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Odisha Transport Department function is to implement the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The Transport Department of Odisha was founded in order to carry out the provisions of the Motor…

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Odisha Transport Department function is to implement the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The Transport Department of Odisha was founded in order to carry out the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The main objective of the Transport Department is also the enforcement of various rules and regulation, along with the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The Transport Department of Odisha assists other transport service organizations which provide for the development of transport facilities. The regional transport office in the state of Odisha works to provide an efficient, safe, economical and adequate transport service to the people of the state for easy movement of passengers and goods on the roads of Odisha. The Transport Commissioner of the state heads the Transport department of Odisha. The transport department works together with other organizations to develop transport facilities and offers proper services to the people of Odisha. Regional Transport offices in Odisha have a fair set of responsibilities to ensure efficient transportation within the state.

Functions of Regional Transport Office Odisha

Regional Transport Offices in Odisha provides numerous functions and services. The primary function of RTOs is to implement and enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. Odisha RTO is also responsible for providing numerous secondary functions, which are as follows:

Issuance of License

  • Issue learner driving license for applicants who are learning to drive.
  • Issue permanent driving license to the applicants
  • Issue duplicate driving license in case of loss of the original one.
  • Renewal of driving license after its expiry. 
  • Addition of any class of driving license
  • Issue International driving permit to the applicant
  • Issues national permits
  • Issues stage carriage permit

Registration of Vehicles:

  • Issuance of Trade Certificate to the owner of the vehicle
  • Issuance of Temporary Registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Allotment of Permanent Registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Renewal of the registration vehicle certificate of the vehicle after its expiry
  • Issuance of Duplicate registration certificate of the vehicle in case of loss of the original one
  • Provides transfer of ownership of the vehicle
  • Provides change of address of the vehicle owner Reassignment of the vehicle 
  • Hypothecation Endorsement or Hypothecation Termination of the vehicle
  • Issues fresh registration to the applicant
  • Issues No Objection Certificate to the applicant
  • Handles Diplomatic Vehicles
  • Provides reservation of fancy number to be allotted in an open auction
  • Keeps books of various codes of registration
  • Provides categorisation of the vehicles
  • Provides display of registration of the vehicles

Issuance of Permits:

Issue and renew of temporary as well as permanent permit of the following vehicles:

  • Autorickshaw
  • Luxury Cars
  • Motor Car
  • Bus
  • Maxi Car
  • Radio Cars
  • Prepaid Taxi
  • City Cars

Collection of Taxes:

RTOs primarily functions to collect road tax and other applicable taxes as follows:

  • Life Time Tax
  • Quarterly Tax
  • Green Tax
  • Short Term Tax
  • Border Tax
  • Countersignature Tax
  • Composite Tax

Collection of fees:

  • Collection of fees for issuance of driving licence fee, Pollution testing fee
  • Collection of the registration fee for both temporary and permanent registration of the vehicle
  • Collection of cost for issuance or renewal of the permit of the vehicle
  • Fee for model approval

Imposing of Penalty:

  • Penalty for Prosecution
  • Penalty for Impounding

Various Charges for Regional Transport Offices Odisha:

Charges for Registration of Vehicles-

  • For motorcycles- Rs: 60/-

  • For light motor vehicles(commercial vehicles)- Rs: 300/-

  • For light motor vehicles(private)- Rs: 200/-

  • Medium goods or passengers vehicle- Rs: 400/-

  • Heavy goods or passengers vehicle- Rs: 600/-

Charges of Temporary Registration
50% of the registration fees of all vehicles

Charges for Duplicate Registration Certificate
50% of the registration fees of all vehicles

Transfer of ownership of vehicles
50% of the registration fees of all vehicles

Hypothecation endorsement or cancellation

For all types of vehicle, Rs: 100/- is required for hypothecation endorsement or cancellation.

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How to know your Regional Transport Office in Odisha?

The regional transport office in which you are required to register your vehicle will be nearest to your residential area. Your residential address or business location will determine the location of your regional transport office.

It is also now possible to know the RTO in which the vehicle is registered or the business area of the vehicle. With the registration number of the vehicle, we can determine the Regional Transport Office location in which the vehicle has been registered. The registered number plate of the vehicle states the RTO in which the vehicle is registered. The number plate consists of alphanumeric digits which state the state in which the vehicle is registered, the code of the concerned RTO, and the unique registration number of the vehicle. The first two digits of the vehicle's number plate state the state of its registration as OD stands for Odisha. The next two digits state the code of the concerned RTO as "05", which states that the vehicle is registered in the Cuttack Regional Transport Office location in Odisha.

List of Regional Transport Offices in Odisha

35 Regional transport Offices are actively functioning in the state of Odisha. The responsibilities are equally divided among the RTOs by the transport department of Odisha for the convenience of the public of Odisha and keeping the vehicle population of Odisha in mind. RTO is in charge of the overall administrating of transportation-related provisions and norms in their allotted region. RTO also act as a key body for enforcing the rules and provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Each RTO in Odisha includes a Regional Transport Officer, Inspector, Motor Vehicle (IMV), Additional RTO General and Enforcement and Sub- Inspector of Traffic. The RTO list is given below, along with RTO Codes and their address, which will help you locate your concerned regional transport office.

