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As per Motor Insurance Act, it is mandatory to have a car insurance in India. So, compare car insurance benefits and quotes before you finalize the insurer. The insurance market is brimming with companies claiming to give you the best plan and policy for your car at the time of buying an insurance. But once you bought a policy and caught into some mishap, your insurer will start giving excuses in the name of terms and conditions applied on the policy you bought for your car. Therefore, it is advisable to choose wisely by making a car insurance comparison.

Always keep this in your mind that not all policies are same; they vary in their intricacies which might be difficult for a non-professional to understand.

Here the question arises that how does one make the right decision? Well, the answer is very easy and straight. You can decide upon which policy you should buy with a simple step of comparing car insurance policies offered by different companies. Price and discount rates vary depending on the Model, Age and Make of the car. Likewise, the premium rates also vary according to your choice of Insured Declared Value or IDV and Add-ons.

We suggest you compare car insurance policies and go through each with a fine tooth-comb to get the best-value for your money and best exemptions.  By comparing car insurance policy online, you will not only get the cheaper rates for your car but also this is the most transparent medium of all available in the market.


At you can compare car insurance offers and deals of various car insurance companies online. It is important that you do so before buying a new policy as well as before going for a renewal of your existing policy. At RenewBuy, you will get the best-negotiated discounts, unbiased advice, a customized policy based on your requirements. RenewBuy also recommend you the policies that are popular, offer lowest premiums and above all the one that gives you the best coverage. So we suggest you compare car insurance online to get the best deal and save money.


How to Compare car insurance

With tech advancements, the car insurance compare process has become extremely easy. Going to various car insurance sites or offices just to pick up their sales brochure is a history now. With a site like RenewBuy, you can get an aggregate level information all collated conveniently on a single page. The immense ease of use and enhanced user experience is a key strength of RenewBuy and the reason why people use this site to compare car insurance.


Why go with RenewBuy?


1 – Most relevant listings

The idea is to have a transparent system of listing car insurance providers as per specific customer needs, so all the details around terms, rates, and special details are clearly laid out. This makes buying decision simplified for them who use it.

2 – Accurate

The main characteristic of your car insurance compare process is the accuracy and relevance of the listings provided. We keep the latest and most up-to-date information for the benefit of our customers.


3 – Easy on the eyes

The intuitive layout and clutter-free interface help in speeding up the time you take to compare car insurance. You can easily compare car insurance plans from multiple providers on one single screen.


4 – Customer-centric servicing

Our rigorous focus on delivering all-round convenience to you is well-known. Our customer support is accessible for any and every query you may have on any facet of buying insurance online. This is one of the primary benefits of comparing car insurance that adds tremendous value to your online insurance purchase requirement.


Quick car insurance comparison checklist


  1. Go online and log on to RenewBuy.
  2. Select your city, year of manufacturing, car make, model and variant
  3. Check the IDV and deductibles
  4. Check claim settlement history of the provider
  5. Select any add-ons you want to opt for
  6. Select one of the providers that offers value for money pricing based on your preferences
  7. That’s it! The process to compare car insurance plans online is now complete.


Connect with us and know the benefits of comparing car insurance with RenewBuy. Happy Saving!


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