Personalised Number Plates Pros & Cons

VIP Number Plate Is driving a stylish car or bike a passion for you? Then, you surely want to customize it with the VIP number plate to reflect your personality. A fancy bike or car registration…

VIP Number Plate

Is driving a stylish car or bike a passion for you? Then, you surely want to customize it with the VIP number plate to reflect your personality. A fancy bike or car registration number does the same for you and lets others know your vehicle is unique. The Indian government understands the concern and allows you to gain a fancy registration plate for your choice. Any Indian citizen can participate in the online and offline auction organized by the state government, but remember, it requires a high price to claim the VIP number in your name. 

With the numerous advantages available, the VIP registration number plate sometimes has its own consequences. This article discusses the pros and cons of VIP number plates in detail. 

What is a VIP Number Plate?

In India, having a fancy registration number is considered a status, and people are ready to pay a considerable amount to acquire them. A VIP number plate is a vehicle registration number with a specific combination of numbers not randomly assigned to a vehicle owner. These series include the numbers from 1 to 9999 or any specific combination like 786, 8787, or others. The government allotts these VIP numbers, conducting a formal process called e-auction that is different from the general vehicle registration process. Some states in India conduct an online auction, and in others, the vehicle owner needs to visit the RTO office physically. 

Availability of VIP Registration Number

Do you want a VIP number plate to add to your vehicle and think this is a cool idea to do so? But to give you a reality check, a long line of individuals might be looking for the same fancy registration number you want. So, before applying for a VIP number, you must check for its availability. But how do you do it?

The state government of India has made it convenient to check the availability of VIP registration numbers from 1 and 9999 by visiting the official website of the State Transport Department. You can follow the given steps.

Step 1: Go to the official Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2: Scroll down to the vehicle-related services and click on the ‘More’ tab of the Fancy Number Allocation section.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Search by Number’ option. 

Step 4: The new window will require your residing State name and RTO details. After providing the details, you can check the status of the preferred VIP registration number. 

If the fancy number is available, you can apply for it. In case there are multiple applicants for the same VIP registration number, the dedicated RTO office conducts an e-auction. To proceed you must submit a minimum bidding amount as listed on your state transport department website or as asked by the RTO office.

Learn more about the process of e-auction for VIP number plates.

Special VIP Number Plates

Except for the general number plates of yellow, green, and white colours that we see on the road, some other VIP number plates are issued to the personnel in India. Let’s look into these VIP number plates.

Red-coloured number plate with the National Emblem imprinted on it is used by the President of India, Governors, and the vehicle under-serviced by the State Government. 

A number plate with an upwards pointing arrow is used by the Military or Army Officials. 

A blue number plate with the numbers in white indicates the vehicle belongs to the foreign embassy. 

Is VIP Number Plate Safe to Use?

Per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every vehicle owner must carry a valid registration certificate to ply the vehicle legally. The VIP registration numbers from 1 to 9999 are allotted by the auction conducted by the RTO offices. 

Some individuals use a unique combination of alphabets and numbers to make their vehicle look extraordinary by writing words such as SWEET, BOSS, designation, names, etc. The Indian Government has prohibited such number plates and mandated an HSRP number plate. 

Someone breaching the regulations is considered an offender and bears the penalties. 

Learn more about guidelines for VIP number plates.

Pros and Cons of Using VIP Number Plate

Anyone would want to look unique in the crowd of hundreds of vehicles in town. However, the personalisation comes with some complications if the provisions laid by the government are not followed. Along with the advantages of fancy registration number plates, some consequences are also involved that you must pay attention to. 

Pros of VIP Number Plate

Cons of VIP Number Plate

It will make you look and feel like the man of the town by embossing your name or logo into a number plate that circulates in the city. 

Although you'd like a good image of your name and logo on the special number plate, it might not work out that way for you if you don’t have a good personality. So be wise while making a decision. If your loved ones refuse, it's possible that dropping the idea will be the smartest thing to do.

When you're driving, it's not just going to notify everyone of your presence, but it's going to make you stand out just by being parked outside your house.

The VIP number plate will become a mockery topic if this isn't the right vehicle. Create a balance with a fancy car, then place a fancy number plate on it.

A personal number plate may increase the sophisticated appearance of a wealthy man you'd like to make by means of an appropriate car and someone who can drive it.

With so many rules and regulations laid down by the Traffic Police about these fancy number plates, you should avoid risking your car being stopped occasionally for a check. 

VIP number plate adds the air of sophistication you might want to create by choosing a suitable font, style and text.

Having a regular number plate allows you to drive safely on roads. And decreases the chances of theft and mishappenings. 

Bottom Line

A regular number plate has a white or yellow number plate with numbers and alphabets imprinted with black colour. No doubt, having a VIP number plate scales up your standard, but only when the individuals follow the provisions laid by the central and state governments. Hence, follow the regulations and key mandates of the government to avoid any difficulties in the future. If you are caught violating the laws of VIP number plates, then even car insurance cannot reimburse it, and you may find it difficult to proceed with a claim.



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