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New Car Insurance Plans

New car insurance as we all know is a written compensation pact between the vehicle owner and the insurance company in case of monetary loss experienced by the owner. This agreement is valid in the circumstances where there has been accidental damage, financial losses due to natural calamity or theft of the car.

Driving on Indian roads indeed is a luxury and full of excitement and fun. With the change in living standards and an individual’s income, there are possibilities that one household has more than one car. Point here to be noted is to have an individual insurance policy for every car that we have in our home. People, generally have questions in their minds that what is the need of buying car insurance when it is newly purchased?

Answer to this question is - driving on the road is full of challenges and involves risk. For the first time when a car is rolled out of the showroom, it comes with the basic insurance policy. It then becomes your duty to check the coverages that are needed in a comprehensive insurance policy, that can give you better coverage. Having insurance is equally important as fuel in your car.

How to get car insurance online?

We drive to our destination every day. Driving indeed, is an essential part of our day-to-day life. Buying new car insurance online is not rocket science, but an easy process. Anyone can buy a policy online by entering a few details, making the payment, and you can get the policy instantly in few clicks. To get an insurance policy all you need is a smartphone or a laptop with an internet connection.

Moreover, buying new car insurance online is the smartest way to get one for your car. You can get an online insurance policy instantly in 4 easy steps –

  • Fill in the make and model of car-

    You are required to fill in the make and model of car

  • Fill in purchase year of the car-

    Then fill the purchase date of the car

  • Click on the Instant Quote Button
  • Compare plans, select, and pay for your desired policy-

    While you click the instant quote button, you get a comparison sheet to select the one that you need for your car. Pay and get the best suitable option, as per your need.

Online process of having insurance is an easy and fast method. Following are the benefits of having an online policy for your car:


Eases life:

Buying an online insurance policy for your car gives you an easy experience as it doesn’t require paperwork. It saves your travelling cost and time, as you do not have to visit various insurance companies for product understanding.


Premium calculator:

Motor insurance premium calculator facilitates you with the option of checking your car insurance premium within a few seconds. It gives you leverage to compare the insurance options available with various insurers, compare and select one as per your requirements.


Compare features:

While buying new car insurance online, you can also compare the features of the same policy offered by the top motor companies of India and get the best deal for yourself. You can decide on the policy that suits you the most.

Required Documents

Buying new car insurance online is a smart thing to do nowadays. Following are the documents necessary to get car insurance-

  • Registration Certificate
  • Invoice of car
  • Valid Driving Licence

Make an informed choice and get the best suitable deal for your car.