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Cholamandalam Health Insurance

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About Cholamandalam Health Insurance

Cholamandalam health insurance is offered by Chola MS General Insurance Company and provides the utmost financial assistance to individuals and families to fund their medical expenses and hospital bills. Chola MS General Insurance Company is a joint venture between the Indian-originated Murugappa Group and Japan-originated Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited. Chola MS has a wide range of insurance products for both individuals and organizations, including motor, health, engineering, property, accident, liability, travel, and marine.

With a wide range of insurance products, simple processes, and great customer experience, Chola MS achieved a Gross Return Premium of Rs. 61,560 million in the Financial Year 2022-23. The financial products are a great support for individuals, families, and companies to cover the spending made upon treating diseases, such as cancer, COVID-19, and other critical illnesses. Chola MS has spread its strong nationwide network with 196 branches and more than 30,000 intermediaries.

Following the philosophy of trust, transparency, and technology, Chola MS health insurance company has received many awards and recognitions in previous years. Below are some of the awards received by Chola MS General Insurance:

  • Chola MS received the ‘Golden Peacock Award 2017 for Risk Management’.
  • Chola MS General Insurance received the ‘Pride of Tamil Nadu Award for General Insurance Category’ for its performance, market innovation, growth, customer service and technology.
  • Chola MS Health Insurance was recognized as one of ‘The Economic Times Best Brands 2020’.
  • Chola MS HELP (Health Everlasting Protection) won the prestigious ‘Health Insurer Claims Team of the Year Award’ in 2013.
  • As per the survey conducted by MINT in 2022, Chola MS HELP has been rated as ‘One of the Best Health Claim Services’.
  • Chola MS Health Insurance received ‘Most Preferred Brand 2022’ in association with Time Now from Marksmen Daily.
  • Cholamandalam Health Insurance was awarded ‘Claim Service of the Year - Large (Private Sector)’ by ET Ascent’.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Company Specification

Below are the key specifications of Cholamandalam Health Insurance Company:

Particulars Specifications
Network Hospitals 11000+
Incurred Claim Ratio (2022-23) 67.88%
Number of Branches 196 offices
Solvency Ratio (2022-23) 2.01
Net Worth (2022-23) 21,603 million
Cashless Claim Approval 90% within first 60 minutes

*Data has been taken from the annual report of IRDAI 2022-23.

Key Features of Cholamandalam Health Insurance

Cholamandalam Health Insurance aims to serve the common man with its excellent product features and extensive customer service. Below are some of the salient features of Cholamandalam Health Insurance:


Network Hospitals

Cholamandalam Health Insurance has partnered with 11,000+ network hospitals to expand its reach and provide cashless medical treatment to the insured. You can download the Cholamandalam Health Insurance hospital list from the official website. The insurance company settles the medical treatment bills directly with the network hospital.


Solvency Ratio

The solvency ratio is one of the major factors in assessing the financial strength of the insurance company. Per the IRDAI mandates, the health insurance companies must maintain a solvency ratio of 1.5. As per the 2022-23 annual report published by IRDAI, Chola MS Health Insurance reported a solvency ratio of 2.01.


Hassle-free Claim Settlement

Chola MS Health Insurance is known for its easy claim settlement process. The insurance company launched Chola MS HELP to facilitate claim support. Cholamandalam Health Insurance has recorded a claim settlement ratio of 94% for FY 2022-23. The company boasts an average TAT for cashless approvals of 60 minutes.


PAN India Presence

To ensure that customers can reach out to the helpdesk at the nearest, Cholamandalam Health Insurance has a nationwide network with 196 branches and more than 30,000 intermediaries.



The insured can download the e-card and present it at the network hospital to receive cashless treatment. The Chold e-card is also essential to enjoy the benefits of claim reimbursement.

Health Insurance Policy Offered Under Cholamandalam Health Insurance

Cholamandalam Health Insurance offers various health insurance plans to cater to the medical expenses of individuals and groups. Below is the list of health insurance plans offered by Chola MS General Insurance Company:

Chola MS Health Insurance Plans for Individuals and Family

Cholamandalam Top-Up Plan

Lumpsum Protection Plans

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Premium Calculation

Cholamandalam Health Insurance premium is the amount that the policyholder pays annually to avail of the covered benefit of the health insurance plan. Using the Cholamandalam Health Insurance Premium Calculator helps calculate the amount of the premium payable in just a few clicks based on your personal preferences. This way, you can make an informed decision by comparing various coverage and available benefits. Now, make an estimate of how much you need to spend annually or monthly. Below are the variables that are required to calculate Cholamandalam Health Insurance premium amount:

  • Age of the policyholder
  • Sum insured
  • Medical history
  • Type of health insurance plan
  • Policy term
  • Location
  • Benefits covered
  • Insurance history

The applicant must enter all the necessary details to get the premium results. Any variations made to the same will affect the premium amount.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Add-on Covers

The applicant can add various coverages to enhance the base Chola MS health policy coverage by paying an additional premium. The availability of the add-on covers varies as per various plans. Some of the Cholamandalam health insurance add-on covers are mentioned below:


Medical Second Opinion Add-on Cover

Chola service providers have partnered with various leading medical centres worldwide. If the insured is diagnosed with any medical condition during the policy tenure, they can get a second opinion.


Flexi OP Care-Add-On Cover

Chola MS has designed a specialised add-on rider to cover the expenses associated with OPD services. The cover benefits apply separately to each insured person covered under this add-on.

