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In today's uncertain world, ensuring the financial security of your loved ones has become more important than ever. A comprehensive life insurance plan is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Max Life Insurance, a renowned insurance company, offers a 1 Crore Term Plan, a policy designed to provide adequate coverage and financial security to your family in case of unfortunate events. This page will explore the key features, benefits, and reasons why the Max Life Insurance 1 Cr Term Plan should be on your radar when considering life insurance options.

Overview of Max Life Insurance

Max Life Insurance is India's leading life insurance provider, known for its customer-centric approach, wide range of products and strong financial stability. With a presence in the industry for many years, Max Life Insurance has built a reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy insurance solutions.

Understanding the Max Life 1Cr Term Plan

Max Life 1Cr Term Plan is a term insurance policy that provides a life cover of INR 1 crore to the nominee of the policyholder in case of the demise of the insured during the policy term. This plan ensures that your family's financial needs, such as daily expenses, loan repayment, children's education and outstanding loans, are met even in your absence.

How Does Max Life 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan Work?

The Max Life 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan is a straightforward and comprehensive life insurance policy that provides financial protection to your loved ones in case of your untimely demise. Here's how it works:


Choose the Sum Assured

You select the sum assured, which is the amount of coverage you want your family to receive in case of your death. In this case, the Max Life 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan provides a life cover of INR 1 crore.


Select the Policy Term

You can choose the policy term based on your needs and financial goals. The policy term can range from a minimum of 10 years to a maximum of 40 years.


Paying Premiums

To keep the policy active, you must pay premiums regularly. The premium amount depends on factors such as age, policy term, sum assured, lifestyle habits, and chosen riders. The premiums can be paid annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly at your convenience.


Policy Activation

Once you have selected the sum assured, policy term, and paid the first premium, your Max Life 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan becomes active. You are now covered under the policy, and your family is eligible to receive the sum assured if an unfortunate event occurs during the policy term.


Death Benefit

In the unfortunate event of your demise during the policy term, your nominee(s) will receive the sum assured, i.e., INR 1 crore as a death benefit. This payout provides financial stability to your family, helping them meet various expenses, repay debts, and maintain their lifestyle.


Optional Riders

Max Life Insurance offers additional riders that can be added to enhance your basic policy coverage. These riders, such as critical illness riders or accidental death benefit riders, provide extra financial protection in specific circumstances.


Maturity Benefit

Since the Max Life 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan is a pure term insurance policy, it does not provide any maturity benefit or survival benefit if you outlive the policy term. However, you can consider other insurance products or investment options to meet your long-term financial goals.

It's important to note that the policy remains in force if you pay the premiums on time. Also, providing accurate and honest information during the application process is crucial to ensure a smooth claim settlement process for your beneficiaries.

Key Features of Max Life Insurance 1 Crore Term Plan

Below mentioned are the key features of the Max Life Insurance 1Cr Term Plan:

  • High Life Cover

    The policy provides a substantial sum assured of Rs. 1 crore, offering a significant financial cushion to your family.

  • Flexible Policy Term

    You can choose a policy term that suits your specific requirements, ranging from a minimum of 10 years to a maximum of 40 years.

  • Affordable Premiums

    The 1 Cr Term Plan comes with affordable premium options, making it accessible to many individuals.

  • Additional Riders

    Max Life Insurance offers optional riders such as critical illness and accidental death benefit riders for enhanced coverage.

Why Buy Max Life Insurance 1 Crore Term Plan?

There are many reasons to buy a 1 crore term plan from Max Life Insurance:


High Coverage at Low Premium

You will get a life cover of INR 1 crore at a minimal premium amount.


Security Against Financial Liabilities

You will secure your family's future by providing a substantial sum assured so that they can pay education fees, outstanding loans and other living expenses without any worry when you are not around.


Plan Your Investment Effectively

Max Life Insurance 1 Crore Term Plan offers you long-lasting life cover at the lowest premium amount so that you can plan your savings and investments for wealth creation or invest your money in relevant financial products.


Comprehensive Coverage

You can add multiple additional riders like critical illness benefit, accidental death benefit, waiver of premium benefit etc., at an additional premium to enhance the basic coverage of your max life 1cr term plan.

Benefits of the 1 Cr Term Plan

Max Life Insurance offers various types of benefits in its Max Life 1Cr Term Plan. Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of the Max Life 1Cr Term Plan:

  • Death Benefit: In the unfortunate event of the insured's demise during the policy term, the nominee(s) will receive the sum assured, providing financial stability during difficult times.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit: The plan also offers a terminal illness benefit, where a percentage of the sum assured is paid in advance if the policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Tax Benefits: Premiums paid towards the policy are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Additionally, the death benefit is tax-free under Section 10(10D).

Why Choose Max Life Insurance?

Max Life Insurance stands out among its competitors due to its customer-centric approach, strong financial stability, and hassle-free claim settlement process. The company has received several accolades for its exceptional customer service and innovative product offerings. By opting for the 1 Cr Term Plan, you can benefit from Max Life Insurance's extensive expertise and ensure your loved one's financial well-being.

