Nashik RTO: List of RTO Office Nashik, RTO Code & Number

A part of the state of Maharashtra, Nashik occupies a significant position in the western peninsular region of the country in the Deccan Plateau area. The city is noted for its undeniable and…

A part of the state of Maharashtra, Nashik occupies a significant position in the western peninsular region of the country in the Deccan Plateau area. The city is noted for its undeniable and significant religious importance linked with the epic "Ramayana". Moreover, it is a famous site for the Hindus for Kumbh Mela, held once every twelve years. Nashik is also noted for its several wineries and vineyards and is aptly titled "the wine capital of India".

Nashik RTO has been developed based on the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and is maintained by the Transport Department Commissioner. The RTO office in Nashik is vested with the important responsibilities of managing, implementing and maintaining the rules and regulations of the traffic laws and ensuring general road safety for the public.

Roles and Responsibilities of Nashik RTO:

1. RTO Nashik learning license and driving license

  • Conducting a test for issuing driving license
  • Issuing both the learner’s license as well as the driver's license
  • Renewal of the Driving license
  • RTO Nashik license renewal online
  • Issuance and renewal of Motor Driving School license
  • Issuing International Driving license for the deserving candidates
  • Adding a specific class to the vehicle to the respective DL
  • Issuance and renewal of the driving instructor’s license
  • Issuance of the conductor’s DL
  • Assisting any application-related query

2. Registration Certificate and Associated Tasks at Nashik RTO

  • Issuing both permanent as well as temporary Registration Certificate
  • Transferring of ownership in the Registration Certificate
  • Issuance of a duplicate RC in case of loss or damage of the same
  • Registering address change in the Registration Certificate
  • Loan or entry hypothecation in the Registration Certificate
  • Issuing NOC in case of inter-state vehicle transfer
  • Renewing the trade certificate
  • Monitoring the vehicle fitness and issuing the fitness certificate of the concerned vehicle based on the findings
  • Issuing various sorts of permits like stage permits, carriage permits, etc.

3. Collecting revenues and taxes at Nashik RTO

  • Collecting Road tax/Motor Vehicles Tax
  • Departmental Action cases
  • IMV fees collection

4. Inspection of the vehicles at RTO Nashik

RTO Nashik office inspects every vehicle at each check post maintained by the traffic department.

5. Ensuring environmental safety

  • Testing of PUC
  • Converting vehicles to CNG/LPG

6. Ensuring road safety for the public

Nashik RTO ensures that the general public abides by all the rules and regulations implemented by the traffic department and monitors all the rooms for further improvement.

Nashik RTO Code & Contact Number

In the table below, we have shown the details of Nashik RTO, like RTO name, RTO code, address and contact details:

RTO Name Details
RTO Name Panchavati RTO, Nashik
RTO code MH-15
Address Regional Transport Office, Peth Road, Panchavati, Nashik- 422004
Nashik RTO number 0253-2229005, 2229003
Email id rto.15-mh@gov.in

Types of vehicle registration at Nashik RTO

Different types of vehicle registrations are available in Nashik RTO to cater to different categories of vehicles. Vehicle owners in Maharashtra need to understand the different types of vehicle registration. Below, we have mentioned the different types of vehicle registration in Nashik RTO in detail:

  • Temporary Registration
    While you are buying a new vehicle from the showroom, a temporary registration is provided. The validity of this registration is limited, and before the expiry of this registration, you have to apply for permanent registration.
  • Permanent Registration
    Possessing permanent registration is compulsory for every single vehicle to ply on the roads of Nashik. Each vehicle must be duly registered with the RTO Nashik office. You must apply for permanent registration at the nearest RTO office within the stipulated time. You will get the RC after completing the relevant paperwork and submitting the fees.

Obtaining Vehicle Insurance in Nashik

Although the widespread road and transport development has eased out a lot of communication problems, at the same time, the question of road safety also cannot be denied. Therefore, it becomes compulsory for every vehicle to possess insurance to ensure its safety and that of the other passengers. Therefore, you must buy vehicle insurance to play your vehicle on Nashik roads.

An insurance policy of the motor vehicle has been designed to manage any emergency that might suddenly arise in route. There are three types of insurance coverage that you may obtain in this respect:

There are also provisions for obtaining add-on coverages that will duly enhance the financial assistance, providing you with additional coverage. This will boost your insurance policy, which helps you to cover all the additional costs. There are several types of add-on covers, including Key Replacement Cover, NCB Protection Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, Zero Depreciation Cover, etc. 

Before settling for any insurance policy, you must carefully read all the terms and conditions to avoid any obligations in future. The important factors include the claim settlement terms, the premium value, the coverage amount, etc. Before settling for any single plan, you must carefully consider and compare all the plausible insurances.

RTO Nashik Choice Number

You must visit the official website for a fancy choice number. Click on the relevant option and select your customised number. Your chosen number will be registered as your vehicle number on payment of the relevant fees. It is just a matter of a few clicks.

Nashik RTO FAQs:

1) Am I eligible to drive any car that does not directly belong to me but to my relative if I possess a two-wheeler license?

No, you must possess a valid four-wheeler license for driving a four-wheeled vehicle. There needs to be more than a two-wheeler license in this respect.


2) May I obtain a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler license as a single-driving license?

Yes, this is possible if all the paperwork is duly completed and you manage to clear all the relevant tests.


3) If I fail to clear the driving test on the first attempt, am I eligible to appear for the second time?

Yes, you may appear for the test for the second time if you fail to clear it on the first attempt.


4) What happens if I lose both my DL and RC?

You must contact the nearest RTO office to obtain the duplicate DL and RC on paying the relevant charges.


5) Will I get any information regarding the traffic rules of any other specific country?

You can contact the nearest RTO office in Nashik to know further details of international driving details of any particular country.


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