RTO Bangalore: List of RTO Offices Bangalore, Contact Number

Bangalore Regional Transport Office (Bangalore RTO) The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore, currently known as Bengaluru, is one of the most important and rapidly developing IT hubs. Situated in…

Bangalore Regional Transport Office (Bangalore RTO)

The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore, currently known as Bengaluru, is one of the most important and rapidly developing IT hubs. Situated in southern India, Bangalore is especially noted for its innumerable parks, highly favourable and soothing climatic conditions, and sparkling and happening nightlife.

The RTO Bangalore was established with the chief principle of managing the existing rules and regulations and implementing new ones as per the demand of the situation. The RTO office Bangalore is vested with the critical responsibility of ensuring the general public's protection, safety, and security.

Roles and Responsibilities of Bangalore RTO 

Being one of the major metropolitans of the country, the list of Bangalore RTO responsibilities is quite immense. Hence, the Bangalore RTO supervises numerous RTO offices spread across the city. Let’s look at the roles and responsibilities of Bangalore RTO. 

RTO Bangalore Driving License Services

Bangalore RTO offers the following driving license-related services mentioned below.

Registration Certificate and Associated Tasks

The following registration-related services are provided by the Bangalore RTO. 

  • Issuing both temporary as well as permanent registration certificates
  • Ownership transfer in the RC
  • In case of loss or damage of the original registration certificate, the Bangalore RTO issues a duplicate RC
  • Updating address change on the RC
  • Loan or loan hypothecation in the registration certificate
  • Issuance of NOC in case of inter-state transfer of vehicle
  • Renewal of the trade certificate
  • Examining the fitness level of the vehicle and issuing a fitness certificate against the same
  • Issuing varieties of permits like stage permits, carriage permits, etc.

Collection of Taxes and Revenues for the Government

Bangalore RTO collects different taxes and fees, which are further used to develop the transport department. Bangalore RTO collects the following taxes and revenues from the general public.

  • Departmental Action cases
  • Motor Vehicle Tax/Road Tax
  • IMV Fees collection

Inspection of vehicles

RTO Bangalore is responsible for inspecting every vehicle passing through every checkpoint.

Ensuring Environment Safety

Bangalore RTO regularly checks the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle running on the road is updated and emission-proof, not to harm the environment. The following are the duties of Bangalore RTO.

  • PUC control testing
  • Conversion of the vehicles to LPG/CNG

Ensuring the General Safety of the Public

The RTO Bangalore is responsible for ensuring the general road safety of the common people through effective management and implementation of traffic rules and policies.

RTO Bangalore Online

The online service portal of Bangalore RTO is one of the most significant tools in this respect. You can easily view Bangalore vehicle owner details online with a few clicks on your laptop or smartphone. Bangalore RTO vehicle details are also readily available on the portal.

Bangalore RTO number and Contact Details

The details of Bangalore RTO offices are listed below with the contact details and address. 

Bangalore RTO Name

Bangalore RTO Details

Bangalore RTO code (East)


Address (Bangalore East RTO)

2nd Floor, BDA Complex, Indiranagar, Bangalore- 560038



Bangalore RTO code (West)


Address (Bangalore West RTO)

Rajajinagar Shopping Complex, Bangalore- 560010





Types of Vehicle Registration in Bangalore RTO

Bangalore RTO provides vehicle registration-related services to collect the database of vehicles and restrict any vehicle-related crimes. One can reach Bangalore RTO for the following vehicle registration-related services. 

  • Temporary registration: When you buy a brand-new vehicle from the showroom, you automatically receive a temporary registration issued by the dealer. The validity of this registration is very limited to up to around one month. Before the expiry of this period, you must apply for permanent registration at your nearest RTO office Bangalore.
  • Permanent registration: It is the mandate and the law of the nation to possess a permanent registration certificate plying on the road. Bangalore is no exception to this. Every single vehicle must be duly registered with the RTO office Bangalore. You must apply for a permanent registration certificate at your nearest Bangalore RTO centre, as several offices are spread across the city. After completing the necessary paperwork and submitting the fees, you will receive the permanent registration certificate from Bangalore RTO.

Vehicle Insurance in Bangalore

The consistent growth and development of roads and transport have significantly improved connectivity. It has positively affected the lives of millions in more ways than one. But at the same time, the incidence of road accidents has also risen. Therefore, it has become compulsory for every single Indian vehicle to possess vehicle insurance as a form of protection for the driver, owner-driver, and vehicle passengers. It safeguards against unforeseen and sudden accidents that might happen en route.

motor vehicle insurance scheme offers complete and all-around protection against all sorts of unprecedented emergencies that may arise on the road. Three types of motor vehicle coverages exist

  1. Comprehensive car insurance
  2. Personal accident cover
  3. Third-party liability

You may also avail of the additional coverages for enjoying increased financial assistance, providing you extra coverage. The additional covers include Key Replacement cover, Roadside Assistance cover, Zero Depreciation cover, NCB protection cover, etc.


It is always advised that you should read the policy documents keenly to clear any ambiguity. The important considerable factors include coverage amount, settlement amount, premium value, etc. After careful comparison and consideration, it would help if you settled for a single plan.

Bangalore RTO FAQs

  1. How to obtain a learner’s license in Bangalore RTO?

    Ans. You can physically visit the nearest RTO Bangalore or online by visiting the Bangalore RTO website. The advanced digitized system has eased out the procedure to a considerable extent.


2. What is the list of documents that are required to obtain a DL in Bangalore RTO?

Ans. The relevant documents that you need to submit at Bangalore RTO to obtain a DL are as follows:

  • Application form
  • 2 passport photos
  • PAN card copy
  • Medical fitness certificate copy
  • Copy of the written consent of the parent/guardian with date and signature (for minor applicant)
  • Address proof copy (Ration card/voter card/passport/life insurance policy)
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Copy of a valid learner’s license
  • Receipt of the fees paid


3. What are the documents required for NOC from Bangalore RTO?

Ans. The documents that the applicant needs to submit at Bangalore RTO for NOC are as follows:

  • Application Form 28
  • Original RC
  • The latest payment receipt for Road Tax
  • A valid vehicle insurance
  • Crime report of NCRB
  • Address proof copy


4. Am I eligible to drive my vehicle without registering in the new state where I have been transferred?

Ans. Ideally, you must take an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your home state, pay the road tax, and register your vehicle in the new state. However, if the move is temporary, you can always travel without a NOC as long as the stay is less.


5. What amount of Road tax do I need to pay after transferring the vehicle to a different state?

Ans. The range varies from state to state but generally remains around 10% of the total vehicle value. You need to check the exact details from the official website of the new state. If you are moving to Bangalore, you can visit Bangalore RTO to know the required taxes.

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