Rajasthan Transport Department & RTO Code List

Introduction The Transport Department is set in the state with the objective of enforcement of the various provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Regional Transport Department of Rajasthan…

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The Transport Department is set in the state with the objective of enforcement of the various provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Regional Transport Department of Rajasthan enforces the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, rules and regulations thereunder for tax collection. Hence, the primary function of the regional transport office is- issuance of driving licenses to the applicant, registration of vehicles, issuance of permits to the applicants, motor vehicle tax as well as enforcement of vehicles in the state of Rajasthan. The Transport Department of Rajasthan or Rajasthan RTO was established for carrying forward various responsibilities laid down under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The main objective of the regional department is to ensure proper and efficient transportation services to the people of the state. Among other various responsibilities, registering of the vehicles, issuing of permits for various needs, etc. are provided by RTOs in Rajasthan. Transport department is headed by the Transport Commissioner who ensures the enforcement of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act.

Functions of Rajasthan Regional Transport Office

Rajasthan Regional Transport Department provides numerous functions and duties as are stated below-

  • Registration of Motor Vehicle - Registration of vehicle is the primary function of Rajasthan Regional Transport Office. RTO Rajasthan also provides Trade Certificate, Permanent Registration, Temporary Registration, Issuance of Renewal Registration Certificate, Issuance of Duplicate Registration Copy, Address Change of the owner, Ownership Transfer Certificate, Reassignment, Diplomatic Vehicles, No Objection Certificate, Number Reservation, Registration Display Registration Codes, and many more as provided under Registration of Motor Vehicle.
  • Issuance of Goods and Passenger Vehicles Permits Rajasthan Regional Transport Office is responsible for Issuance of permits to various vehicles which includes Auto rickshaw, City Cabs, Luxury Cabs, Prepaid Taxi, Maxi Cab, Radio Cabs, etc. It also provides Issuance of Temporary Permit, Goods Carriage Permit, Education Institutions Buses, Private Service Vehicles, etc.
  • Issue of Conductor and Driving Licenses - Rajasthan Regional Transport Office provides for the Issuance of permanent license and learner license, International Driving Permit and Issuance of renewal and duplicate license.
  • Collection of Motor vehicle taxes - Another important function of Regional Transport Office is Collection of various taxes which includes Quarterly tax, Border Tax, Life time, Composite Tax, Green Tax, etc and it also look into and take care of tax exemptions matters
  • Enforcement of provisions of Motor Vehicle Act, rules and regulations - RTO ensures that the provisions made under the Motor Vehicles Act is effectively enforced along with rules and regulations made thereunder. 
  • Road safety measures - Rajasthan Regional Transport Office ensure the enforcement of various traffic rules and regulations in the state of Rajasthan. 
  • Vehicle pollution control check and measures - RTO ensure proper checking of noise and air pollution made by the vehicles in the state. It also enforces various rules and regulation to maintain the pollution in check.

List of Regional Transport Offices in Rajasthan

There are 45 RTOs actively working and functional in the state of Rajasthan. The details of various RTOs in Rajasthan are stated below along with RTO codes of each regional transport office.

Address: Transport Commissioner, Parivahan Bhawan, Sahkar Marg, Jaipur Rajasthan.

Email: transport@rajasthan.gov.in

Fax: 0141-2740177

RTO Locations

RTO Code

























Sri Ganganagar
























Sawai Madhopur
















Ramganj Mandi, Kota










Rawatbhata, Kota


Balotra, Barmer


Bhiwadi, Alwar


Chomu, Jaipur


Kishangarh, Ajmer


Phalodi, Jodhpur


Sujangarh, Churu




Abu road, Sirohi


Dudu, Jaipur


Kekri, Ajmer


Nohar, Hanumangarh


Nokha, Bikaner


Shahpura, Bhilwara


Shahpura, Jaipur


Various Charges of Rajasthan Regional Transport Office

Registration Fees for Vehicles:

  • For medium goods vehicle- Rs 1,000
  • For Motor Cycle - Rs 300
  • For Light Motor Vehicles or three-wheelers or Quadricycle- Rs 600 for Non-transport vehicle and Rs 1,000 for Transport vehicles. 
  • For Invalid Carriage - Rs 50
  • For medium passenger motor vehicles - Rs 1,000
  • For heavy goods vehicle or heavy passenger motor vehicle - Rs 1,500
  • For imported motor vehicle - Rs 500
  • For imported motorcycle - Rs 2,500
  • Any other vehicle not mentioned above - Rs 3,000

Issue of Duplicate Certificate of Registration

Half of the fees discussed above for each kind of vehicle. 

Transfer of Ownership of the Vehicle

Half of the fees mentioned above for each kind of vehicle. 

Why do you need to register your vehicle in Rajasthan?

If you have a vehicle and you want to drive it on the roads of Rajasthan under the jurisdiction of the Rajasthan Regional Transport Department, then are mandatorily required to get your vehicle registered with any one of the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in the districts of Rajasthan. As per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is made mandatory for all the vehicle owners to ply on the roads of the state of Rajasthan to get their vehicles registered with an RTO. Thus, as a vehicle owner, you must get your vehicle registered before you ride or drive the vehicle on the road. You can also visit your nearest RTO for other services such as applying for a driving license, or renewing your driving license, getting a learner’s license if you are learning to drive a car, etc. You must ensure that all the above-mentioned documents are duly submitted. Once you submit the prescribed documents, an RTO official will verify them and when the authorities are satisfied that the documents furnished are authentic and not false, they will provide you your Registration Certificate via post to your provided residential address.