Why Buy Cholamandalam Health Insurance?

Cholamandalam Health Insurance offers various coverage benefits to its customers, making it a perfect choice for purchase. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Individual and family floater cover
  • No medical checkup is required for applicants below 50 years
  • Health plans tailored to the needs of the customers
  • 20 lakh lives covered since inception
  • 60 minutes average TAT for cashless approvals
  • 1,18,000 claims handled in FY 2022-23

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Exclusions

Below are the conditions that are not covered under Cholamandalam Health Insurance plans, and the claim raised for the same will not be approved:

  • Vaccinations
  • Injuries caused by sports or other adventurous activities
  • Injuries or illnesses caused by war
  • Injuries due to immoral acts
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Expenses incurred under cosmetic or obesity surgery

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Buying Process

After comparing various Cholamandalam Health Insurance plans, the applicant can buy one from the official website of Chola MS General Insurance Company and Mentioned are the step-by-step buying processes of Chola MS health insurance from preferred sources:

Buy from ""

  • Visit the official website of "RenewBuy".
  • Click on the "Health Insurance Plan" tab.
  • Select the desired plan.
  • Fill in all the required details.
  • Click on the "Buy Now" button.
  • Make payment.

Buy from the Official Website of Cholamandalam Health Insurance

  • Visit the official website of “Chola MS General Insurance”.
  • Click on the ‘Product’ tab on the top menu bar.
  • Go to the health insurance section and select the desired Chola MS Health Insurance plan.
  • Fill out the form and click on the ‘Get Quote’ button.
  • Provide the required information in the next window.
  • Once submitted, you can now customize your plan by selecting the type of cover, policy tenure, sum assured, and modal payment option.
  • Your premium will be reflected in what you need to pay.
  • Click on ‘Buy Now’.
  • The next screen will show you premium details.
  • Click on the ‘Proceed’ button.
  • Make the payment using the desired payment method.
  • Once successful, the company will send the policy documents to the registered email address.

Why Buy Cholamandalam MS Health Plans From RenewBuy?

RenewBuy brings you the best deals on Cholamandalam Health Insurance plans across the market. The key reasons for you to consider us are as follows:

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Renewal Process

Some of the Chola MS health plans offer the lifetime renewability option, meaning there is no age bar on renewing the plan. The policyholder can renew the plan as many times as required. Cholamandalam health insurance renewal process can be completed by following the simple steps mentioned below:


Go to the official website of ‘Chola MS Health Insurance’.


Enter the Chola MS health policy number and date of birth and click on ‘Proceed’.


Make the payment through the preferred mode.


Your Cholamandalam health insurance policy will be renewed, and the updated documents will be sent to the email address you provided.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Claim Settlement Process

Cholamandalam MS Insurance company offers a seamless claim settlement process to reduce customer hassle. Chola MS Health Insurance incorporates two types of claims processes: Cashless claim process and reimbursement claim process. Let’s go through the below-mentioned Cholamandalam health insurance claim settlement process in detail:

Cashless Claim Process:

Chola MS settles all the hospitalisation bills by directly contacting the hospital. The cashless claim facility is only available if the insured is hospitalised at any Cholamandalam health insurance company network hospital. Two types of claims, i.e., planned and emergency claims, are filed under the Chola MS cashless claim process. The general process followed to make a Chola MS cashless claim is mentioned:


Once the insured or family member is admitted to the hospital, inform the hospital that the person is insured with Cholamandalam MS general insurance. Show your document or Chola MS card with valid ID proof.


Fill out and submit the pre-authorization form with the doctor consultation form.


The hospital then verifies all the documents and sends them to Chola MS health insurance for further verification.


Based on the terms and conditions, Chola MS processes the cashless claim approval.


Once the treatment is completed, Cholamandalam MS health insurance company settles the treatment bill directly with the hospital (if the claim is approved).

Reimbursement Claim Process:

The insured collects all the hospitalisation expenses incurred, and requests reimbursement from Chola MS. The facility can be availed for network or non-network hospitals. Below are the easy steps to apply for the Chola MS health reimbursement claim:


The patient provides insurance documents to the hospital, and they will ask for further approval from Chola MS.


If the direct claim is not approved, the policyholder must settle the bill out of their own pocket.


The policyholder must complete the claim form and send the required documents to Cholamandalam Health Insurance Company within 30 days of discharge.


The Chola MS claim management team verifies all the documents and sends approval letters to the insured per the terms and conditions.


The Cholamandalam MS health insurance company will reimburse the applicable claim amount to the bank account.

Required Documents for Availing Claim

The below documents are required to avail of the claim under Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance:

  • Chola MS health card
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Doctor consultation papers
  • Investigation and diagnosis report
  • Pharmacy invoices
  • MLC or FIR (in case of an accident)
  • Discharge papers
  • Any other relevant documents

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Contact Details

To make the health insurance policy and claim-related processes easier for the customers, Chola MS Health Insurance offers 24/7 active customer support. In case you have any queries, get in touch with the support team at the below contact details:


24/7 Available Contact Number: 1800-208-9100

Claim Related Assistance:

WhatsApp Number: 7305234433

Branch: Enter your pincode and locate the nearest Cholamandalam Health Insurance branch

* Disclaimer:
The information provided here regarding insurance products, companies, and others is for general informational purposes only and is subject to change according to the insurer's terms without prior notice.