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The Gujarat Transport Department maintains the Regional Transport Office (Vadodara RTO) of Vadodara, which functions as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Vadodara, Gujarat's second-largest city, is…

The Gujarat Transport Department maintains the Regional Transport Office (Vadodara RTO) of Vadodara, which functions as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Vadodara, Gujarat's second-largest city, is known for its chemical industry and witnesses regular traffic from both private and commercial vehicles. The responsibilities of the Vadodara RTO include granting permits and licenses, enforcing transport rules and handling various administrative duties associated with the transport system.

Vadodara RTO (GJ-06)

Here’s a table with Vadodara RTO contact details and office working hours.

RTO Code/Number





RTO Office, Near Golden Chokdi NH 8, Darjipura, Vadodara ‒ 390006

Office Timings

10:30 AM to 6 PM

Helpline Number:


List of Other Regional Transport Offices in Gujarat (Gujarat RTO)

There are 38 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Gujarat, which regulate and monitor the state's transportation system. Below is the complete list of RTOs in Gujarat:

RTO Code

RTO Name


RTO Ahmedabad


RTO Mehsana


RTO Rajkot


RTO Bhavnagar


RTO Surat

GJ- 06

RTO Vadodara

GJ- 07

RTO Nadiad


RTO Palanpur


RTO Himmatnagar


RTO Jamnagar


RTO Junagadh


RTO Kuchh-Bhuj


RTO Surendranagar


RTO Amreli


RTO Valsad


RTO Bharuch


RTO Godhara


RTO Gandhinagar


RTO Bardoli


RTO Dahod


RTO Navsari


RTO Rajpipla


RTO Anand


RTO Patan


RTO Porbandar


RTO Vyara


RTO Ahmedabad East


RTO Dang-Aahwa


RTO Arvalli


RTO Gir Somnath


RTO Botad


RTO Chhotaudepur


RTO Mahisagar


RTO Morbi


RTO Devbhumi Dwarka


RTO Bavla

Services offered by Vadodara RTO

The Regional Transport Office (RTO Vadodara) provides a wide range of transport and vehicle administration services. Here are the services provided by Vadodara RTO in detail:

  1. Vehicle Registration Services

  • New Vehicle Registration: RTO Vadodara facilitates the registration of new vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and other types of vehicles.
  • Temporary Vehicle Registration: The RTO issues temporary registration certificates for vehicles that are being used for a limited period, such as vehicles being transported or displayed for sale.
  • Transfer of Vehicle Ownership: The RTO manages the transfer of vehicle ownership and issues transfer certificates to ensure proper documentation and legal transfer of ownership.
  • Change of Vehicle Address: If there is a change in the vehicle owner's address, the RTO allows for the update of address details in the vehicle registration certificate.
  1. Driving License Services

  • Learner's License: RTO Vadodara conducts learner's license tests and issues learner's licenses to individuals who are learning to drive.
  • Permanent Driving License: After the learner's license period, the RTO conducts driving tests and issues permanent licenses for eligible individuals.
  • International Driving Permit: The RTO provides international driving permits to residents of Vadodara who wish to drive in other countries.
  1. Permits and Licenses

  • Goods Carriage Permits: RTO Vadodara issues permits for transporting goods by commercial vehicles.
  • Passenger Vehicle Permits: The RTO grants permits for operating passenger vehicles, such as buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws.
  • School Bus Permits: RTO Vadodara issues permits expressly for school buses, ensuring school transportation safety and compliance.
  1. Fitness Certificate

  • The RTO conducts vehicle fitness tests to ensure roadworthiness and issues fitness certificates accordingly.
  1. Tax Collection

  • RTO Vadodara collects various vehicle-related taxes, including road and other taxes and fees, per the applicable regulations.
  1. Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Rule

  • The RTO enforces traffic rules and regulations within its jurisdiction, ensuring compliance with speed limits, traffic signals, and other traffic laws.
  • The RTO may issue challans (traffic tickets) for violations and takes necessary actions to enforce road safety.
  1. Vehicle Insurance

  • RTO Vadodara verifies vehicle insurance details during registration and ensures that vehicles comply with the mandatory insurance requirements.
  1. Hypothecation Termination

  • The RTO facilitates the termination of hypothecation (removal of the lien) on vehicles once the loan or financial agreement is fully repaid.
  1. NOC (No Objection Certificate)

  • The RTO issues NOCs for vehicles when an owner intends to move or transfer the vehicle to another RTO jurisdiction.

Vadodara RTO Fees

Below, we have mentioned the fees for various vehicle and driver-related services in RTO Vadodara.

