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Personalised Number Plates Pros & Cons


There is a lot of buzz about fancy kind of number plates in the society. Both for good and the bad reasons. But what are these fancy number plates?

There is a list of norms laid by the Traffic Police which covers the definition of a fancy number plate. Fancy number plates are those -

  • which uses anything except black ink on white background for writing the numbers on private vehicles
  • which have smaller print of registration number on plate
  • which have any kind of embossment or logo apart from registration number
  • which uses fancy fonts for writing registration number
  • whose sizes are smaller than the prescribed size of a number plate or are thicker or thinner.

Apart from this list given by the Traffic Police there are certain other pros and cons related to these number plates.

Let us have a look at a few Pros first; what benefit can these so-called-good-looking number plates give us-

  1. Having your name or your own logo embossed on a number plate going around in the town is surely going to give you the ‘the man of the town’ look and feel. It will not only notify every one of your presence while you drive but will also stand out just by being parked outside your house.


  1. With the right car and the right person sitting inside to drive it, a personal number plate can increase the sophisticated rich man look that you wish to create. The right font, the right style and the right text will be an add on to the air of sophistication that one might wish to create.


  1. With the fancy clothes, the branded shoes and the imported glasses that rest on your eyes, these number plates will be an add on to your uber and stylish look that you might want.

Despite of all these quirky benefits, these number plates have also earned a bad name for the problems that they are bound to create. Let’s have a look at these cons once-

  1. One needs to have the right kind of personality to pull off a personal fancy number plate and there are high chances that you might not have one. Though you wanted to create a great image with your name and logo on that fancy number plate, it might just be the other way round and might just fall flat for you. So be wise enough to take a nod from your well-wishers and then take a decision about it. If they say a no, then dropping the idea might be the most sensible thing to do.
  2. If it’s not the right car, then may be a fancy number plate will only become an object of mockery for all. Create a balance with a fancy car and then have a fancy number plate placed on it.
  3. With so many rules and regulations laid down by the Traffic Police about these fancy number plates, you might not really want to risk your car being stopped every now and then by one of these traffic police guys for a check. You can play safe by having a regular number plate.

Government has issued a specific format of registered number plates. Why not stick to those and play safe? We mean, that you and your personality are sufficient to breed the kind of sophisticated and stylish aura that you wish to create. Isn’t it?


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