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Goa RTO Office The Regional Transport Office of Goa (RTO Goa) was formed under the provisions of prescribed Section 133 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1939. Despite being the smallest state in India,…

Goa RTO Office

The Regional Transport Office of Goa (RTO Goa) was formed under the provisions of prescribed Section 133 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1939. Despite being the smallest state in India, Goa has an active nightlife, scenic beaches, and world-heritage-listed architecture that attracts domestic and international tourists every year. Tourism gives rise to transportation within the state. Due to the increased travel activities on roads, it becomes crucial for Goa RTO to ensure a safe and sound transport experience. Additionally, Goa Regional Transport Office is the top regulatory body that ensures the availability of the right facilities to the common people in the state. 

RTO Goa functions under the supervision and jurisdiction of the Goa Transport Department. The Goa RTO is primarily responsible for carrying forward all the regulatory provisions laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act. The department supervises all transport-related activities, including the operation of goods and passenger transport motor vehicles - both private and commercial. These regulatory functions and activities of Goa RTO help the state government earn major revenue.

Roles and Responsibilities of Goa RTO

The Regional Transport Offices in Goa are responsible for carrying out services such as issuing driving licenses for all eligible drivers and registration certificates for every vehicle plying on the roads of Goa. Also, re-registration of vehicles, issuance of fitness certificates, and collection of road tax of the vehicle is the primary function of Goa RTO. Let’s understand the duties in detail

Vehicle Registration

The Goa RTO oversees the vehicle registration process and related services. When a vehicle is purchased under the jurisdiction of Goa, it is mandatory to register the vehicle immediately to drive it legally within the state. Initially, temporary registration is required issued by the dealer, which is valid for a month. The vehicle owner needs to apply for the permanent registration period within that period. The following registration-related services are available at Goa RTO.

  • Registration of the vehicles plying on the roads of Goa
  • Issuing the temporary registration certificate
  • Issuing and renewing of permanent registration certificate
  • Approval and cancellation of the Hire purchase agreement
  • Transfer of ownership of the vehicle
  • Re-registration of the vehicle in case of any vehicle owner shifting from any other state to the state of Goa
  • Change of address of the vehicle owner on the registration certificate
  • Issuing of No-Objection Certificate both within and outside the state of Goa
  • Issuing of duplicate Registration Certificate

License Provisions

The Goa RTO is responsible for issuing the driving license to eligible drivers. The learner must apply for a driving license to the concerned RTO office Goa. The authority conducts driving tests and compiles all necessary documents to issue a DL. The Goa RTO is responsible for the following license-related provisions

  • Conduct the practical and written tests to evaluate the driving ability and knowledge of the applicant regarding traffic rules
  • Issuing learner’s license to the vehicle owner who is learning to drive
  • Issue and renewal of permanent license to the vehicle owner
  • Addition of any other class of vehicle to the driving license
  • Issuing the commercial driving license and international driving permits
  • Providing information on various driving guidelines

Collection of Taxes 

Every owner of a vehicle needs to pay taxes as implemented by the government on various types of vehicles. The charges differ depending on the type of vehicle. Mainly the following taxes and fees are applicable 

  • Motor Vehicles Tax
  • IMV Fees Collection
  • DA (Departmental Action) Cases
  • Green tax
  • Border tax

Vehicle Permit

To operate a commercial vehicle carrying goods or people or be involved in transportation-related activities needs to hold a legal permit. The Goa RTO offices conduct the required inspection and issue the permits to the following categories of vehicles. 

  • Permit for Metered / Non-Metered Motor Cab
  • Permit issued to Maxi/ Taxi cab
  • Goods Carriage Vehicles permit
  • Permits for Private Vehicle/ Commercial vehicle
  • Permits to Tourist Cab/ vehicles other than tourist cab
  • Issuance of National Permit / Local Permit to the vehicles 
  • All India Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Permit for Specific Contract Carriage/ Special Permits

Vehicle Inspection

Goa RTO carries out the vehicle inspection to check the vehicle's mechanical fitness to run on the roads and to ensure people's safety. To ensure the same, the RTO office Goa checks the current status of the vehicle and on-road functionality. The following lies under the responsibilities of Goa RTO.

