SBI Health Insurance

  • Claim Settlement within 30 Days
  • Pan India Presence
  • Free Medical Checkups

SBI General Insurance Company was founded in 2010 due to the merger of Insurance Australia Group (IAG), a multinational insurance company headquartered in Australia, and State Bank of India, India's largest and most international public sector bank. SBI Health Insurance provides various non-life insurance products for the corporate market, including specialized plans for a rural customer segment and fire, marine, aviation, and liability insurance. SBI Health Insurance company has a national presence through its branches and satellite offices in most cities, along with the more prominent presence of State Bank of India branches in every region of the nation.

Awards & Recognition

SBI General Insurance Company has won many awards due to their sheer willpower to offer the best health insurance products. Let’s take a look at it:

  • SBI General Insurance was named the 2018 ET Best BFSI Brand Award winner.
  • For its goods, services, and CSR initiatives, SBI General has won numerous awards, including the FICCI Insurance Industry Awards, presented by Outlook Money, Business Today, and others.
  • SBI General has partnered with numerous NGOs and programmes to assist the most vulnerable communities as part of its CSR programme. These contributions have been made to health, road safety, sanitation, education, sustainability, and livelihoods.

SBI Health Insurance Overview

SBI medical insurance companies have various health-related products available with various features, making them trustworthy options for buyers. Besides, the strength of the SBI Health Insurance company is also good. So, let's take a look at some specifications:

Particular Specifications
Network Hospitals 6,000+
Incurred Claim Ratio (2022-23) 73.92
Claim Settlement Ratio (2022-23) 96.47
Solvency Ratio (2022-23) 1.86
Market Share (2022-23) 3,293.86 Crores

*Data was obtained from the IRDAI 2022-23 annual report.

Key Features of SBI General Health Insurance

SBI Health Insurance offers policyholders various health insurance plans with various features. Some of the key features of SBI General Health Insurance are listed below:


Claim Settlement Ratio

According to the IRDAI Annual Report 2022–23, SBI Health Insurance has a claim settlement ratio of 96.47 percent, which means SBI Health Insurance settled 96.47% of claims out of 100%.


Network Hospitals

SBI Health Insurance has an extensive network of 7,500 hospitals across India, where policyholders can receive cashless medical treatment in a medical emergency. The company aims to provide first-class medical services to its customers.


Solvency Ratio

A company's ability to meet its financial commitments is reflected in its solvency ratio. IRDAI currently requires companies to maintain a solvency ratio of 1.5. As per the IRDAI annual report for 2022-23, SBI Health Insurance Company's solvency ratio is 1.86.


PAN India Offices

SBI Health Insurance company is present in over 110 cities across India and 350 additional locations through satellite resources, so you don't have to look for health insurance everywhere.

Health Insurance Plans Offered By SBI Health insurance

SBI Health Insurance, also known as SBI General Insurance, offers various health insurance plans to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families. Here are some of the health insurance plans provided by SBI Medical Insurance:

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plan

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan

Benefits of SBI Health Insurance

SBI Health Insurance, also known as SBI General Insurance, offers several benefits to policyholders. Here are some key benefits of having SBI Health Insurance:


Free Health Check-up

When you buy an SBI medical insurance plan, you get a free medical checkup. SBI Health Insurance either arranges for the insured to get a free health test at a partnered diagnostic facility or reimburses them for their expenses.


Cashless Benefit

SBI Health Insurance plans offer cashless hospitalization benefits, where the insured can receive cashless treatment at the policyholder's network hospital. Cashless benefits are a boon as they dramatically reduce financial stress. Policyholders can also receive medical bill reimbursement in addition to cashless payments when receiving treatment at a non-network hospital.


Tax Benefit

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, premiums paid for SBI General health insurance plans are deductible.


Medical Expenses Coverage

SBI medical insurance plans provide complete protection for an individual or the entire family. By purchasing SBI health insurance plans, you can rest assured that a wide range of medical costs including in-patient care, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, day care treatment, etc. will be covered.

SBI Health Insurance Exclusions

SBI Health Insurance provides coverage for a wide range of medical expenses, it is important to understand the exclusions or situations where the insurance coverage may not apply. Here are some important exclusions under SBI Health Insurance:

  • Treatment outside India
  • War and war-like situations
  • Refractive error
  • Breach of Law
  • Cosmetic treatment expenses are one of the most common health insurance exclusions.
  • Expenses related to surgical treatments
  • Change-of-Gender treatments

SBI Health Insurance Buying Process

SBI Health Insurance offers an easy and simple buying process. You can buy SBI Health Insurance plans in two ways, ie., through and SBI Health Insurance's official website. So, below we have explained both the buying process in detail:

Buy from ""

  • Go to the official site of "RenewBuy".
  • Choose the "Health Insurance Plan" tab.
  • Select the desired health insurance policy.
  • Fill in all the required details.
  • Tap on "Buy Now".
  • Proceed with the payment.

Buy From the Official Website of SBI Health Insurance

  • Visit the official website of “SBI Health Insurance”.
  • Click on the “Our Products” section from the header menu.
  • Then, select the desired plan.
  • Fill out the form with the details and click on the “Get a Quote” button.
  • Make an online payment. Your policy document will be mailed to you at your registered email address.

Why Buy SBI Health Policies From RenewBuy?

RenewBuy brings you the best deals on SBI Health Insurance plans across the market. The key reasons for you to consider us are as follows:

SBI Health Insurance Renewal Process

SBI Health Insurance makes it easy to renew your health insurance. Insureds can renew their SBI Health Insurance by following the procedures listed below or by contacting our POSP advisors.

  • Visit the official website of "SBI Health Insurance".
  • Click on the “Renewal” tab.
  • Enter your current health insurance information, such as birthdate and policy number.
  • Click on the ‘Renew' tab.
  • You can renew your SBI health insurance coverage and pay your premiums online.

SBI Health Insurance Claim Process

The SBI Health Insurance claims process is simple and easy. To make things easier, we have written the entire claim process for you.

Cashless Claim

Under the cashless claim process, the customer calls the SBI Health Insurance Call Centre. Once you make the call, the customer executive will inform the nearest network hospital of SBI Health Insurance. After that, approval will be sent to ensure that the treatment will be legitimate and that the patient will pay non-medical expenses. Finally, the hospital will send the documents and bill to SBI Health Insurance and the company will make the payment.

Reimbursement Claim

The reimbursement claim procedure for SBI health insurance plans is simple and straightforward, as follows:

  • Inform the company 48 hours after an unexpected hospitalisation or three days before an emergency hospitalisation.
  • Submit all required paperwork.
  • File your health insurance claim and receive payment.

Documents Required for the Claim under SBI Health Insurance

Unexpected medical emergencies only have medical insurance plans as a cost-effective solution to handle them. However, you can only get help for such emergencies if you submit a reimbursement claim or visit a nearby network hospital.

Below are the documents required to file a reimbursement claim under SBI Health Insurance:

  • Claim Form
  • Medical Investigation Report
  • Discharge Card
  • Copies of Health Insurance Plans
  • Doctor’s bill
  • Any other for required by TPA

SBI Health Insurance Contact Details

If you have any questions or concerns about your health insurance policy, please contact SBI Health Insurance using the information provided below.

Office Address: 9th Floor, Westport, Pan Card Club Road, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra – 411 045.

Email Address:

Contact Information: 1800 210 3366 / 1800 210 6366


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