Driving Licence Fees

Below mentioned are the fees related to Driving Licence in RTO Vadodara.

Service Type

Fees (in INR)

Driving Licence

INR 200

Learning Licence

INR 150

Learning Licence Test

INR 50

Test for adding a class of vehicle to DL

INR 300

Duplicate Driving Licence

INR 250

International Driving Permit


Driving Licence renewal

INR 200

Duplicate Licence for a driving school


Licence for a driving school


Changing details on existing Driving Licence

INR 400

Addition of category to existing Driving Licence

INR 300

Adding a class of vehicle to Driving Licence

INR 500

Making changes or renewal of authorisation for carrying hazardous goods

INR 100

Driving Licence renewal after the grace period is over

INR 300 + INR 1K/year

Driving Licence renewal after the grace period

INR 300

For appealing against the licensing authority

INR 500

Making changes in existing documents

INR 200

Addition of category in L.M.V. Licence

INR 300

Badge of authorisation

INR 50 per category

Inclusion of hazardous goods category

INR 50 per year

Vadodara RTO Registration Charges

Below mentioned is the fee structure for vehicle registration-related services in Vadodara.

Type of Vehicle

Fees (in INR)


INR 50

Medium goods vehicle


Imported bike

INR 2.5K

Heavy goods vehicle

INR 1.5K

Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles (Transport)


Imported vehicle


Medium passenger vehicle


Heavy passenger vehicle

INR 1.5

Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles (Non-transport)

INR 600

Type of vehicle not mentioned in this table


Here’s a table denoting the tax percentage for different vehicles in Vadodara.

Vehicle Type

Tax (% of the cost of the vehicle)





Auto Rickshaw


Commercial tractors




A vehicle with a seating capacity of between 3 to 6 passengers


Vehicles with gross vehicle weight up to 7,500 kg


The below table provides the fee structure for other registration-related services in RTO Vadodara.

Service Type

Fees (in INR)

Transfer of ownership of a two-wheeler

INR 150

Transfer of ownership of a car

INR 300

Authorise Hypothecation details

INR 200

Remove Hypothecation details

INR 200

Duplicate RC for two-wheeler

INR 150

Duplicate RC for car

INR 300

Permit Charges

The below table provides the fee structure for vehicle permits in Vadodara RTO.

Permit Type

Fees (in INR)

Goods Carrier Permit

INR 350

National Permit

INR 350 + INR 500 Authorisation Fee

Counter Signatures

INR 350

Stage Carriage Permit

INR 350

Contract Carriage Permit

INR 350

Permit for a vehicle to be used as both ‒ Contract Carriage and Stage Carriage

INR 350

Special Permit for passenger vehicle

INR 100

Temporary Permits

INR 100

Permit for Private service vehicle

INR 350

Institution/School Buses

INR 350

Vadodara RTO Performance Standard

The following table provides the turnaround time for different types of services at the Vadodara RTO.


Turnaround Time

Grant of Learner’s Licence

Same Day


4 Days

Grant of Driving Licence

7 Days

Registration Certificate

7 Days

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

7 Days

AITP Authorisation/Renewal

7 Days

Temporary Permit

7 Days

Supplicate Permit (All Vehicles)

7 Days

Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods Vehicle

7 Days

Grant/Renewal of National Permit

7 Days

Counter Signatures of Goods Vehicle

7 Days

Stage Carriage Permit Renewal

7 Days

Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses)

7 Days

Transfer of Ownership

30 Days

Significance and Impact of Vadodara RTO

The operation of RTO Vadodara has a significant impact on the city's transport systems and road safety. By ensuring compliance with regulations, issuing licenses and permits, managing vehicle registration and conducting fitness tests, the Vadodara RTO helps maintain the integrity of the transport system.

One of the major contributions of RTO Vadodara is to promote road safety. RTO strives to create a safe driving environment by enforcing traffic rules and regulations, punishing traffic violators and conducting driving tests. This focus on road safety helps reduce accidents, injuries and deaths on the roads of Vadodara.

Furthermore, RTO Vadodara's efficient vehicle registration and licensing processes contribute to the ease of doing business in the city. Vehicle owners can complete the necessary paperwork, obtain licenses and register their vehicles relatively quickly, leading to a more accessible and streamlined process.

The collection of taxes and fees by RTO Vadodara also generates revenue for infrastructure development and maintenance. These funds contribute to constructing and maintaining roads, traffic management systems, and other transportation-related projects.

The services of RTO Vadodara are not limited to individuals only but also extend to commercial entities and organizations. By issuing permits and licenses for commercial vehicles such as goods carriers and passenger vehicles, RTOs facilitate the growth of businesses and ensure compliance with regulations.