  • Undertaking various pollution control measures
  • Issuing Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Ensuring proper check and control of air as well as noise pollution
  • Issue and renew of fitness certificate of the vehicle

List of Regional Transport Offices in Goa 

With the unlimited fun activities available in Goa, the travel and tourism industry keeps moving throughout the year. Hence, to maintain law and order to ensure safe road travel, the Goa RTO actively works in different locations and jurisdictions in Goa. The table mentioned below provides all the details about Goa RTO with their RTO Codes:

Goa RTO Location

RTO Code

Goa RTO Address

Goa RTO Contact Details

Panaji RTO (North Goa district)


Panaji (North Goa District), Goa - 403001


Margao RTO


Margao (South Goa District), Goa - 403601


Mapusa RTO


Marod, Mapusa, Goa - 403507


Bicholim RTO


Bicholim, North Goa, Goa - 403504


Ponda RTO


Near New Bus Stand, Electricity Dept Staff Residential Colony, Ponda, Goa - 403401


Vasco RTO 


Our Lady Of Guia Building, Fl Gomes Rd, Vaddem, Mormugao, Goa - 403802


Panaji RTO


1, Rua De Ourém, Patto Centre, Panaji, Goa - 403001


Margao RTO


Osia Complex, Spdo Arcade, Near New Fish Market, Bus Stand, Margao, Goa - 403601


Quepem RTO


Quepem, South Goa, Goa - 403705


Canacona RTO


Canacona, South Goa, Goa - 403702


Pernem RTO


Pernem, North Goa, Goa - 403512


Pernem RTO


Dharbandora, South Goa, Goa - 403406


For more concerns, you can contact Head Goa RTO, on the given details

Goa RTO Office: The Directorate of Transport

Address: Government of Goa 1st lift, 1st-floor Junta House 18th June Road Panaji Goa

Phone: 0832-2225606, 0832-2225724

E-mail: dir-tran.goa@nic.in

How to Know Your Regional Transport Office in Goa?

All the vehicles you see on the roads have a unique identity or number plate attached to them, differentiating them from other vehicles. The number reflects the registration number in India, which has been registered with the concerned regional transport office of the respective State. The State or the Union Territory establishes various district-level transport offices that oversee all the transport registration and other duties to make the reach of transport-related services easier for the general public. 

According to the Indian Vehicle Number Plate design, the initial two characters of the registration number plate are designated to the State where the vehicle is registered. The next two numbers are for the district or local-level RTO offices. In the case of the State of Goa, the registered Vehicles number plate has initial two characters as GA, which stands for Goa, and the next two numbers are the Goa RTO code (GA- 02 or GA- 03, etc.) in which the vehicle has been registered.

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Types of Vehicle Registration in Goa RTO

When you purchase a vehicle, whether personal or commercial, it is legally mandatory to issue a registration number and certificate to ply the vehicle. Being the tourist hub and with increased transport requirements, the Goa transport department has distributed the responsibilities and made it simpler to register a vehicle by reaching the nearest RTO office Goa. You can apply for the two types of vehicle registration in Goa. 

  • Temporary Registration: The Transport Government of Goa prohibits any dealer from selling vehicles to buyers who are not registered under the Act by the Motor Vehicles Transport Department, Goa. Temporary registration is provided when a vehicle is purchased from a dealer’s showroom. The RTO Goa allows temporary registration of the vehicles in the two situations only. Number one is when the vehicles require more time for building the outer body over the chassis, and the second is if the non-transport vehicles are taken to an RTO from where the vehicle was bought for registering it. To avail of the Temporary Registration, you can fill out and submit the application Form “C.R. Tem A.” The Temporary registration at any Goa RTO is valid only for 7 days. For any non-transport vehicles, the period may be extended for another 30 days.
  • Permanent Registration: Per the motor vehicle rules and regulations, all two/ four-wheelers or any other vehicle must be permanently registered with the concerned Goa RTO within 7 days of its delivery before plying on the roads. You cannot drive an unregistered vehicle. A vehicle dealer cannot deliver an unregistered vehicle, so it provides a temporary certificate to the vehicle owner at the time of its purchase. The owner has to apply for permanent registration with the concerned Goa RTO nearest to his/her location. The vehicle owner must apply for the same along with relevant documents. The permanent registration number issued by the RTO is valid for 15 years from the issue date. 

