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LIC Claim: Filing Process and Documents Required

LIC claim filing and processing is essential to ensure you receive the guaranteed benefits from your LIC life insurance policy. Now, the question arises: Do you know the complete process for filing a claim under your LIC policy? Are you aware of the necessary documents to prevent your LIC claim from being rejected, ensuring timely financial assistance?

In this article, we will look into every aspect of the LIC claim filing process and requirements in detail. Whether you're navigating a death claim or seeking information on an LIC maturity claim, we've got you covered. Understanding these details will help you understand the process smoothly, ensuring financial support when you need it most.

LIC Claim Filing Process

Two types of LIC claims are primarily raised under a life insurance policy: on the death of the life assured during the policy term and on the maturity of the policy.

The beneficiaries can file a claim against the life insurance policy and get financial support in case of the untimely demise of the policyholder. Once the claim is approved, the life insurer pays the promised sum of money to the claimant into their bank account.

In another case, when a maturity benefit is payable under a life insurance policy, the life assured can raise the claim before the due date of policy maturity. Here, we explain the process of LIC claim filing under different conditions.

Process to File Death Claim in LIC

On the unfortunate death of the life assured during the policy term, the nominee can file the death claim by following the steps given below:

  • Claim Intimation: The nominee needs to inform the nearest LIC branch or contact the LIC customer support team. Once informed, the support team will ask for the necessary details and hand over the LIC death claim form, which the nominee must fill out and submit as soon as possible.
  • Document Submission: The nominee is required to gather and submit the requested documents at the branch.
  • Claim Verification: The officials will review the LIC claim request and ask for any relevant information if required. They can investigate if required to find out the real cause of death.
  • Claim Processing: Upon successfully verifying the LIC claim raised, the death claim amount is directly transferred to the nominee account.

Documents Required for LIC Death Claim Filing

The following documents are required to support a death claim in LIC:

  • Death Claim Form A (LIC claim form is available at LIC branch or LIC official website)

  • Original policy documents
  • Death certificate issued by the local municipal authority
  • Identity proof of nominee
  • Address proof of nominee
  • Claim Form B and Form B2 filled by medical attendants
  • Claim Form B1 (if the policyholder was hospitalised for treatment)
  • Claim Form C (certificate of identity and cremation)
  • Claim Form D (in case of employment, certificate from the employer)
  • Copy of FIR/ Police Mortem Report/ Police Investigation Report)
  • Form 3801 - discharge form
  • NEFT mandate forms
  • Cancelled cheque/copy of passbook

How to File LIC Maturity Claim?

The LIC maturity claim is the final settlement of the LIC policy, where the policyholder receives a certain amount with all the bonuses and guaranteed additions (if any). In case of LIC policy reaching the due date of maturity, the servicing branch sends an intimation letter regarding the maturity claim two months in advance. The policyholder needs to follow the given process to make an LIC claim for maturity.

  • LIC Maturity Claim Form Submission: After receiving the intimation letter from the LIC branch, the policyholder needs to submit the discharge form at least one month before the LIC maturity date.
    You can also download the LIC maturity claim form from the official website of the LIC of India. Duly fill out the LIC maturity claim form with the required documents online.
  • Claim Verification: LIC officials then verify the claim for additional information requirements.
  • Claim Process: On successful verification of the LIC maturity claim, the maturity amount is then credited to the account details submitted with the applicable bonus and incentives.

In case you do not receive any intimation for the claim due in the last two months, contact your servicing branch as soon as possible.

Documents Required for LIC Maturity Claim Filing

Prepare the following documents to file an LIC maturity claim.

  • Policy discharge form
  • Original policy documents
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Age proof
  • NEFT mandate form with bank details
  • Cancelled cheque/ bank passbook

How to File An Early Death Claim with LIC?

The death claims submitted within two to three years of risk commencement of the LIC policy are considered early death LIC claims. These claims are required to be filed within 120 days from the date of death.

The process of filing an early death claim LIC is similar to the regular death claims made and is defined as follows:

  • Inform the branch about the death of the policyholder with the listed documents.
  • LIC officials rigorously verify all the documents submitted. The officials may conduct required inquiries and investigations before settling the early death LIC claim.
  • Once the claim is approved, the LIC transfers the applicable claim amount to the nominee's bank account.

If the insurer finds that the LIC claim has been misrepresented or any suppression of material fact is observed, there are chances that the early death LIC claim can be rejected. Except for the regular LIC death claim documents mentioned above, some additional documents are required to be submitted.

Additional Documents Required for Early Death LIC Claim

The nominee must submit the following documents with the standard LIC claim documents to make the LIC death claim process faster and smoother:

  • Claim Form B (by a medical attendant who attended the last treatment of the deceased)
  • Claim Form B1 (proof of hospital treatment)
  • Claim Form B2 (filled by a medical attendant who treated the deceased policyholder)
  • Claim Form C (proof of cremation/ burial)
  • Claim Form E completed by the employer (if the insured was employed)
  • Police FIR copy, post-mortem report, and policy investigation report (in case of accidental death)

Reasons for Rejection of the LIC Claim

Not every LIC claim filed is approved by the LIC of India. Multiple claims are rejected due to certain reasons.

Incomplete LIC Claim Application

During the policy application, the policyholder needs to fill in the required details like age, income, occupation, credentials, lifestyle (smoking/ drinking), and other information completely and accurately. Missing information may lead to a delay in LIC claim processing or rejection.

Medical History

The premium cost is affected by the patient’s health conditions. It is suggested that you share your true health conditions, treatment details, and family medical history-related information so there are no delays in processing the LIC claim regarding the death or maturity claim.

Failure to Update Nominee Data

In case of the death of the insured or the policyholder, the nominee or the beneficiaries can claim and receive the benefits. It is essential to update the nominee’s information on time to avoid delays. You can also check nominee details online from the LIC customer portal.

Policy Exclusion

The insurance companies specifically highlight the list of conditions, like suicide during the initial policy years, death during the waiting period, policy lapse, etc., that may prevent the nominee or the policyholder from receiving the predetermined benefits. So, if the claim is made under the condition listed under exclusions, your LIC claim may be denied.

False or Misleading Information

If the information submitted during the LIC claim is found false or misleading, the LIC of India may take any legal action. Also, the claimant must file the intimation immediately if an accident has occurred. Following the deadlines is crucial to avoid any claim rejection or delays.

Final Words

Reaching here, you are now well aware of the process of LIC claim filing for death claim LIC or maturity claim in LIC. Once the LIC policy claim is submitted, don’t forget to collect the acknowledgement receipt to avoid any future hassles. With the LIC e-services portal, you can now check your LIC claim status online on your LIC customer account.

If you face any delay in LIC claim settlement, report to the insurance ombudsman without paying any charges. To avoid any delay or rejection, prepare all the required documents before filing the claim. Connect with LIC customer support or reach the nearest LIC branch for further assistance.