Types of Vehicle Registration at Vadodara RTO

At the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Vadodara, various types of vehicle registration are facilitated to ensure proper documentation and compliance with legal requirements. The types of vehicle registration available at Vadodara RTO include:

  • Temporary Registration: The dealer provides temporary registration to the vehicle owner at the time of vehicle purchase. This registration is valid for one month only. Before this registration expires, the owner is expected to get his vehicle permanently registered with RTO Vadodara.
  • Permanent Registration: The vehicle owners can avail of permanent registration from RTO Vadodara. Registering your vehicle to ply on the roads in India is mandatory. To register your vehicle, you must complete a form and submit the relevant documents and the applicable fee to the RTO office in Vadodara.

Buy Motor Vehicle Insurance in Vadodara

Buying vehicle insurance is mandatory for driving a vehicle on the road in India. If you are driving without insurance, then you may have to face punishment in the form of a fine. Hence, you must have an insurance policy to drive your vehicle legally.

A motor insurance policy saves you from the financial burden in case of an emergency on the road. You can get three types of coverage when you buy a motor insurance policy for yourself. This includes:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Personal Accident Cover

You can get add-on covers which provide additional financial support and better coverage. Some of the common add-on covers that you can buy include zero depreciation cover, consumables cover, roadside assistance cover, key replacement cover, no-claim bonus cover, etc. These covers enhance your coverage and help you meet some of your major expenses. Happens when there is an accident on the road.

You must read all the information clearly before buying an insurance policy. This includes the coverage amount, premium and claim settlement process. It is advisable to buy a policy only after careful consideration and comparison.

Vehicle Registration Process in Vadodara RTO

The vehicle registration process at the Vadodara Regional Transport Office (RTO) involves several steps and requires submitting specific documents. Here is a general outline of the vehicle registration process at Vadodara RTO:

  1. Application Form
    Get an application form for vehicle registration from Vadodara RTO or download it from their official website. Fill the form with accurate details and ensure all fields are filled correctly.
  2. Required Documents
    Gather the following documents that are typically required for vehicle registration:
  • Proof of Identity: Any government-issued identification document such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or voter ID.
  • Proof of Address: Documents like electricity bills, water bills, ration cards, or rental agreements.
  • Sale Invoice: The original invoice was provided by the vehicle dealer.
  • Roadworthiness Certificate: In the case of newly manufactured vehicles, the manufacturer issues a roadworthiness certificate.
  • Insurance Certificate: A valid insurance certificate for the vehicle.
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: A valid PUC certificate issued by an authorized PUC centre.
  • Form 20: Application for vehicle registration.
  • Form 21: Sales certificate from the dealer.
  • Form 22: Roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer.
  • Form 34: Required for vehicles under hypothecation (if applicable).

It is recommended to carry original documents and photocopies for submission at the RTO. 

  1. Verification and Submission

Visit the Vadodara RTO office and submit the filled application form and required documents at the designated counter. RTO officials will verify the documents and may ask for additional information if required.

  1. Vehicle Inspection
    In some cases, the RTO may physically inspect the vehicle to ensure its safety and emission norms compliance. Inspection may include checking the chassis number, engine number, vehicle condition and other relevant details.
  2. Fee Payment
    Pay the required registration fee and taxes as the RTO prescribes. The fee structure depends on the type of vehicle and its specifications. Get the fee payment receipt for future reference.
  3. Registration Number Allotment
    Once the documents are verified, the fee is paid, and the vehicle passes the inspection (if applicable), the Vadodara RTO will allot a registration number to the vehicle. Registration numbers are assigned based on vehicle category, such as private, commercial or transport.
  4. Registration Certificate (RC)
    After the registration number is allotted, the RTO will issue the Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC). RC is proof of registration and consists of details like registration number, vehicle owner name, engine number, chassis number and other relevant information.
  5. Number Plate Installation
    After registration, affixing the allotted registration high security number plate on the vehicle as per the specified guidelines and format is mandatory.


RTO Vadodara is important in Gujarat's transport and vehicle administration scenario. Through its wide variety of services, the RTO contributes to road safety and the smooth functioning of the transport system in Vadodara. From vehicle registration to licensing, permits, tax collection and enforcement of motor vehicle rules, RTO Vadodara is vital in ensuring compliance, promoting road safety and facilitating efficient transportation. As Vadodara continues to grow and witness an increase in vehicular movement, the RTO's dedication to its responsibilities will be vital in maintaining order, safety and convenience for citizens and vehicle owners in the area.


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