How to Register Your Vehicle at Goa RTO?

The State Transport Department of Goa is responsible for providing better movement of vehicles carrying goods and passengers within the state. It ensures proper implementation of the rules and regulations stated in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Section 39 of the Motor Vehicles Act restricts a vehicle owner from driving any unregistered vehicles on the roads of the state of Goa or in public places. The concerned RTO is responsible for registering every vehicle plying on the roads of Goa. You need to follow the given process to register a vehicle under Goa RTO

  • Fill out Forms 20, 21, and 22, available on the Vahan Parivahan website or Goa Transport official website or get it from the Goa RTO office.
  • Prepare the required documents, including the purchase invoice, vehicle insurance, address proof, identity proof, PUC certificate, and Form 60/61 or PAN card (if required). 
  • Submit the application form with the required documents and applicable charges.
  • The Goa RTO officials conduct the physical inspection of the vehicle and document verification.
  • After the successful verification, the registration number and certificate are issued to the owner.

Once the registration number is allocated to a regional transport office vehicle, a fee receipt is provided to the registration applicant, and the branch office keeps all relevant documents. The applicant can use the registration slip provided by the RTO as proof until the original registration number is delivered. After depositing the fee slip, the applicant or the vehicle owner can collect the Registration Certificate and Form 23 on any subsequent working day.

Renew Registration at Goa RTO

The permanent registration issued for a vehicle is valid for 15 years. Thereafter, you need to renew the registration certificate every 5 years. To renew your vehicle registration certificate, you need to file an application by following the given steps 

  • Fill out Form 25, available on the RTO website online or directly from the RTO office Goa.
  • Prepare the required documents, including original RC, PUC, and valid insurance certificate.
  • Submit the application at Goa RTO with the re-registration fee.
  • Once the vehicle inspection is completed, the renewed RC is issued to you.

Duplicate Registration Certificate at Goa RTO

Mishappening can occur anytime. By any chance, if the original RC is stolen, torn, or destroyed, the duplicate registration certificate is required to operate the vehicle without any legal complications. Follow the steps to apply for the duplicate registration certificate at Goa RTO.

  • Duly fill Form 26
  • Keep all the documents ready, including the chassis number, police FIR copy, PUC certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, NOC from the financer, identity proof, and address proof.
  • Submit all the documents with the required fee.
  • You need to take your vehicle to Goa RTO for physical inspection. Once the officials inspect the vehicle at the RTO office and verify all the documents, the duplicate RC is issued to you.

Process of Transfer of Ownership at Goa RTO

When a vehicle owner in Goa sells his/her vehicle, the ownership of the vehicle has to be transferred to the new owner of the vehicle, and it requires an ownership transfer certificate. The transfer of ownership can be initiated only by approaching the concerned Regional Transport Office of Goa and filing an application form. To transfer vehicle ownership, you will require the following documents:

  • Submit the 2 copies of Form 29.
  • Prepare all the documents, including chassis number, original RC, police FIR copy, PUC certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, NOC from the financer, PAN card or Form 60/61, and address proof.
  • Apply at the concerned Goa RTO with all the documents, applicable fees, and taxes.
  • The RTO officials carry out vehicle inspections and verify all the documents.
  • Ownership transfer is completed after the successful verification, and the same is updated in the RC.

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Case of Legal Heir

If the registered vehicle owner dies, the succession/legal heir of the deceased will have to make an application for ownership transfer of the vehicle. The process of transfer of ownership in case of a legal heir is given below, 

  • Submit Form 30 (Application form for transfer of ownership of the vehicle) and Form 31 (if the vehicle is bought on loan)
  • Prepare all the documents, including chassis number, original RC, Death Certificate of the previous registered owner, Certificate of a succession of the vehicle as issued by the authorized person, PUC certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, an affidavit by the applicant, address proof, identity proof and PAN card or Form 60/61 (if required).
  • Apply at the concerned Goa RTO with all the documents, applicable fees, and taxes.
  • The RTO officials carry out vehicle inspections and verify all the documents.
  • The ownership transfer is processed after the successful verification, and the same is updated in the RC.