Temporary registration

  • When you buy a vehicle from a dealer, then it will be allotted with a temporary registration number from the dealer. The registration process generally takes a little time, and it is hence necessary to have a temporary registration number before you get a permanent one. The temporary registration will be given by the dealer itself when you buy the vehicle from the showroom of the dealer. The temporary registration number is valid only for a maximum period of one month. Within this period, you are required to get the permanent registration. An applicant can obtain a temporary registration of the vehicle from a car dealer in Rajasthan. Temporary number provided by the car is valid for a period of 1 month during which you have to make an application for vehicle permanent registration number.

How to register a vehicle in Rajasthan Regional Transport Office

Rajasthan RTO is responsible for registering each and every vehicle which ply on the roads of Rajasthan. You will have to visit the nearest RTO in a district of Rajasthan to get the vehicle registered.  According to the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, every owner of a vehicle needs to register their vehicle in the respective RTO by applying and submitting Form No. 20 for registration in RTO of their respective area. The application for vehicle registration at the Rajasthan RTO has to be made by the applicant along with the below stated documents.

  • Form 20- Form of registration application
  • Form 21-Sales certificate form
  • Form 22-Vehicle Roadworthiness certificate
  • Form 22A- If the body of your vehicle is fabricated
  • Invoice of the Vehicle
  • Valid Document of vehicle insurance of the vehicle
  • Applicant’s PAN card details
  • Application fee as may be applicable
  • Applicable road tax or any other tax in accordance of the Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1951
  • In case of Imported Vehicles Customs bill is required
  • Applicant’s ID proof
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Form 34- If the vehicle is given as loan hypothecation
  • Applicant’s 2 passport size photographs
  • Registration fees
  • Form for Registration of vehicle can be downloaded online from www.transport.rajasthan.gov.in

On receiving the aforesaid documents to the respective regional transport office in your area, the Registering Authority will verify and a registration number. The verification of the documents are done by officials of the RTO and an inspection of the vehicle will also be done. Only after the inspection and verification, a registration number is allotted to the applicant and the registration card of the vehicle is sent to the registered address of the vehicle owner.

Process of Registration of vehicles brought from outside Rajasthan

If you have brought a vehicle from any other state and want to register your vehicle permanently in the state of Rajasthan, then you are required to submit the documents mentioned above along with a No Objection Certificate obtained by you from the original registering authority in the state you brought the vehicle from.

  • Vehicle Insurance certificate
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Applicant’s Age and address proof documents
  • Applicant’s Passport size photograph
  • Form 29 - No-Objection Certificate issued by the original RTO
  • Form 29- Notice of Vehicle Possession Transfer
  • Form 30-Application for transfer of vehicle possession
  • Form 33- Notice of address change of the vehicle
  • Applicable fees along with road taxes
  • No-Objection certificate is also required to be issued by the financer, in case the vehicle has been purchased on loan

Process of Transfer of Ownership of Vehicles

India has a very large used vehicle market in all the states. When you want to transfer the ownership of your vehicle to another, you must get it registered in the RTO database. In such a case, the buyer will have to undergo the registration process and update all the record of the vehicle as the new owner. The documents which are required for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle are listed below.

  • Form 29 and Form 30- Sale and transfer of ownership of the vehicle
  • Valid Identity proof of the buyer of the vehicle
  • Valid Proof of residence of the buyer of the vehicle
  • Passport size photographs of the buyer
  • Valid certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Original Registration certificate of the vehicle of which the owner is transferred
  • Affidavit for ownership transfer
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Along with all these documents, the buyer will also have to pay registering fee for the transfer of ownership.

After the documents are verified by the respective RTO, the ownership transfer will be recorded by the RTO in its database. The buyer will then receive the updated registration certificate with along the new ownership information by the Regional Transport Office.

How to get No-Objection Certificate

To apply for NOC or No-Objection certificate for a vehicle which is registered in Rajasthan, the applicant has to visit the RTO of the area as per RTO codes and submit the Application for No-Objection Certificate in front of the registering authority. The application is required to be made in Form 28 which can be downloaded online from the official website of Rajasthan RTO. Application forms can also be obtained from the appropriate RTO and it should be duly filled and presented with appropriate fees in one of the counter where the officials of the RTO will start processing your application. Submit the form with the below stated documents to receive the No-Objection Certificate from the RTO.

  • Form 28- Three copies i.e. in triplicate
  • Certified copy of certificate of registration
  • Certified copy of Insurance certificate
  • Certificate of tax clearance
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Receipt of Fees payment
  • Chassis & Print of Engine Pencil (if applicable)
  • Signature of Identification of the owner (if applicable)
  • Aadhaar Card of the owner

Process for Fancy Registration in Rajasthan Regional Transport Office

The application for fancy registration numbers has to be made at your respective RTO. Once the application for the fancy registration number been submitted and fee has been paid by you, the number will be allotted to you only if there are no other applicants for that same/particular number. However, in case there are other applicants for same number, then the number will be put up for auction.  The applicant who bids highest for the number will have the number allotted. So, you must ensure be in touch with your RTO to know if the number that you want is available or not. If not, then you must ensure the dates of the auction which is mostly intimated by the RTO through major newspapers in the area.


The registration process for the vehicles has been simplified by the Transport Department of Rajasthan for the benefit of customers. The RTO’s portal, can be used by owners of the vehicles for any queries or any application requests. When you buy a new vehicle, you may use the services of your dealer to easily register the vehicle. Almost all the major dealers provide the service of providing temporary registration number in exchange for a price. However, if you want to do the registration of vehicle by yourself, you can easily proceed by following the steps which are mentioned above.