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Tata AIG Health Insurance Renewal

You are protected from unforeseen, high medical expenses by health insurance. The health insurance company will cover the hospital costs up to the cover amount (also known as the sum insured) you…

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You are protected from unforeseen, high medical expenses by health insurance. The health insurance company will cover the hospital costs up to the cover amount (also known as the sum insured) you have chosen if you or any family members covered by the policy are admitted to the hospital.

Tata AIG is a well-known health insurance company in India. The company offers a lot of health plans that you can customize accordingly. It is now affordable for everyone to have medical insurance thanks to the company's good, online health insurance coverage at cost-effective rates.

Benefits of Renewing Tata AIG Health Insurance

Renewing health insurance online is simple and hassle-free. Before we go further, let us look at the benefits of renewing your insurance with Tata AIG health company.

  • Tata is a trusted brand with a wide range of network hospitals. You get 7000+ cashless hospitals on your list.
  • The Tata health company offers Covid-19 coverage.
  • If you continue with Tata AIG, the chances of claim settlement are high, with a 90.78 claim settlement ratio.
  • The customers are happy with a 4.5 rating out of 5.

It is important to buy health insurance and even more important to renew the health plans to avail of the benefits.

List of Health Plans by Tata AIG Health Insurance Company

Here is the list of the best Tata AIG health plans that you can go with:

  • Tata AIG MediCare Plus Plan
  • TATA AIG Wellsurance Women Policy
  • TATA AIG Wellsurance Family Policy
  • Tata AIG MediCare Protect Plan
  • Tata AIG Medicare Premier Plan
  • TATA AIG Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy
  • Tata AIG MediCare Plan
  • Tata AIG Critical Illness Plan

All these plans are curated for the people to ensure that they get a comprehensive health plan for themselves and their families. You can buy Tata AIG health plans online from the official website.

Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans Renewal Process

Your Tata AIG health insurance plans can be renewed in two different ways. Let's start by examining the online renewal process for Tata health insurance.

  • Visit the Tata AIG health website.
  • Visit the "Renew" section.
  • Your browser will launch a new window that will direct you to the renewal process.
  • You must enter your policy number and date of birth in this field.
  • Verify the OTP by using your registered mobile number, which will receive it.
  • Now you can review the details of the policy and select the best Tata AIG health plan.

Offline Mode

There might be a situation where you will have a problem with the internet connection or other problems. But nothing to worry about as there is an offline mode available.
Note: To renew your health insurance policy, contact our POSP advisor.

How to Avoid Policy Lapsation 

The health plan needs to remain active. To avoid having your Tata AIG health insurance policy lapse, keep an eye on the following points.

  • In one location, keep track of all your policies.
  • Your premium payment option can be set up for automatic debit.
  • You can choose to receive reminders via email or SMS.

Tata AIG Health Insurance Grace Period

If you cannot pay the premiums for some reason, the grace period for a health insurance policy is a reasonable opportunity for you to do so. Most health insurance companies offer a grace period of between 15 and 30 days. Within this time, you can renew Tata AIG health insurance.


Question: How can I renew my Tata AIG health plan online?
Answer: You need to visit the company's official website to complete the renewal process. The process is easy and hassle-free.

Question: Should I renew my Tata AIG health insurance?
Answer: It is important to renew the health plan if you want to continue with the insurance provider. Otherwise, you can buy a different health plan online.

Question: What documents are required for the renewal of health plans?
Answer: You don’t need to show any other document you gave while buying tata health plans. However, you may be asked to give the latest medical reports.