Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance

  • Trusted Insurer
  • More Than 95% Claim Settlement Ratio
  • 7000+ Network Hospitals

Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra bank Limited. It started in the year 2015 after getting its IRDAI license. Since its founding, Kotak Insurance Company has provided a range of health products and expanded its presence nationwide. The company provides a wide range of health insurance products, such as Kotak health care, Kotak Health premier, and Kotak Secure Shield, that are made to meet every customer requirement. Kotak Health Insurance offers various comprehensive health insurance plans ideal for you and your family.

Kotak Health Insurance has received many awards and accolades in recent years. Below mentioned are some of the awards received by Kotak health insurance:

  • Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance got “Marketer company of the year” at the India Insurance Summit & Awards in 2020
  • Kotak General Insurance received the “Asia ECHO International Awards” in 2020, Consumer Services.
  • Kotak Mahindra General Insurance received the “Brand Equity Shark Awards” in 2019 in the best consumer insights campaign from Economic Times.
  • Kotak Health Insurance received “Indian Digital Media Awards” in 2019 - Silver for Social Media Campaign.
  • Kotak Health Insurance won two Silvers in the “Best Consumer Engagement & Best in Financial Service” category from DMA ASIA ECHO AWARDS in 2019.
  • Kotak Health Insurance won three Bronze in the “Best Use of Social Media, innovative use of technology & best in consumer services” category from the DMA ASIA ECHO AWARDS in 2019.

Kotak Health Insurance Company Specification

Here are some of the key specifications of Kotak health insurance company:

Particular Specifications
Network Hospitals 9000+
Incurred Claim Ratio (2022-23) 56.01%
Claim Settlement Ratio 97.61%
Number of Branches 30 branches
Solvency Ratio (2022-23) 2.80

** Data has been sourced from the annual report of IRDAI 2022-23 and the official insurer’s website.

Key Features of Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance

Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance has various types of health insurance plans to cater to every individual's and their family's healthcare needs. But choosing health insurance totally depends on the performance of the health insurance company. Hence, we have evaluated the performance of Kotak Health Insurance Company in the below section:


Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio is a helpful metric that reveals how many claims the health insurance company resolved in a financial year and helps analyse its claim-settling capacity. As per IRDAI, Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance has a claim settlement ratio of 97.61% in the financial year 2022-23.


Solvency Ratio

The solvency ratio helps evaluate the company's capacity to pay its long-term debt and other financial commitments. Kotak General Insurance has met the IRDAI requirement that all health insurance companies in India maintain a minimum solvency ratio of 1.5. Kotak Health Insurance has a solvency ratio of 2.80 in the financial year 2022-23.


Network Hospital

Kotak Health Insurance has a wide list of network hospitals where policyholders can avail of cashless medical treatment. Kotak Health Insurance has a tie-up with more than 9000 hospitals nationwide. Cashless hospitalisation enables policyholders to receive medical treatment at any network hospital without worrying about the hospital bill because the insurance provider pays the hospital bills on behalf of the policyholder.


Market Share

You can determine the reputation and the market performance of the health insurance company through market share. As per the annual report of IRDAI, the market share of Kotak Health Insurance is 275.53 Crore.


Gross Direct Premium

As per the annual report of IRDAI 2022-23, the gross direct premium of Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Co. is 1,134.09 Crore.

Health Insurance Policy Offered Under Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance

To meet the insurance needs of a wide segment of customers, Kotak Health Insurance offers a range of health insurance products. Know more about the plans of Kotak Health Insurance and the features and benefits they offer by reading the sections given below:

Kotak Health Care

Critical Illness Health Insurance


Personal Accident Health Insurance


Kotak Health Insurance Premium Calculation

Kotak Health Insurance has its own Kotak Health Insurance premium calculator where you can calculate your premium amount online. It helps customers to calculate ​​the estimated premium amount to be paid for any kotak health insurance plan. Below mentioned are some of the factors that can affect your Kotak health insurance Plan premium:

  • Age of the Applicant
  • Medical History of the Applicant
  • Added members
  • Policy Tenure
  • Sum Insured amount
  • Lifestyle of the Applicant

Kotak Health Insurance Add-on Riders

Various types of add-on riders offered by Kotak health insurance can enhance the coverage benefits of your Kotak health plans by paying some little extra premium:


Hospital Daily Cash

If the hospitalization lasts for more than 3 consecutive days, then Kotak health insurance will pay a daily cash amount to the policyholder.