Office of Transport Commissioner
Transport Authority (STA)
6th Floor
Rajaswa Bhawan
Cuttack-753002, Odisha

Phone: +91-671-2507042
Fax: +91-671-2507238
Website: http://odishatransport.gov.in/
E-mail ID: 



RTO Locations RTO Code RTO Address
Balasore OD-01 Balasore, Odisha - 756001
Bhubaneswar OD-02 Bhubaneswar, Odisha - 751001
Bolangir OD-03 Bolangir, Odisha - 767001
Chandikhol OD-04 Chandikhol, Odisha – 755044
Cuttack OD-05 Cuttack, Odisha - 753001
Dhenkanal OD-06 Dhenkanal, Odisha - 759001
Ganjam OD-07 Ganjam, Odisha – 760001
Kalahandi OD-08 Kalahandi, Odisha – 766001
Keonjhar OD-09 Keonjhar, Odisha - 758001
Koraput OD-10 Koraput, Odisha - 764001
Mayurbhanj OD-11 Mayurbhanj, Odisha - 757043
Phulabani Khandamal OD-12 Phulbani, Kandhamal, Odisha - 762001
Puri OD-13 Puri, Odisha - 752001
Rourkela OD-14 Rourkela, Odisha - 769001
Sambalpur OD-15 Sambalpur, Odisha - 768001
Sundergarh OD-16 Sundergarh, Odisha - 770001
Baragarh OD-17 Bargarh Orissa - 768028
Rayagada OD-18 Rayagada, Odisha - 765001
Angul OD-19 Angul, Odisha - 759122
Gajapati OD-20 Gajapati, Odisha - 761200
Jagatsinghpur OD-21 Jagatsinghpur, Odisha - 754103
Bhadrak OD-22 Bhadrak, Odisha - 756100
Jharsuguda OD-23 Jharsuguda, Odisha - 768201
Nabarangpur OD-24 Nabarangpur, Odisha - 764059
Nayagarh OD-25 Nayagarh, Odisha - 752077
Nuapada OD-26 Nuapada, Odisha - 766104
Boudh OD-27 Boudh, Odisha - 762015
Debagarh OD-28 Debagarh, Odisha - 768108
Kendrapara OD-29 Kendrapara, Odisha - 754211
Malkangiri OD-30 Malkangiri, Odisha - 764044
Sonepur OD-31 Sonepur, Odisha - 767017
Bhanjanagar OD-32 Bhanjanagar Ganjam, Odisha - 761126
Bhubaneswar OD-33 Bhubaneswar-II, Odisha - 751002
Jajpur OD-34 Jajpur, Odisha - 755001
Talcher OD-35 Talcher, Angul, Odisha - 759100


Why do you need to register your vehicle in Odisha?

Registration of Vehicle is mandatory as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. Therefore, a vehicle owner is mandatorily required to register his/her vehicle in the concerned Regional Transport Office nearest to his/her residential location to ply on the roads of Odisha freely. Plying unregistered vehicle on the roads of Odisha is a violation of the provisions of the said act is prohibited. Therefore, you should register your vehicle when you purchase one to avoid penalty, fees, or other charges.

Types of Vehicle Registrations in Odisha:

Similar to other states, vehicle registration in Odisha can be of two kinds- Temporary registration at the time of purchase and permanent registration of vehicle within a specified time. 

  • Temporary Registration: The vehicle is usually done by the vehicle dealer itself when the vehicle is being purchased. The vehicle owner has to submit necessary documents with the application form and applicable fees and taxes, including road tax, to get the registration certificate. The vehicle dealer then submits the received application form with the documents to the concerned RTO Odisha. After verifying the documents, the RTO issues a temporary registration number for a limited tenure that may be valid for seven days or for a month as provided but up to one year at the most.
  • Permanent Registration: As the vehicle, temporary registration number is valid only for a restricted time, the vehicle owner should make an application for a permanent registration number of the vehicle within the time period of temporary registration. An application for a permanent registration number is required to be done in Form 21 to start the process of registration and submit the relevant fee to the concerned regional transport office Odisha. The permanent registration number of the vehicle is valid for 15 years from its registration and is required for renewal after the expiry of the said 15 years. Whenever the vehicle needs to be driven on the state's roads, the Odisha RTO vehicle registration number is a must.

Vehicle Registration Process in Regional Transport Office Odisha:

In order to freely drive a motor vehicle in the state of Odisha, the vehicle owner is mandatorily required to register his/her vehicle with one of the regional transport offices in Odisha. Each registered vehicle at the RTO Odisha is given a unique registration number which is assigned to the vehicle at the time of the application for registration. Registration of vehicle at Odisha regional transport office requires the vehicle owner to visit the concerned RTO nearest to his/her residential address and submit the application form and application fees along with relevant documents needed as stated below at the counter of the concerned RTO. Every registered vehicle is given a registration number for future reference. The application for a registration number can also be initiated online by visiting the state's official website of the state's transport department. In the online process, the Registration Authority will process the vehicle registration after uploading the relevant stated documents. The applicant is also required to submit an acknowledgement form and the application form to the Regional transport office to complete the application process to register a vehicle.

