Gwalior RTO: List of RTO Office Gwalior & RTO Number

Gwalior Regional Transport Office (Gwalior RTO) Gwalior is one of the major cities in the central state of Madhya Pradesh and an attractive tourist destination because of the various historical and…

Gwalior Regional Transport Office (Gwalior RTO)

Gwalior is one of the major cities in the central state of Madhya Pradesh and an attractive tourist destination because of the various historical and cultural sites. The city is also the home to many industrious and administrative offices.

With the rapid development of the city into a Smart City, the number of vehicles on the city roads has also increased. The Regional Transport Office Gwalior (Gwalior RTO) was established to regulate the traffic and maintain road discipline. The Gwalior RTO works under the supervision of the RTO Madhya Pradesh and implements the rules and regulations stated in the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. The roles and responsibilities of the Gwalior RTO are not limited to issuing and renewing driving licenses and RC. MP RTO Gwalior overlooks the development of the road transport infrastructure in the city and ensures that the public follows all the rules and regulations. Let’s understand the roles and responsibilities of Gwalior RTO in detail.

Roles and Responsibilities of RTO Gwalior

RTO Gwalior is one of the major RTOs in Madhya Pradesh that provides services for the Government of Madhya Pradesh Transport Department. The roles and responsibilities of the RTO Office Gwalior include:

  • Issue of New Learner’s License: The RTO Office Gwalior issues a learning license to people over 16. The learner’s license is essential for getting a permanent license from Gwalior RTO when you turn 18.
  • Issue of Permanent License: You can apply for a permanent license at RTO Gwalior MP after 18 years old and have a valid learner’s license.
  • Adding a class of Endorsement of Driving License: If a vehicle owner wants to add an endorsement of an additional vehicle class to their existing driving license, then they can visit RTO Gwalior.
  • Updating and changes in Driving License: If there are any changes like address change in your existing DL, RTO Gwalior will assist you in updating the information.
  • Duplicate Driving License: You can get a duplicate DL issued from Gwalior RTO in case of theft or loss of DL.
  • Temporary Registration of Vehicle: When you purchase a vehicle, temporary vehicle registration is provided. But it is valid only for a month, before which you have to apply for permanent registration at Gwalior RTO.
  • Permanent Registration: It is mandatory to permanently register your vehicle if you want to drive it on the roads in India. You can get your vehicle permanently registered at the RTO Gwalior.
  • Transfer of Ownership: Transfer of ownership from the original owner to the buyer is also done at the RTO office Gwalior.
  • Change of Address: Any changes like address changes in your RC can be updated by the Gwalior RTO.
  • Issue NOC: RTO Gwalior issues NOC to anyone who requires it.
  • Tax Collection: Collection of taxes like Road Tax is also done by RTO Gwalior MP on behalf of the government.

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  • Registration Certificates can also be renewed at the RTO office Gwalior.
  • RTO Gwalior also issues Vehicle Fitness Certificate after conducting a fitness test.
  • A driving test is also conducted for the applicants who have applied for a DL at Gwalior RTO.
  • Gwalior RTO issues both National and Local permits.

Gwalior RTO Number and Address

Gwalior RTO

Gwalior RTO Details

Gwalior RTO Code


Gwalior RTO Address

Near Police Station, Aamkho Rd, Vakil Colony, Kampoo, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh - 474001

Gwalior RTO Number


E-mail Id


Jayanagar RTO Timings

10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Types of Vehicle Registration at RTO Gwalior

Gwalior RTO issues the following two types of vehicle registration services. 

  • Temporary Registration: The temporary registration of the vehicle is compulsory to drive your vehicle on the roads in India. It is provided by the dealer from whom you purchase the vehicle. The registration is valid for a month, and you have to get your vehicle permanently registered in that period.
  • Permanent Registration: It is mandatory to get your vehicle permanently registered from the Gwalior RTO office. For vehicles in Gwalior, the RTO Gwalior offers services of permanent registration, and you can go there and do so by submitting the documents along with the fees.

Motor Vehicle Insurance in Gwalior

Buying motor vehicle insurance for all four and two-wheelers is mandatory to drive your vehicle on the road. Driving without valid insurance is a punishable offence. There are two distinct types of insurance that you can purchase.

  • Third-Party Liability Coverage: This coverage is mandatory if you want to ply your vehicle on the roads in the country. This plan protects you from claims of bodily injury or damage to a third party during an accident.
  • Own Damage Cover: This coverage provides you with a safety net in case of damage or bodily injury to your self during an accident. But you can opt for this policy only with third-party liability coverage. If you have both these plans, then this becomes comprehensive coverage.

Buying motor insurance is essential because it is mandatory and protects you from the financial burden that may result from an accident. Also, Gwalior RTO officials check the vehicle owners for a valid updated motor insurance policy. When you buy a motor insurance policy, read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any issues at the time of filing for a claim.

Gwalior RTO FAQs

1) I lost my RC. Can I get a duplicate RC from RTO Gwalior?

Ans. Yes, you can get a duplicate RC from the RTO office Gwalior in case of loss. You must visit the Gwalior RTO office with all the required documents like FIR, insurance documents, PUC, etc., and submit the required fees.


2) Can I get my vehicle insurance renewed from RTO Gwalior MP?

Ans. No, the RTO office is not responsible for vehicle insurance. You have to get your vehicle insurance renewed from the insurance company from which you bought the plan. However, Gwalior RTO regularly checks for the updated vehicle insurance policy. 


3) I need an international driving license. From where can I get it?

Ans. The Gwalior RTO issues an international driving license. You must apply for an international driving license with the documents and the application fees.


4) I moved to Gwalior from Bangalore. How can I get my car re-registered in Gwalior RTO?

Ans. You can get your vehicle re-registered in Gwalior by submitting the valid documents to the RTO Gwalior MP and the applicable fees. The documents you need to submit include original RC, PUC, duly filled forms, insurance documents, NOC from the financer in case of a loan, and NOC from the previous RTO where your vehicle was registered.


5) I have bought another car. Do I need to apply for another RTO Gwalior driving license?

Ans. Unlike insurance, you do not need a separate DL for every vehicle you drive. If you have a valid DL, you can drive your car with the same driving license issued by RTO Gwalior. But if the car belongs to a different class of vehicle than what is permissible on the license, then you need to add a class of vehicle to your DL to drive the car. To update the vehicle class on the RC, you need to visit Gwalior RTO.

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