Get a Driving License from Goa RTO

For people residing in Goa state and wishing to drive or ply on the roads, they must have a valid driving license obtained from the concerned regional transport office Goa. The whole procedure for applying a permanent driving license is carried out at the Regional Transport Office in the jurisdiction of the vehicle owner's residence. RTO Goa issues the learner's license for an individual 16 years of age and a permanent driving license for 18 years and above. One can apply for a permanent driving license after one month of the issuance of a learner's license. If the vehicle owner's driving license has expired, the Goa RTO proceeds with the required steps to renew the license. If the holder of the driving license loses his/her document, they will have to apply for a duplicate driving license at the jurisdictional RTO in Goa. An applicant can follow the given steps to apply for a driver's license in Goa

  • Visit official mParivahan Portal of Goa.
  • Choose Goa from the list and click on the option “apply for license”
  • Fill out the form by filling out the required details and providing the required documents
  • Choose your slot for the driving test, which will be conducted at the concerned Goa RTO. Book an appointment.

Required Documents for Driving License in Goa

You need to prepare the following documents 

  • Form 4 (for private vehicles) or Form 5 (for commercial vehicles)
  • 3 passport-size photographs
  • Proof of age, address, and identity (PAN, Aadhaar, Ration card)
  • Learner’s license (if available)

How to Get a VIP Number for a Vehicle in GOA?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act's rules, 1988, a vehicle owner can make an application for a fancy registration number, which is required to be submitted at the concerned RTO during office hours. After the registration number is granted, you will have to submit the relevant charges on the same day to the concerned RTO at the cash counter during office hours from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm. If more than one application is made for a particular fancy registration number, the number will be allotted through an auction. The applicant must make the fancy number application in plain paper for any Non-Transport vehicles. The reservation of the fancy number will be valid only for 30 days, within which the applicant should complete the vehicle registration process.

Get Two-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler Insurance in Goa

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, valid vehicle insurance is a must to carry with all the other documents to drive a vehicle legally in India. Vehicle insurance is a financial cover and promises to safeguard you and the third-party vehicle or/ and owner at the time of a mishappening. Driving a vehicle on the road without valid insurance is illegal and dangerous at the same time. Majorly there are two types of vehicle insurance, a vehicle owner can purchase  

Third-party Insurance: Only covers the damages caused to a third person or vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: Covers the damages caused to a third party and vehicle, including finances of the damages caused to the own vehicle.

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The processes related to issuing the registration certificates and licenses have been made very simple by the Goa transport department and the regional transport office to benefit the people of Goa. The vehicle owners can use the Goa RTO portal or the official website of the transport department of Goa to check vehicle details or for any queries or application requests. Goa RTO is continuously developing office infrastructure and bringing technological advances to make transport-related services accessible to Goa residents.



What is the 15 year car rule launched in Goa?

  1. The state government of Goa planning to start scrapping 15-year-old vehicles as of April 1, 2023 owned by the central and state governments, municipal corporations, and autonomous bodies. 


What are the rules for driving licenses in Goa RTO?

  1. An individual of 18 years of age can apply for a driving license for light motor vehicles. An individual can apply for a heavy motor vehicle driving license after attaining the age of 20. 


What is the Green Tax in Goa RTO? 

  1. The main purpose of Green tax in Goa is to curb air pollution, which is charged at the time of renewal of the registration certificate. The green tax is only levied on a vehicle older than 15 years in the following manner.

For two-wheelers- Rs 1,100/-

For three-wheelers/auto-rickshaws - Rs 1,320/-

For light motor vehicles - Rs 1,760/-


Can I avail RTO services in Goa online?

  1. Yes, one can visit parivahan portal to avail of all the vehicle-related services of Goa RTO online.


How to apply for Goa RTO permit online?

  1. You can register at www.goaonline.gov.in to apply for a permit online in Goa. The permit charges in Goa are Rs. 600.


What is the road tax in Goa RTO?

  1. The road tax on any vehicle driving in Goa only depends on the type and category of the vehicle. You can visit the VAHAN official portal to check your RTO tax details. 


How much fines do I need to pay in case I am caught driving a four-wheeler without wearing a seat belt in Goa?

  1. In India, driving a four-wheeler without a seatbelt on can leave you paying a penalty of around Rs. 500/-.
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