Documents needed for registration of vehicle in Odisha

  • Form 20: Application Form to be duly filled and submitted. 
  • Form 21: this is the Sales certificate to be submitted
  • Form 22: this is the Roadworthiness certificate of the vehicle
  • Valid Insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • Design approval of the vehicle obtained from the State Transport Commissioner for registration of trailer or semi-trailer vehicles
  • Passport-sized photographs of the owner of the vehicle
  • Proofs of age and address of the vehicle owner 
  • Road Tax and the required application fee are also required to be paid
  • For registration of a vehicle that has been imported, a certificate of customs clearance is also required to be furnished.
  • In the case of vehicle loan hypothecation, Form 34 is required to be duly filled and submitted.

The afore-stated documents are necessary documents required to be furnished for availing permanent registration number of the vehicle. After verifying all the above relevant documents by the regional transport officials, the vehicle registration certificate number is issued to the vehicle owner. You can also obtain a fancy registration number by paying an additional application fee through the open auction process.

Process of Registration of vehicle brought from outside Odisha

To transfer a vehicle from another state or permanently shifting to Odisha, you will have to register your vehicle in Odisha. The application for registration has to be made to the designated RTO in Form 20 and Form 26. You are also required to submit some documents for the transfer of registration. In case of vehicle transfer, you are also required to submit a No- Objection Certificate to be obtained from the original registering authority and submit Form 25 instead of Form 20. Along the aforesaid submit the following documents for availing the transfer of registration of the vehicle in the state of Odisha. Following documents are required to be submitted for re-registration of a vehicle brought from outside Odisha. The documents are required to be submitted along with applicable fees.

  • Form 29 and Form 30 to transfer the ownership of the vehicle. 
  • For changing the address of the registered vehicle, furnish Form 33 along with new address proof. 
  • Form 28- No-Objection Certificate obtained from the financier of the vehicle, including the imprint of the chassis fixed on the form. 
  • All other documents relevant to the vehicle are also required to be furnished. 
  • Form AT and FT is to be submitted. 
  • If the vehicle is to be used for any commercial purposes, then Form TCA and Form TCR are also required to be filled and submitted. 
  • An affidavit is to be submitted by the owner, stating that the vehicle is free from any crime, theft, or past accidental experiences.
  • Valid proof Age and Address of the new owner of the vehicle
  • Valid Insurance Certificate of the vehicle
  • Passport-sized photographs of the new owner
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Suppose the vehicle has been transferred from any other state to Odisha within the first 30 months of its initial registration. In that case, a proof of entry of tax payment is to be presented by the vehicle owner.

Process of Transfer of Ownership in Odisha

In case of a vehicle that is bought to Odisha from another state or is sold to any other State, then the ownership of the vehicle is required to be transferred to the new owner of the vehicle. For transfer of ownership, you will have to apply to the concerned RTO in Odisha by visiting the RTO and submitting the application form and relevant required documents along with applicable fees for ownership transfer. The following stated documents are required for ownership transfer of the vehicle.

  • Form 29: Application Form to be duly filled and submitted
  • Original Registration Certificate of the Vehicle
  • Valid ID proof of the vehicle
  • Valid Address proof of the vehicle owner 
  • Form 28: No- Objection Certificate(NOC), which is obtained from the state authority
  • Valid document of insurance of the vehicle to be transferred
  • PUC (Pollution Under Control Certificate) of the vehicle
  • Proof of payment of road tax
  • Necessary fee and other charges are to be paid.

Process of Obtaining No-Objection Certificate in Odisha

  • To apply for a no-objection certificate or NOC for registration of the vehicle in Odisha, you will have to visit the RTO office in the area.
  • You can locate your RTO office with the help of the RTO Location near to your residential address. 
  • You are required to submit the application form for the No-Objection certificate in front of the registering authority.
  • The application for a no-objection certificate shall be made in application Form no. 28 (in triplicates) to the concerned RTO. Application form no.28 can be downloaded online for the transport department's official website or obtained from the appropriate RTO. 
  • Present the application form, the required documents and applicable fees to the designated RTO to verify the same. The officials will start processing your application and provide you with the no-objection certificate.

Documents needed for No-Objection Certificate

Following documents are required to be submitted along with applicable fees to obtain a no-objection certificate from the regional transport office Odisha-

  • Form 28: Application Form to be submitted in triplicate
  • Certified copy of vehicle registration certificate
  • Certified copy of the  vehicle insurance certificate
  • Certificate of tax clearance
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Receipt of payment of fees
  • Signature Identification of owner (if applicable)
  • Aadhaar Card of the owner
  • Permit certificate and Fitness Certificate of the vehicle, which is required only in case of transport vehicles. 
  • Certificate of emission test of the vehicle

To drive freely on the roads of Odisha, you must register your vehicle with the concerned RTO and follow the process of registration as mentioned above. You should register your vehicle to avoid penalties, charges. It is prohibited to drive an unregistered vehicle in Odisha. The process for registration is straightforward and can also be done online.