RTO Telangana, List of Telangana RTO Offices

Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) are crucial in ensuring efficient and effective administration of transport-related activities. Regional Transport Office Telangana (RTO Telangana) is a government…

Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) are crucial in ensuring efficient and effective administration of transport-related activities. Regional Transport Office Telangana (RTO Telangana) is a government organization responsible for issuing Registration Certificates (RCs), Driving Licenses, Permits and enforcement of road transport rules and regulations etc. This article explores the functions, services and initiatives of RTO Telangana, highlighting how it streamlines vehicle registration and licensing processes to enhance road safety and improve the overall transport system in the state.

Services Offered By RTO Telangana

RTO Telangana, also known as the Transport Department of Telangana, functions under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 provisions. Its primary objective is to regulate and control road transport activities in the state. Some of the major functions of RTO Telangana include:

  • Vehicle Registration: RTO Telangana is responsible for registering different types of vehicles, including private cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and transport vehicles. It ensures that the vehicles meet the required safety and emission standards before granting the registration certificate.
  • Driver Licensing: RTO Telangana conducts driving tests and issues driver's licenses to individuals who meet the prescribed criteria. This ensures that drivers have the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding of road safety rules and regulations.
  • Collection of Taxes and Fees: RTO Telangana collects various taxes, fees and fines for vehicle registration, driving licenses, permits and other transport-related services. These funds contribute to the state's revenue and are used to develop and maintain road infrastructure.
  • Enforcement of Road Safety Rules: RTO Telangana is important in enforcing road safety rules and regulations. It conducts regular inspections to ensure the safety of road users, checks compliance with vehicle standards and takes appropriate action against violators.
  • Issue of Permits: RTO Telangana issues permits for commercial and transport vehicles like goods carriers, taxis and buses. These permits control the movement of vehicles and ensure compliance with specific rules and regulations.

List of RTO Offices in Telangana (Telangana RTO)

There are 36 RTO offices actively functioning in Telangana. Below, we have mentioned the list of RTOs in Telangana, along with RTO codes and contact details:




TS 01


TS 02

Warangal Urban

TS 03


TS 04


TS 05


TS 06

Ranga Reddy

TS 07


TS 08

Hyderabad Central

TS 09

Hyderabad North

TS 10

Hyderabad East

TS 11

Hyderabad South

TS 12

Hyderabad West

TS 13

Reserved for Hyderabad

TS 14


TS 15


TS 16


TS 17


TS 18


TS 19

Kumaram Bheem Asifabad

TS 20


TS 21


TS 22


TS 23

Warangal (rural)

TS 24

Jayashankar Bhupalpally

TS 25


TS 26


TS 27

Bhadradri Kothagudem

TS 28


TS 29

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri

TS 30


TS 31


TS 32

Jogulamba Gadwal

TS 33


TS 34


TS 35


TS 36

Types of Vehicle Registration in RTO Telangana

At RTO Telangana, various types of vehicle registration are done to ensure proper identification and regulation of vehicles. Types of vehicle registration at RTO Telangana include:

  • Temporary Registration
    Temporary registration is provided for vehicles that are not meant for long-term use or are not undergoing permanent registration. This allows the vehicle to legally drive on the roads for a limited period of time, usually 7 to 30 days. Temporary registration is generally used for newly purchased vehicles which require additional time to complete necessary documentation and formalities.
  • Permanent Registration
    Permanent registration is the standard vehicle registration type for long-term use. This includes completing all the documentation and complying with the relevant rules and regulations. Permanent registration provides a unique registration number and a registration certificate, commonly known as RC (Registration Certificate), which acts as a proof of ownership and vehicle details.
  • Private Vehicle Registration
    Private vehicle registration pertains to private vehicles used for non-commercial purposes, such as cars, motorcycles and private buses. To complete the registration process, private vehicle owners must provide necessary documents, including proof of address, proof of identity and documents related to the vehicle. Once registered, private vehicles receive a unique and HSRP and an RC, which must be displayed on the vehicle.
  • Commercial Vehicle Registration
    Commercial vehicle registration is required for vehicles used for commercial purposes, such as taxis, trucks, buses and goods carriers. The registration process for commercial vehicles involves additional documentation, including permits, fitness certificates, and other relevant commercial vehicle requirements. Commercial vehicles also get a unique registration number and an RC specifically depicting their commercial use.
  • Transport Vehicle Registration
    Transport vehicle registration is specific to vehicles used for public transport including buses, minibuses and auto-rickshaws. These vehicles require additional permits and compliance with regulations governing public transport. The registration process for transport vehicles includes stringent inspections to ensure compliance with safety and emission standards.

