New Car Insurance

Truth can sometimes be quite unpleasant. Let's imagine this for a second, you are in the driver’s seat, driving along a road to check the car’s road-worthiness and BANG! There is a huge dent that chipped the paint on the car, and you have a broken heart seeing this. The saddest part is yet to unfold. As the car just rolled out of the garage, you never thought of buying insurance for your new car. Now you are not only left with a mangled car but also a sizable dent in your pocket. There is a way, to prevent you from becoming the person mentioned in the incident.

A new car insurance as we know is a written pact between the Vehicle Owner and the Insurer where the monetary loss experienced because of the damage to the car is provided by the insurer. This agreement is valid in circumstances where there has been damage because of an accident or some natural calamity, or there are some legal responsibilities due to theft or a part of an accident.

The worth of your new car insurance depends on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your vehicle. This is the highest insured sum that can be paid by the insurer in case of total loss or theft. When insurance is bought for a new car, IDV is calculated on the basis of the listed price in the showroom. Wondering where to get information about your car's IDV? Well, you get the best IDV for your prized possession at a click of the button here. (URL)

Buying new car insurance online is a smart thing to do as there is no involvement of any middleman or third-party in these deals. Moreover, they are hassle free, nearly paperless and time-saving. Motor insurance premium calculator is a boon that every vehicle owner must check through. It helps you to compare the prices of top motor companies of India and assists you to get the best deal. You can decide the policy which suits you the most and pay premium online accordingly using a credit card, debit card, through net banking or via e-wallets. It is all that simple and user-friendly.

So grab your insurance policy before the dent hits your car and your pocket.

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