Factors to Check Before Buying a Max Life Insurance 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan

Before purchasing a Max Life Insurance 1 Crore term insurance plan, it is important to consider several factors to ensure that the policy suits your specific needs and offers comprehensive coverage. Here are some key factors to check:

  • Coverage Amount

    Evaluate your family's financial needs and consider the amount of coverage needed to provide adequate financial support in your absence. Max Life 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan offers a sum assured of INR 1 Crore. Still, you can adjust the coverage amount based on your family's lifestyle, outstanding loans, future expenses and financial goals.

  • Policy Term

    Choose a term that aligns with your financial objectives and the period for which you want to financially protect your family. Consider factors such as outstanding debt, children's education, retirement planning and other long-term financial commitments.

  • Premium Affordability

    Assess your budget and ensure the premium amount is affordable and manageable for the entire policy term. Remember, it is important to pay premiums regularly to keep the policy active.

  • Riders and Add-On Benefits

    Buy the additional riders offered by Max Life Insurance. These riders, such as critical illness, accidental death benefit, or disability riders, may provide additional coverage by paying some extra premium.

  • Policy Exclusions and Limitations

    To be aware of situations where the policy may not provide coverage, carefully read and understand the policy's exclusions, limitations and terms and conditions. This helps in managing expectations and avoiding any surprises during claims settlement.

  • Customer Support and Service

    Evaluate the quality of customer support and service Max Life Insurance provides. Prompt and reliable customer service can make the policy management process smooth and hassle-free.

  • Transparency and Disclosures

    Make sure that all information you provide during the application process is accurate and complete. Disclosing any pre-existing medical conditions, lifestyle habits, or other relevant details is essential to avoid any complications during claim settlement.

  • Compare Policies

    Consider comparing the Max Life Insurance 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan with similar products other insurance providers offer. Compare the features, benefits, premiums, and reputation of different insurers to make an informed decision.

Considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision when purchasing a Max Life Insurance 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan, ensuring that it aligns with your financial goals and provides comprehensive coverage for your loved ones' financial security.

1 Crore Term Plan Offered by Max Life Insurance

Max Life Insurance offers various 1 crore term insurance plans. Every term plan comes with unique features and benefits:

Max Life Insurance Buying Process

You can buy Max Life Term plans in two ways, i.e. from the official website of Max Life Insurance and Below are the steps to buy the Max Term Life plan:

Through Max Life Insurance Official Website

  • Visit the official website of "Max Life Insurance".
  • Click on the desired type of life insurance and click on it.
  • Choose the desired plan and click the "Buy Now" Button
  • Fill in the required information and click the "calculate" button.
  • Check the premium amount and click the "Pay Now" button.
  • Review the details and pay the premium amount online.
  • Max Life Insurance will share the policy document at your registered email address.


  • Visit the official site of "RenewBuy."
  • Select the "Life Insurance Plan" tab.
  • Select the "Best Life insurance companies in India" tab.
  • The next tab will show you all the life insurance companies.
  • Click on the "Max Life Insurance" tab.
  • Select the desired Max Life Insurance Plan.
  • Fill in all the required information.
  • Click on "Buy Now".
  • Proceed with the payment.

Max Life 1 Cr Term Insurance Claim Process

Max Term Insurance has an easy and hassle-free claim settlement process. To file a claim, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Intimate the “Max Life Insurance” company by emailing them at or by calling them on 0124 421 9090 Extension 9699 OR 74289 89574/74289 89554 OR 1860-120-5577.

  • You need to provide the following details Name of the policyholder, the date of death of the policyholder, the cause of death, the policy number, the Nominee's name, and contact details.

  • Submit the following documents: Death Claim Form, Original Policy Documents, FIR & Panchanama, Death Certificate, Post Mortem Report, Account Details of the Nominee, and Resident Proof.

  • Max Life Insurance will verify the details and documents per the norms.

  • Once the verification is completed, your claim will be settled within 10 working days, and the claim amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Documents Required for Claim Settlement

You need to submit the following documents to file your claim:

  • Original policy documents
  • Death claim application form (Form A)
  • Death certificate issued by the local municipal authority
  • NEFT mandate form
  • Cancelled cheque or bank account passbook
  • Photo identity proof of Nominee such as a copy of Voter identity card, PAN card, Passport, Aadhar (UID) card, etc.

Additional documents are required based on the cause of death

  • In case of Medical/Natural death:
    • Attending physician's statement (Form 'C')
    • Medical records include discharge/death summaries, admission notes, test reports, etc.
  • In case of Accidental/Unnatural death:
    • Copy of the First Information Report (FIR)
    • Panchanama/Police complaint
    • Copy of Post Mortem report (PMR) or Autopsy and Viscera report
    • Copy of the Final Police Investigation report (FPIR) or Charge sheet


The Max Life Insurance 1 Cr Term Plan offers a comprehensive life cover of Rs. 1 crore, providing your family with financial security and stability in your absence. With its affordable premiums, flexible policy terms, and additional riders, this plan caters to the diverse needs of individuals seeking robust life insurance coverage. By choosing Max Life Insurance, you can rest assured that your loved ones will be well-protected and supported during challenging times. Take your time securing the future of your family; consider the Max Life Insurance 1 Cr Term Plan today.