RTO Telangana Fee Structure

The fee structure for various services RTO Telangana provides may vary depending on the type of service and vehicle category. For the most accurate and updated fee details it is advised to visit official website of RTO Telangana or contact RTO office directly. Here is a general overview of the fee structure for some common services:



Type of output

Validity of output

Service charges (in INR)



Tax upto INR 500


3 to 12 months

INR 25

Tax above INR 500


3 to 12 months

INR 50




a) Learning Licence


6 months

INR 100

b) Transport Driving Licences




    Light Motor Vehicle

PVC Card

3 years

INR 200

    Other than Light Motor Vehicle

PVC Card

3 years

INR 200

c) Non-Transport Driving Licences

PVC Card

1 to 20 years

INR 300



a) Non-Transport RCs (Two Wheelers)

PVC card

1 to 15 years

INR 200

b) Non-Transport RCs (other than two Wheelers

PVC card

1 to 15 years

INR 400

c) Transport RCs

PVC card



    (i) 3-wheeled passenger Auto rickshaws

PVC card

1 year & above

INR 150

    (ii) Other than 3-wheeled passenger Auto rickshaws


1 year & above

INR 400


Fitness Certificates

a) 3-wheeled passenger Auto rickshaws


1 to 2 years

INR 100

b) Other than 3-wheeled passenger Auto rickshaws


1 to 2 years

INR 200



a) Pucca permits




    (i) 3-wheeled passenger Auto rickshaws

Laminated Paper

5 years

INR 100

    (ii) Other than 3-wheeled passenger Auto rickshaws

Laminated Paper

5 years

INR 200

b) Other than Pucca permits, including Temporary permits, National Permit     Authorisation, Variations, etc.,


1 day to 6 months

INR 200





INR 100

Vehicle Registration Process in RTO Telangana

Visit the nearest Telangana RTO and complete Form 20 with the correct information. Moreover, you need to submit the following documents along with Form 20:

  • Provisional registration document 
  • Address verification
  • Vehicle sale certificate
  • PUC authorisation
  • Xerox of your PAN card
  • Coloured passport-size photographs
  • Form 34 (in case your vehicle was bought through a bank loan).

An official will verify the documents. Once the verification is completed and the necessary fee payments have been made, you will be granted a smart card that could be used as a registration certificate. The smart card will be delivered to your address within a few days.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration in Telangana

There are two instances where renewal of the registration certificate is necessary. The first occurs when your registration certificate is nearing its 15-year validity period, and the second arises when you move to Telangana from a different state. Consequently, the process of renewing your registration differs from the initial registration application. To renew your Telangana registration certificate, you must present the following documents at the Telangana RTO office:

  • The vehicle for physical inspection
  • Current Registration Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Valid Insurance Certificate

Driver’s Licence Application Process in Telangana RTO

The process for applying for a driver's license in Telangana involves several steps and requires the submission of specific documents. Here is a general overview of the driver's license application process in Telangana RTO:

  • Visit the website www.transport.telangana.gov.in to access the driver's license application form and print it out.
  • Go to the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) and submit the completed application form, necessary documents, and fees.
  • Schedule a time for the driving test.
  • Once you have successfully completed the driving test, you will be issued a Learner's License. After a specified period of time, you will receive your permanent Driving License.

Documents Need to Submit for Driving Licence in RTO Telangana

Below mentioned are the documents that you need to submit while applying for Driving Licence in RTO Telangana:

  • 3 passport-size photographs
  • Form 4 - An application for a Driving Licence
  • Medical certificate in Form 1A 
  • A Driving Certificate in Form 5 for a transport Licence


The RTO is an important authority in the management of vehicle registration and driver licensing in the state of Telangana. Its efficient processes ensure proper identification of vehicles, issuance of valid licenses, collection of road taxes and enforcement of traffic rules. By emphasizing road safety and enforcing rules, the RTO contributes to creating a safer and more organized transport system within the state of Telangana. Vehicle owners and drivers must follow the guidelines laid down by RTO Telangana to ensure compliance with legal requirements and promote responsible driving practices.

RTO Telangana FAQs

  1. How can I check the status of my vehicle registration application in Telangana?

Ans. To check the status of your vehicle registration application in Telangana, you can visit the official website of RTO Telangana and navigate to the "Vehicle Registration" section. Enter the application number or vehicle registration number to track the status of your application online.

  1. How can I pay road tax in Telangana?

Ans. Road tax can be paid in Telangana by visiting the RTO office and submitting the necessary documents, including a vehicle registration certificate, proof of address, and chassis imprint. The road tax amount is calculated based on factors such as vehicle type, age, and engine capacity. Payment can be made in cash or through demand draft as per the prescribed fee structure.

  1. What services does RTO Telangana provide?

Ans. RTO Telangana provides a range of services, including vehicle registration, issuance of driving licenses, collection of road taxes, transfer of ownership, issuance of duplicate documents, conducting vehicle fitness tests, issuing permits for commercial vehicles, and enforcing transport-related laws.

  1. Where are the RTO offices located in Telangana?

Ans. RTO offices are spread across various districts in Telangana. Some of the prominent RTO office locations include Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, and Khammam.

  1. What is the penalty for driving without a valid license in Telangana?

Ans. Driving without a valid license in Telangana is a punishable offence. The penalty for driving without a license may include a fine and possible suspension of driving privileges.


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