6 to 8 years.

Cost Recovery

People hesitate to buy a CNG engine thinking that it is costly. In actual reality, the cost of recovery of the additional cost incurred for a CNG engine is less as compared to the diesel engine. It means the users can recover the cost faster when he/she purchase CNG engine.


Diesel cars are more easily available in the market as compared to the CNG. After petrol, diesel is the most preferred fuel for cars. CNG from manufacturers tend to be rarer and is usually fitted as an after-market solution. Also, CNG refilling stations are few and far in between.

With so many diesel and CNG cars, hitting the market, it is important to understand and calculate what is the best choice? After all, it is a capital investment that can’t be recovered easily.

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