Convalescence Benefit

In this benefit, if the hospitalization last more than 10 days, then Kotak Health Insurance will pay a lump sum specified amount to the policyholder.


Home Nursing Benefits

This add-on will pay for the services for qualified home nursing assistance after discharge from the hospital.


Air Ambulance Cover

In case of an emergency threatening the life of the policyholder, this add-on cover will pay for the ambulance transportation cost by plane or helicopter.


Maternity Cover

It pays for medical costs for delivering the insured's child or legal abortion. It only offers coverage only for 2 deliveries.


New Born Baby Cover

It covers the medical expense incurred related to the policyholder's newborn baby.


Vaccination Cover

It will pay for the costs of the newborn's immunisations. All the expenses related to vaccination will be covered from the time of the baby's birth until the child turns 2 years old.

Why Buy Kotak Health Insurance?

You can avail of various benefits by purchasing a Kotak health insurance health plan, including the following:

  • Customer-oriented health plans
  • More than 90% claim settlement ratio
  • Offers free annual checkup
  • Provide vaccination cover
  • 24*7 Customer support

Kotak Health Insurance Exclusion

Here are some of the common exclusions under Kotak Health Insurance Plans:

  • Diseases related to lifestyle
  • Dental Treatment
  • Vision Treatment
  • Hearing Treatment
  • Suicidal Injuries
  • Cosmetic Surgery

Kotak Health Insurance Buying Process

The policyholders can buy a Kotak health insurance plan from the official website of Kotak Mahindra General Insurance and ‘RenewBuy’. Let’s cover the buying processes in detail:

Buy from "RenewBuy.com"

  • Visit the official website of "RenewBuy".
  • Click on the "Health Insurance Plan" tab.
  • Select the desired plan.
  • Fill in all the required details.
  • Click on the "Buy Now" button.
  • Make payment.
  • We will send the policy documents to your registered email ID

Buy from the official website of Kotak Health Insurance

  • Visit the "Kotak Health Insurance" official website.
  • Click on the "Health Insurance" tab.
  • Submit the online form
  • Select the desired health plan
  • Click on the "Buy Now" button
  • Pay the premium online. The insurance company will send the policy documents to your registered email address and as physical copy.

Kotak Health Insurance Claim Process

Kotak Health Insurance offers two types of claim processes, i.e. cashless and reimbursement claim. Let’s dive deeper:

Cashless Claim Process

  • Inform the Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance company within 48 hours before the hospitalization.
  • Visit the helpdesk of the hospital and show your health card.
  • Fill out and submit the pre-authorization form at the hospital helpdesk.
  • The hospital will contact the Kotak Health Insurance company for treatment approval.
  • If the treatment is approved, the Kotak Mahindra health insurance company will settle all the bills and expenses of your treatment.

Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Inform the Kotak Health Insurance company about the claim.
  • Settle all the bills at the hospital and file a reimbursement claim at the earliest.
  • Submit all the necessary documents.
  • Kotak Health Insurance will verify all the documents.
  • Once the verification is done, the Kotak Health Insurance company will settle your claim within 15 days.

Documents Required for Filing Claim

Here is the list of documents you need to submit at the time of submitting a claim:

For Cashless Claim

  • Health card
  • Pre-hospital medical reports and prescriptions.
  • Cashless claim form
  • Xerox of policy document
  • Photo ID proof

For Reimbursement Claim

  • ID proof
  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Address proof
  • Discharge summary
  • Original medical investigation reports
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Original bills

Kotak Health Insurance Contact Details

You can connect with Kotak health insurance by using the below-mentioned details:

Address: 27 BKC, C 27, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai – 400051. Maharashtra, India.

Toll-Free Number:1800 266 4545

Email ID: care@kotak.com

CIN:U66000MH2014PLC260291. IRDAI Regn. No 152